Best Bali Travel Experience For My 5 Days Holiday Trip, 2023

My travel experience to Bali

During the long vacation days, who won’t wish to go on a foreign tour? Tours with family are my personal favorite. I am Shalini Gupta and I am a resident of Noida, Delhi. Every year whenever the vacation starts, it becomes really hectic to keep children at home. Even my father-in-law and mother-in-law are also traveling lovers. They insist on going on vacations and visiting a number of places throughout the year. So, whenever any holidays come in we plan a short weekly trip to any one of the beautiful parts of the world. And in doing so, Earth Travels helps us a lot.

Earth Travels or Nitsaholidays is a Delhi-based traveling agency. The company offers various affordable travel and tourist packages of various days to various beautiful countries of the world. All the services and guidance they provide have helped us to enjoy our vacation to the fullest. This summer with Nitsaholidays, we had planned to travel to Bali.

Bali is one of my favorite spots to go to spend vacations. I had read a lot about the people, culture, wildlife, cuisine, and travel spots in Bali. But this summer I got the chance to visit Bali with my family and enjoy, what I had read, in real. Earth travels had arranged for all our traveling, stay, sightseeing and cuisine.

From the pickup to the drop back to Delhi, we were given full support by the company. We spent quality time with each other as a family and all our needs were taken care of by Earth Travels’ agents. The package that we had booked for our Bali tour was the special travel package of ‘Bali gateway 5 days tour’. This is among the best packages of Bali they provide. In this article to follow I will share with you my whole experience of this Bali trip. I hope you will love and enjoy reading it.

My travel experience

Let us start from the start, we planned to visit Bali during the month of May in the summer. Here in India, it is the time of extreme heat, but Bali also doesn’t stay back. In the month of May, the maximum temperature experienced in Bali is 29 degrees Celcius. This doesn't mean the climate is extremely hot to even step out of your air-conditioned room. But the weather at this temperature is quite dry and sunny. And guess what, Bali is a land with beaches and beautiful mountains. So, even this weather gave us the advantage to enjoy these beauties.


When going mountain climbing and enjoying the beach, don't forget that the sun is still there. Hence, for this reason, each of my family members carried their favorite sunscreen and sunglasses with them. And every time before we moved out to enjoy the place, we applied sunscreen. Apart from that, it is equally important to carry your beach and mountain climbing dresses separately with you. Unless you are totally prepared and visit the place, you can’t enjoy it. So, we had all packed our beautiful summer favorite beach dresses and adventurous mountaineering suits. These proper outfits according to the activity, added extra flavor to our trip.


Also, don’t forget your camera at home while going on vacation. Even we had taken with us an extra roll of film to capture our Bali trip moments. My in-laws were so happy and excited about the trip that I can’t even express it in my words. We had captured all the beautiful moments from the trip in our rolls. Each picture is giving a special vibe from the vacation. They were so beautiful that still, I can’t stop myself from scrolling through our trip pictures. All the pictures are so beautiful and enjoyable.


Hence, these are some tips and short and essential memories of mine from the beautiful trip. Now let me start from the start of our trip journey. Before diving into its details, let me send special gratitude to the Nitsaholidays. Thanks a lot for making our trip so special. We had a great time together in Bali and it's all because of your’ so perfect trip planning.

A memorable incident from the trip

Though there are various memories to share from our Bali trip, this one is really special and important. This incident made me feel blessed to have chosen Nitsaholidays as our trip planners. Without them, in that emergency situation at an unknown place, it would have been difficult for us to solve that sudden problem. Hence, again thanks to Nitsaholidays for providing us with such a humble and down-to-earth guide. Without him, my father-in-law’s health could not be recovered.


I still remember the incident when my father-in-law fell a little ill during our visit to Ubud village. This time our guide immediately arranged for the rest and medication for my father-in-law. Besides, the people of the village were also very helpful. They helped my father-in-law to take rest with proper care. The hospitality and the timely support that we received from the Balinese at that moment is a memory of our lifetime. We can never forget about this ever. And for this, we are really grateful to our guide, since he has a very good name in the area, which made everything so easy to conduct.

Day-wise experience of the Bali trip

Having shared my beautiful yet heart-wrenching memory from this Bali trip. Now let me take you all through my journey and vacation in Bali, Indonesia for the most interesting 5 days.

Day - 1

So, our journey towards our destination started with our landing at the Denpasar airport. At the airport, we were picked up by our guide for the rest of our traveling. We were introduced to him and we found him to be such a nice guy. He helped us to reach our hotel with ease and arranged for our warm welcome there.


Then we made our check-in into the hotel and just after that we were served a tasty and soothing brunch. On this bright summer day, after traveling for hours, this summer drink that they provided us was like bliss. It helped us to soothe our tiredness and feel afresh. Then after having our brunch every one of us got fresh and up and relaxed for the rest of the day time.


In the evening we all decided to take a look around our hotel. So, we were staying at the Berry Glee hotel in Kuta. It was a splendid hotel with lots of beauty and vegetation surrounding it. We spent our beautiful evening, enjoying the beauty of the place. But our first surprise of the trip struck us at night. At the dinner table, we were served yummy, and sumptuous Indian food. The Indian cuisine served by them was so authentic that for some time we even forgot if we were in Bali. The quality and the hygiene both were maintained so well that we started feeling excited for the next day right from there. The hotel staff was very friendly, caring, and helpful. Our first day at Bali was a warming one. Then after this splendid dinner, we all went to our rooms and took a good night's sleep to enjoy the next day.

Day - 2

The first thing we did in the morning after waking up was a yummy breakfast at our hotel. The breakfast served was as healthy as it was tasty. Then after breakfast, we went on for a full-day tour to Kintamani along with a visit to Ubud Village. This tour was said to be the favorite start of Bali tourism for any tourist. But on that day we felt it too.


On this full-day tour, first, we witnessed the beautiful and traditional Batik and hand weaving of Balinese people at the Legong Batik. The weavings were so special that we couldn’t resist buying some special ones for us.


Then we went to the Celuk village. This village is very famous in that locality for its gold and silver works. But this is not the end, after the Celuk village, we got the opportunity to visit the  Mas village. This is a very famous village for its wood carving works. Most of its beautiful carvings can be witnessed at the Rai shop, which we visited later in our day’s journey.


After this outstanding start of our journey and before visiting the popular Ubud village, we first visited the coffee plantations. In these plantations, we got the chance to witness the Santi Agro Wisata production method. Apart from that, we reached the Kintamanu point. This point is very known among Bali tourists for the scenic beauty and views it provides. From there we saw the beauty of Mount Batur and lake Batur.


Then after all these visits, we landed in the Ubud village. The village is very beautiful and is filled with beautiful people. The market of Ubud village is very famous for its traditional art and is positioned at the center of the village. Everything was going so well, but then my father-in-law started feeling nausea. But nothing to worry about, the Balinese of Ubud village and our guide took very sensitive care of my father-in-law, and then after a proper rest, we continued our journey.


All this traveling took the whole day, then in the evening, we drove toward the western shore of Bali. At this location was situated the famous Balinese Hindu Temple known popularly as Tanah Lot temple. The temple is also famous for its beauty. It is built on rock and gets surrounded by sea water during the high tides. From the popular spot of this temple, we got the chance to witness our first mesmerizing sunset in the place. It was a scenic experience, we captured the moment and still miss it a lot.


Then we ended our second-day tour of Bali with a spectacular dinner at our hotel. It was again an Indian cuisine with an amazing view. Post dinner we all crashed into our bed feeling excited for the next day.

Day - 3

This day was a special one. We started our day with a variety of healthy and tasty breakfast items at our hotel. Post breakfast we were taken to Benoa beach. The beach was so full of life and activity that it was quite impossible to control our excitement. My kids were so excited that the very first thing asked was if they can go for the Jet skiing. So, we all went jet skiing and banana boating. It was totally a different experience and we all loved playing in the water of Bali.


One important thing is that after this water activity we were to go relaxing at the cruise present around the harbor. But unfortunately entering the cruise passport was a  necessity and my in-laws forgot to carry them. So, unfortunately, they had to return to the hotel along with the kids to take a rest and get energized for the next day. But I and my husband went on the cruise to enjoy the unexpected. We were taken to the top deck of the cruise, which filled us up with the cool night breeze. As an added flavor we were by live music entertainers. For this moment our family tour suddenly transformed into a honeymoon visit. It was such a romantic night. We still forget about the evening. After this we were served the delicious international buffet dinner, followed by the night dance. This all was so perfect that i and my husband still feel nostalgic about that beautiful evening and night.

Day - 4

Day 4 marked the second last day of ours at Bali. It was both an emotional as well as and exciting day.  On this day we were given the full-day tour of Nusa Penida. Our journey to the Penida island started after reaching Serangan port, from there we went taken to the island. After landing on the island, we were allowed to prepare for various activities which included sightseeing in Broken Beach, Angels Billabong, Kelingking Secret Point, and Crystl Bay.


In between these activities we were given a delicious lunch. Post these activities we went to the Ceningan island and there went back to the Serangan Port. this marked the end of our day’s traveling, following which we were served the best of the hotel’s cuisine. After enjoying our last dinner at Bali we went to take a good sleep to carry back those beautiful memories back with us to India.

Day - 5

After such a beautiful trip to Bali, day 5 was the day of leaving. Each of us was so happy after staying there that none wanted to leave. But with heavy hearts, we bid a warm goodbye to Bali and our spectacular and friendly hotel. Before leaving we were served the yummy, authentic Bali breakfast. Post which we had to head toward our airport. The journey ended here, but the memories of the journey are still afresh in our memories.


Thanks to Nitsa Holidays for such a beautiful tour to Bali. Everyone who is reading this blog, if you are also a travel enthusiast and want to enjoy all these beauties in reality, then make sure to contact Earth Travels and enjoy your vacations.

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