Facts Why Kerala is Called God’s Own Country, 2023

Situated in the Southern part of the Indian Subcontinent, Kerala is considered as God’s own country. The reasons why the state got this name are numerous. From its natural beauty to its cultural integrity, everything together works to make the state feel like a paradise. It is because of its rich flora and fauna, beautiful streams of waters, picturesque landscapes, and impressive dance and music forms, that this land is a very famous tourist place for people around the world. So, in this article, let us explore the facts that make the state worth the given name.

Soothing weather

Located along the coast of Arabian Sea, Kerala receives a good amount of rainfall throughout the year. Approximately 140 days of the year, the land remains wet. This rainy weather of the region provides it with a moist and tropical climate, this in turn provides the land with a lush green surrounding. So, due to its soothing weather, the land is considered best for travel and tourism throughout the year, yet the best time to visit here is between September And March during winters.

Yummy cuisine

From pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardamon, to ginger, turmeric and many more, various kinds of spices are grown locally on the lands of Kerala. This is due to the agricultural richness and beauty of the state, that delicious and authentic food is served here. People from around the world visit Kerala to  buy the fresh and aromatic spices and enjoy the delicious local cuisine served here. Food made of naturally grown ingredients, soothing climate, beautiful surroundings, what else is required to spend quality time  for vacations.

Migratory bird population

Not just the beautiful wildlife and vegetation, the state is also famous for the spotting of beautiful migratory birds at the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Every year between November and February, a variety of birds like Egret, Heron, Waterfowl, and Siberian Crane, flies to the Northern Hemisphere from this land. The view of them flying in flocks is spectacular and worth praising and witnessing.


Cultural and traditional beauty

Kerala has a rich cultural heritage. It has preserved its old dance forms, ancient art forms, and authentic music and folklores. Kathakali is the rare and unique dance-drama style of Kerala. Not just the hand and body movements, for mastering authentic Kathalkali, a rigorous training of eyes is a must. Besides, Kalaripayattu is the martial art form of Kerala. There are very few left now who master this art form. But the beautiful showcasing of these art forms is appreciable and worthy. Besides, snake boat racing is a famous tradition of Kerala that is organized during monsoons every year. People from the various parts of the  country come to witness this spectacular league of boat racing.

Mesmerizing backwaters

What makes you travel to Kerala more exciting is its possession of beautiful backwaters. Houseboating here provides the much appreciated serenity to the visitors. What adds further pleasure to them is the palm-fringed scenery, backwater-lined houses, and the mesmerizing climate. So, be it for honeymooning or for lone traveling, coming to Kerala and enjoying its backwaters is the best choice. 


After exploring the beautiful collection of natural beauty, tasty food, cultural belongings, what remains are the beaches of Kerala. A number of mindblowing and soothing beaches are present on this land like Varkala beach, Kovalam beach, Kuzhupilly beach, Marari beach and the beautiful beach of Muzhappilangad. Each of these beaches provide an exemplary experience and is lined with various street food stalls. From coconut water to yummy evening snacks, you can enjoy everything here. Besides, swimming and other other water activities are commonly pursued by visitors here, but during heavy currents stepping into waters is restricted.


Kerala is a beautiful and natural collection of various things ranging from beautiful climate, soothing weather, lush green surroundings, exotic wildlife, amazing water streams, rich cultural heritage, and delicious food. All these together makes Kerala a paradise for visitors. It is because of all these locales that provided the land its name as God’s own country. Most of its beauty is natural, like decorated directly by the hands of the divine. Thus, due to the above mentioned amazing facts, Kerala is known as God’s own country and is the most preferred tourist destination in the South.