Nightlife at Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 2023

Nightlife at Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Be it a solo trip, trip with family and friends, or a honeymoon trip with your partner, Andaman and Nicobar island is the best location to book. The number of islands along with the beautiful resorts and hotels covering this union territory ensures to make your vacations memorable and pleasurable. But what is more exciting about these islands is the nightlife here. Full of light and life, the nights at these islands can be both peaceful and active. Now it's all up to you which one you want to enjoy. In the article below, we have described the nightlife here in brief, hope it will excite you.

Trekking after sunset

What can be more adventurous than trekking after sunset in the dark jungles of these islands? The most famous trekking trails chosen for these adventures are the Saddle peak, and the Mount Harriet National Park and Baratang trails. Walking through these routes at night will definitely make you feel the adrenaline rush and thrill you with the creepy surroundings. But don’t worry you won’t be sent alone on these trails, you help professional guides will accompany you. They will ensure both your safety, exploration, and enjoyment.

Candle night dinner along the beaches

The beaches of Andaman and Nicobar islands are always favorite honeymooning spots for couples. But this is not limited to them, even the newly budding love, the old blooming love, group of friends, and always together families can come here. To enhance  the beauty of all forms of love, the beachline restaurants of these islands provide the visitors with special arrangements of candle light dinners. Served in the most authentic form, decorated with the skylight, the delicious food is served by these restaurants. To add special effects, based on customer choice, arrangement of soothing live concerts or music is also done.

Clubbing for a party night

Clubbing is among the most preferred night activities at these islands that will keep you entertained the whole night. Almost all the hotels on the island ensure to make your night out pleasurable, but there are various clubs that you can explore. Below we have mentioned a list of the few best clubs to visit during your night out at Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Venom Bar

Situated on Havelock Island, Venom Bar is a famous nightclub in these islands. People visiting the island make sure to spend a few hours at this for the variety of offerings it serves. Some of the major complements of this bar includes its exquisite selection of drinks, finest variety of wines, and the delicious food. Yummy food, classy beverages, and always alive music, will make your night out enjoyable.

Pink fly - Lounge Bar

Located near the Bengali club, in Port Blair, Pink fly Lounge bar is a favorite night out spot for peaceful and decent location seekers. Here you will get to spend quality time with your partner and friends. Besides, to let you enjoy the night, they possess a number of flavored mocktails and hard drinks. So, if you are a silent explorer and want to enjoy solitude then this is the night time place for you on these islands.

Above are mentioned two most popular night clubs for both hard-party doers and peaceful, lone-walkers. Besides these, there are also various other clubs to spend your night at in Andaman and Nicobar islands. The names of few are the Wild Orchid Bar, Cicada Lounge Bar and Grill, and the famous Emerald Gecko.

Scuba diving with torch light

Night is the time when a variety of marine life flock and play around in the peaceful waters of the Indian Ocean.  This is the time when you can witness their beauty and swim amid them. So, for scuba divers it is a very special experience. Diving with a torch in hand and exploring aquatic life is itself a unique activity and a memory for lifetime. But this activity is dependent on the weather conditions and the seasons. So, before confirming your bookings to the islands for this, ensure to enquire with the PADI Dive centers.


Nightlife at Andaman and Nicobar islands is among the best of all tourist places. From shopping, to partying, to scuba diving, to clubbing, you can do everything here. The islands offer a variety of activities for all kinds of people to ensure their entertainment and provide them a pleasurable experience. But this is not limited to just peaceful activities and partying, people can also engage themselves in adventurous night trekkings and romantic beach dinners. So, whatever you choose to do, you will be given the best experience and your vacation will be made worthy on these islands.

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