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Thailand, the Land of Smiles is among the favorite tourist spot for people around the world. Everyone wishes to visit the country for spending some great holidays at least once in a lifetime. But the question is what makes Thailand so popular for traveling to? Which are the best places to visit in the country? And how to plan a beautiful and maintained travel to the beautiful places in Thailand?

Mindblowers of Thailand Tourism  
To address our first question, let us first know what makes Thailand such a demanding country for tourism. The major reasons revolve around the people, culture, food, expenses, and beautiful landscapes of the country. Let us know about each of them in little detail.

The landscape and the wildlife
The country is home to a variety of wildlife to explore. It offers you to spend quality time with your family or partner on its serene sea beaches and islands. The long coastline of the country provides you ample opportunities to enjoy underwater life as well. Alongside, it contains beautiful mountains to enjoy the beauty of nature from the top. So, doesn’t matter which place you are visiting in Thailand, the country has a lot to delight you with.

The delicious and diverse cuisine
When talking about the food habits of the country, it is among the best around the world. All the visitors traveling to Thailand never fail to praise the delight and taste of the food of Thailand. Each day you are offered delicious, unique yet healthy cuisine. Even the food served changes with every city of the country you explore. Hence, it never fails to amaze you with its yummy food.

The atmosphere and its weather
The weather in Thailand is very suitable to attract tourists throughout the year. The country enjoys generally three beautiful seasons, yet the summers are the favorite of people to visit the country. Be it, the beaches or the peaceful islands of the country, each one of them remains occupied by vacationers throughout the year. For monsoons, Bangkok and the northern regions of Thailand are considered best to visit. 

Low expenses
Traveling, living, and shopping in Thailand are considered to be cheapest among the all Southeast Asian countries. You get a variety of beautiful hotels, resorts, and inns at low prices to spend your holidays here. The markets in Thailand are filled with unique antiques to buy from. Alongside, it offers a variety of street food stalls and various shops to choose from.

Besides, traveling from one city to another and one spot to another is also very cheap in Thailand. Many modes of traveling operate around the country throughout the year. Thus allowing people to spend less and enjoy more with every mode they choose. So, whenever you visit the country, stay tension free to spend less for enjoying more in Thailand.

Rich Culture and Temples
Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country in the world, which has remained untouched by the foreign invasion and colonization. This aspect of the country has allowed the country to develop a rich history and culture within itself. The place is filled with thousands of Buddhist temples belonging to different dynasties. These sculptures provide evidence of the rich architectural history of the country.

Besides, the country and its people enjoy a lot of festivals throughout the year. Each festival is celebrated with great zeal and offers several attractive events to witness. Hence, most people like to plan their travel to Thailand during these peak festival times. These times allow them to witness the historic Thai dance and Thai puppetry performances.

Best places to visit in Thailand
Having known so much about Thailand, now let us know what the best places to visit in Thailand are. All of these below–mentioned places in Thailand offer a variety to enjoy both for newlywed couples and happy living families. Thus, making Thailand the best option to plan holidays for everyone.

Krabi is the land made of 200 islands of the country. It offers some of the best tourist places in the country with its beautiful beaches, national parks, and islands. The most attractive sites in the place are Phi Phi islands, Railay beach, and Thung Teao Forest Natural Park. These places are home to a variety of warm-water natural pools and exotic varieties of fauna.

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is a land full of life. It is a highly populated city in the country with a vibrant city and street life. You will get to enjoy here both traditional and modern culture. The best of the temples and palaces of the country are situated here along with various luxurious shopping complexes. The main attractions of Bangkok are its Grand Palace, the Lumpini Park, and the 46-meter-long gold-leaf-covered reclining Buddha. Hence, there is a lot to discover in Bangkok for your next trip.

2BXNGNF Panoramic aerial view of Hua Hin beach, Thailand in a beautiful summer day
Home to the most traveled beaches in the country, Phuket is a popular holiday destination in Thailand. The land is considered to offer you a lot of breathtaking experiences via its quiet scenery, luxurious resorts, high-end cuisines, and spiritual beliefs. The most popular places to visit in Phuket include Wat Chalong, Nakkerd Hill, Kata Noi Beach, and Surin Beach.

Koh Samui
Koh Samui has a lot to offer on your first visit to the place. It is a land full of palm-fringed beaches and lots of mountainous rainforests. It offers you the scenic beauty of its sunsets and allows you to explore the breathtaking spots of the city. The main attraction point of the city is Wat Phra Yai and Ang Thong National Marine Park. All these spots belong to the hotspots of travel and tourism in Thailand.

Pattaya is the closest beach to Bangkok and is the perfect place of relief for city dwellers. The place connects to various other beautiful places to visit in Thailand and hence, is considered to be the gateway of Thailand Tourism. The best places offered by the place are Koh Larn Island, Hat Sai Kaew, and Koh Samet beach.

Apart from these beautiful places, you can also get to explore the famous Khao Yai National Park of Thailand. It is home to a large elephant population in the country. It offers you to experience rainforests, grasslands, and mountains all in the same spot. The variety of terrain of the place, allows visitors to witness a rich fauna and go trekking and biking.

Besides, the visit to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park will also not remain to surprise you. It is the home to the country’s largest freshwater marsh and mangrove swamp backed with blueish mountains. These places in turn give a home to a variety of waterbird species. So, whenever you plan to travel to Thailand, don’t forget to keep these places on your checklist to explore. These all places will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience and ample memories to cherish for life.

Travel Guide to Thailand
Having discovered the best places to visit in Thailand, now the question is how to plan a proper tour of the country? The answer is very simple. You can choose from one of the best travel and tour packages of Thailand offered by a variety of Travel agencies like Earth Travels. This agency offers you a detailed and well-planned tour to explore the country. Another benefit you can achieve from particularly Earth Travels is that you can also get customized packages for your tour.

Earth travel offers its customers a variety of tour packages to Thailand, varying from 4 days to a week. The various tour packages are designed keeping in mind the needs of the customers along with the delivery of full recreation during the vacation. Both honeymoons, as well as family tour plans, are provided by the travel agency at the most reasonable price possible. So, let us know about these packages offered by Earth Travels for the tour to Thailand in detail.

Honeymoon Packages
Due to the beauty and serenity of the place, newlywed couples usually prefer to visit Thailand for their honeymoons. This place not just provides them with exciting memories and moments to carry forever, but also quality time to fall in love together. The simplicity and the peace Thailand offers are among the best in the world. It is considered the blooming place of new love. So, what is expected more? Let us know about the honeymoon tour package Nitsaholidays offers to the new couples.

7 Days Thailand Honeymoon Tour Package
In this 7 days honeymoon tour package for the newlyweds, Earth Travel offers a proper visit to the best places in the country. The journey starts from the beautiful beach-land of the country – Phuket and ends in Bangkok via a visit to Khao Lak. At each travel spot, Nitsaholidays has planned to surprise you and make your honeymoon experience the best one.

Besides, you will get the chance to explore the beauty of the cities traveled ranging from its exotic wildlife to its beautiful marine and forest life. Hence, there is a lot you can enjoy and make your honeymoon special with the special honeymoon tour and travel package offered by Earth Travels.

Family and Friends tour Packages
Quality time spent together is the best time a person can have in his entire life. Vacations and holidays come every year, but what is more important is how you spend those times. These times are the periods when families and friends can come close together. So, why not make this time travel to Thailand? The trip is Thailand won’t only bring the bond together but also ensure to provide you with exciting experiences. So, let us have a look at each tour package to Thailand offered by Earth Holidays.

Thailand family tour full package
This is a 6 days complete family tour of Thailand. In this tour package, visits to the best places of Bangkok and Pattaya are included. With this package of traveling, you get the promise to take back with you the best family moments and vacations spent in Thailand. In these 6 days, you are made to enjoy the exciting nightlife of Bangkok, the stunning beaches and temples of Pattaya, and the exotic wildlife of the country. All these come at a very reasonable cost. So, what do you expect more? Go grab your booking soon.

Exciting 6 days Thailand Trip
This tour package is planned in such a way as to provide you and your family with the best family time in Thailand. The journey to Thailand starts here with a tour and a stay in Bangkok. Following this, you are taken to witness some of the best sceneries and cultures of the country. You will enjoy with this package a lunch at Coral island, swimming and leisure time at Pattaya, followed by a Bangkok orientation and temple tour.

Besides, you are given the best-in-class experience of Safari World and Marine Park with a buffet dinner in Bangkok. So, what are you waiting for? This tour package includes most of the desired travel destinations of Thailand with the best memory-making moments with your family.

Special Tour Packages
Apart from the above-mentioned tour packages to choose from for your next trip to Thailand, Nitsaholidays also offers you a special tour package to Thailand. It covers almost all the hotspots of the country and allows you to take full advantage of your trip. So, let us have a look at what is offered in this special tour package to Thailand.

Best of Thailand Tour Package
This is a special 5 nights and 6 days tour package to Thailand offered by Nistaholidays. In this package, you will get to visit the most exciting traveling sites in the country. The tour will commence with an arrival in Bangkok and take you to the best places in the city. With this package, you will get to enjoy the islands, ancient history, the culture of the country, and the thrilling nightlife of Bangkok.

Besides, you can say this package is the proper mixture of exciting experiences to relaxing moments. So, don’t wait for a perfect moment, just take the moment, book your package and make the holidays worthy.

Beautiful Thailand Trip
This is another special tour package to the most exciting locations in Thailand. In this tour plan, you will get the chance to visit and travel the prime cities, places, and beaches of the country. The journey starts from the capital city and takes you through the journey to Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Sukhothai, Phrae, Phayao, Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle, And the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary. In these 7 days in Thailand, you can explore the best of Thailand with your family and friends and make the most memorable moments of your lifetime.

Besides these tour packages to Thailand, some particular tour packages to one or two of the prime cities of Thailand are also organized by the agency. Some of these specific tour packages to let you enjoy each location properly at a time are mentioned below. With these packages, you can enjoy the best places of each city at its most their gather the best moments.

●       Singapore with Phuket Tour Package
●       Phuket Krabi tour Package
●       Koh Samui Bangkok Tour Package
●       Bangkok Pattaya Phuket Tour Package
●       Book Phuket Tour Package
●       Singapore Thailand Tour Package

A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Thailand is a must-have for everyone. The place has got a lot to provide you and make your vacations memorable. Starting from its scenic beach life to hustling city life the country homes a wide variety of flora and fauna. Besides, you will get to experience the authentic spiritual life of the country through its various Buddha temples, exotic festivals, and special dances. So what are you waiting for? Book your own tour package to Thailand with Earth Travels and make your trip to Thailand the most memorable and exciting one.