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Dubai Visa For Indians :- 

First thing first, an Indian travelling to Dubai needs to first procure a Dubai Visa. Emirates Airlines passengers can use the DVPC mobile app in order to apply for a UAE visa in just five minutes. A Dubai tourist visa is ideal for an Indian travelling to the UAE for the purpose of tourism which could be a holiday or even to visit family in Dubai. But before that you need to decide on your visa type whether for 48 or 96 hours, or for longer like a 30-day or 90-day visa. There are multiple-entry visas too for 30 and 90 days. Indian passport holders can apply for Dubai Visa Online, and once your application is accepted, you receive a copy of your e-visa through email.The Dubai Visa for Indians process is a fairly simple one.

A valid negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test certificate with a QR code for a test done within 48 hours of scheduled departure. The validity of the same needs to calculated from the time the sample was collected, prior to departure from an approved health facility


Usually it takes 4 to 5 working days. Or less than that. 


1, Single Entry Visa 

2, Transit Visa - 48 Hours 

3, Transit Visa - 96 Hours 

4, Dubai Tourist Visa Multiple Entry Visa 

5, Dubai Tourist Visa - Long Stay - 60 Days 

NitSa Holidays will give you full assistance throughout your visa process, Form start till end, hustle free process. Dubai Tourist Visa (Single Entry) charges as mentioned which is INR - 6900Per adult. On the other hand child costing is 2500 INR. Child age should be (14 Years) and also child should be travel with his or her parent only. (To Obtain Discounted Child Price) 

  • Tourist Visa
  • Single Entry Tourist Visa - 30 Days
  • ₹ 6,900.00 *
  • Pan Card Required
  • Passports & Photo Should Be Scanned
  • Visa Fee
  • Tourist Visa
  • ₹6900*


  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions
  • Airfare
  • Personal expenses
How Much Time Does It Takes ?

Typically, a Dubai visa is processed within 3-4 working days and in some cases it can be done in as little as 24 hours. In case you are in a hurry you can apply for an Express visa which gets processed faster than a standard visa. The Dubai Processing Fee is higher for an Express visa, be it a 48-hour visa or a 96-hour visa

Does Visa Includes Travel Insurance ?

Yes, Dubai visa come along with Covid Insurance only. There is an option for Only visa too, But we advice to get travel insurance along with visa to get hustle free journey. 

What If Visa Got Rejected ? And Reasons for rejection ?

Here are some reasons why your Dubai Visa Application can get rejected:

- In case you are a woman below the age of 24 and are travelling alone, there could be a delay or rejection of your visa, suspecting human trafficking.

- Any previous criminal record or fraud or any misconduct in the UAE or in India can lead to your visa getting rejected.

- In case you had a UAE residence visa earlier and left the country without cancelling the visa. The Public Relation Officer needs to have it cancelled for you before issuing you a new tourist visa.

- In case the scanned copies of your passport are not legible and the UAE immigration finds it suspect and rejects or delays the process of granting you a Dubai visa.

- Your visa can get rejected if your passport lists you as a non-white collar professional like a labourer, a farmer etc.

- In case your visa application has some typos in the name, passport number, date of birth, passport issuance and expiry dates, your application can get rejected or delayed.

- In case you had applied for a tourist visa to Dubai and had not utilised it. You then have to get it first cancelled from an OTA before applying for a new UAE visa.

What is the cost for child or infant visa ?

If a child or infant going with parents than Dubai Governemnt give some discounts on the visa. If the child age is below 15 Years than the visa charges for child is 2500. 

Requirements For Dubai Visa
  1. Scanned Paspports Front & Back Pages 
  2. Passport size photograph Scanned with white background 
  3. Booked Return Flight
  4. Booked hotel voucher
  5. Passport ECR confirmation
What is the validity of a Dubai/UAE visa?

Starting from a 48-hour visa, there are visas available for 96 hours, a 30-day short-term single entry visa, a 90-day single entry visa, 30-day multiple entry short-term visa, to 90-day multiple entry long-term visa, you can apply for a visa of your choosing. But in general, the entry validity of a Dubai visa is 58 days from the date of issue and is extendable twice for 30 days each

From: ₹ 6,900.00

₹ 7,500.00

Lowest Price Guarantee

Select Date and Travelers

You can select up to 15 travelers in total.

Adult (8-80)

Minimum: 1, Maximum: 15

Child (3-7)

Minimum: 0, Maximum: 15

Infant (0-2)

Minimum: 0, Maximum: 15

Tourist Visa


Adults x ₹ 6,900.00

Child x ₹ 2500

Infant x ₹ 2500

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FAQs for Dubai Tourist Visa - Single Entry - 30 Days

To get a tourist visa you need to hold a valid Indian passport with 6 months or more of validity remaining. A photo id such as a PAN card or a voter id as provided by the Indian government, a proof of your financial standing, your flight return tickets, voucher confirming your hotel stay during your tenure, among other related documents. In case you are staying with a friend, then an official letter of invite from them establishing your residence in the duration of your travel.

Tourist visa is granted for 180 days, granting multiple entries, a transit visa allows single entry and is typically valid for 15 days. Business visa can be granted for a maximum of 5 years, making your eligible for multiple entries. An employment visa is usually for a maximum of 2 years or until your employment contract ends. This too is a multiple entry visa. A student visa is granted for 5 years or till the duration of your course, whichever is less. This entitles you to 3 entries per academic year.

In order to check your visa status online you need to go into the enquiry tab of the consulate website of the country you plan to travel to. There you may be required to enter your application id and the passport number. And in case you have submitted your visa forms through an agent website you need to enter your date of birth and your passport number there, and you will get an update on its status.

When filling up your visa application form you need to establish your purpose of visit, whether it is casually for travel or for business or studies. All travel-related visas qualify as tourist visas which is granted to an individual visiting the country with the sole intention of travelling. To enter the United States, you need to first get a visa which could either be a non-immigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant one for permanent residence.

Visa on Arrival is an authorization document provided by the consulate or immigration department of the country you are travelling to only after you have arrived at the destination. This saves you the hassle of going through a lengthy visa application form submission process. In a visa-on-arrival too you need to keep all necessary identification documents handy along with photographs so that the immigration desk can quickly put it together and hand you over your visa-on-arrival. Without the necessary id proofs you shall not be entitled to a visa-on-arrival.

Typically an e-visa takes 72 hours for processing, and in case more documents are required on your visa you will be intimated of the same within 48 hours and you need to comply in the next 72 hours. In case you take any longer than that, your visa application will be deemed cancelled. For a visa within Asia, you can expect it processed in 5 working days, but for a US visa you will have to wait for 3 to 5 weeks for your visa application to be processed. After processing, you can expect a positive response to your application and the consulate will deliver the document in two working days. Generally, it takes about 5 working days for you to receive your passport once your visa interview is a success. But for a US visa this could be about 10 days. A UK visa, on the other hand, is normally processed within 15 days. Though you are advised to apply about a month prior to your date of travel. You can always track your e-visa application status online.

Yes, there is a visa processing fee charged by the government of the country you are planning to travel to. The sum varies from one country to the next. This processing fee applies to both regular and e-visas. Now, if you plan to get your visa done through an agent, the agent will charge his commission over and above the pre-fixed processing fee that applies in addition to taxes among others.

Yes, you do by all means for every international trip you make. Even if you are a passport holder, the absence of a visa to your destination country may not even qualify you to board a flight, far less get to your destination. You need to have a valid visa to travel to any foreign destination.

A Visa is an official certificate of endorsement on your passport giving you the permission to enter, stay and leave a particular country, whether permanently or for a specific period of time. A visa is issued to you by the immigration authorities of the country you intend to travel to after verifying your credentials, the accuracy of your submitted visa form and other necessary documents. Many countries such as UK and USA among others grant you visa only after an in-person interview with the immigration officers. Of all kinds of visas, tourist visas are less hassle and always easy to gain. Where no physical interview is required a visa is even sent to you electronically. Although, the visa is a grant to entry, your actual entry into a foreign country is only subject to approval from the immigration officer at the point of entry.

For any international ticket booked, Nitsa Holidays will assist you with the visa application process, by helping you fill up the form, apprising you of the support documents, checking the accuracy of the documents before sending it ahead to the consulate of the country you wish to travel to. It will intimate you of the interview date, if there is one involved, and give you an update of the visa processing status until to finally receive the visa.

Yes, you can travel once you have ended isolation. However, you should wear a high-quality mask or respirator the entire time you are around others indoors until it’s safe for you to remove your mask around others. Do not travel on public transportation such as airplanes, buses, and trains if you will not be able to wear a high-quality mask or respirator when around others indoors for the full duration of your trip. Find out when you can travel and steps to take to protect others during you trip.

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