Top Tourist Attractions in Ooty 2023

Top tourist attractions in Ooty

Want to go on vacations in South India, but don’t wanna go to beaches? Then what can be a better alternative then visiting a hill station. Ooty is a famous hill station of South India, situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the Queen of Hill stations due to the number of splendid natural beauties it possesses. To name a few, Ooty offers its spectators cool weather, beautiful meadows, soothing atmosphere and a variety of sighting opportunities. Every attraction of ooty provides a unique yet amazing experience to remember for a lifetime. So, in this article, let us look at the various popular tourist attractions in Ooty.

Top attractions in Ooty

Botanical Garden

Want to witness a variety of flora population in South India? Then the Ooty botanical garden is the destination for you. Established in the year 1848 by Graham Mclvor, it is a famous spot to visit when in Ooty. The land is spread over a large of 22 hectares and is home to a variety of exotic and indigenous species of plants. You can find here a beautiful blend of colors from the variety of flowers blooming in here in every season. Besides these, the most popular attraction in this Botanical garden is the 20 million year old fossil tree trunk. So, if you want to cherish your heart with the warmth of natural beauty, then make sure to visit this place.


Ooty is home to few of the most beautiful lakes in the country. Of all those present, Avalanche lake and Emerald lake are the best ones. These lakes are surrounded by lush green mountain peaks and picturesque landscapes to mesmerize every visitor coming there. Even the Avalanche lake allows for trout fishing which also gives an option for organizing picnics at the lakesides. Besides enjoying peaceful time and serenity along these lakes, you can also participate in various activities like rafting, camping and trekking. So, there is so much to entertain you when you are in Ooty.


Among the famous tourist places to visit in Ooty are its museums. The Tea museum and Wax World museum are must visits for the sake of attraction. The tea museum is surrounded by Nilgiri mountains and is filled with the aroma of tea leaves. This provides a clear aesthetic view and mind blowing fragrance. Besides, the wax world museum is a delight for kids. It showcases the wax statues of various political leaders and local lifestyles of the native people. So, for the sake of anything, don’t forget to visit these mesmerizing places and experience the uniqueness they serve.

Kalhatty Waterfalls

One of the most beautiful and splendid places to visit in Ooty during your vacations is Kalhatty waterfalls. It is situated just 13 kms away from the main city and offers both spiritual and emotional satisfaction to the visitors. Not just the serenity and peace, you can also engage in adventurous activities like trekking. The trek trail along the Kalhatti village is very famous here. Besides, you can also enjoy bird watching near this waterfall. All these will ensure to provide you a mesmerizing experience, worth remembering for life.

National Parks

Not just the waterfall, lake, and mountain peak, Ooty is also home to two popular National Parks, Mudumalai National Park and Mukurthi National Park. They are the best spots for nature lovers and provide a source to a rich variety of flora and fauna species. Mudumalai National Park is also known as Tiger reserve due to its tiger population of approx 50. Besides, the Mukurthi National Park not just showcases a rich natural beauty but also provides land to many rivers and streams to flow through. Which overall develops a beautiful environment and soothing atmosphere for the spectators to visit and enjoy. So, when in Ooty don’t miss visiting these National Parks. Here you can also enjoy a stay if you wish as the Forest Department has offered guest houses to different locations in the park.


Ooty is among the favorite tourist attractions and hill stations of South India. People from every far and near visit Ooty every year to enjoy the beauties it offers and experience the various attractions it possesses. Each spot will offer you an entirely different experience. You won’t regret spending some quality time with your family in Ooty.  We have mentioned above the top tourist attractions of Ooty that you should not miss on any condition. These places will make your vacations happening as well as memorable. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to spend your next vacation at a southern hill station, then Ooty is the best choice for you. To get help in planning your trip, you can also contact Nitsa Holidays through their official website. They will make sure to make your vacation worthy, smooth, and memorable.