10 Amazing Places to visit in Kerala

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Updated 04/03/2023

10 amazing places to visit in Kerela

Kerala, famously known as God’s own land, is among the frequently visited tourist spots in India. The land is so rich and diverse in its flora and fauna population that people mainly visit the land to enjoy these grandeurs of Kerala. Not only the ground, but Kerala has a 600 km running Arabian Sea shoreline also, which makes it provide the naming of India’s tropical Malabar Coast.


Besides, the lands of Kerala are known for their famous palm-lined beaches and backwaters. The weather of Kerala is always the weather to enjoy since the state is situated just near the Arabian sea. So, there is too little difference between the summers and winters. But when it's rainy, the land receives too good of rainfall. This compatible weather of Kerala provides it with the blessings to support tea, coffee, spices, and many other kinds of useful plantations.


Alongside, the richness of the land and the weather of the land, the state is known to support a good variety of wildlife. Some of the best wildlife varieties are even protected, like in the National parks like Eravikulam and Periyar and in sanctuaries like the Wayanad sanctuaries. The most famous animals found in Kerala are elephants, tigers, and monkeys, its official animal is the elephant.


There are multiple reasons that lure tourists from around the world to at least once visit the state and enjoy its great physical and social culture. Not just the physical beauty of Kerala, but also the social and cultural beauty of Kerala is very grand. One of its examples is the most popular Kathak dance in Kerala. The glamour of the dance steps and the beauty of the expressions, both make it the famous dance form of even India. So, there are various reasons why you should visit Kerala for tourism. In this article, we will reveal before you the 10 most amazing places to visit in Kerala.

Ways to reach Kerala

Before knowing about the most amazing places to visit in Kerala, let us first aware you of how you can reach Kerala from various parts of India as well as the world.


Since Kerala is a well-connected state to all parts of India and the world, so, the state can be reached via all three kinds of travel ways, the roadways, waterways, and the airways. Let us know briefly.


When coming from distant locations, the airways is the easiest as well as most convenient travel method to approach. There are countable airports in Kerala that connects the state to the rest of the world. The list of international airports situated in Kerala is mentioned below.

  • Cochin International Airport
  • Calicut International Airport
  • Trivandrum International Airport
  • Kannur International Airport


Apart from these international airports where people from around the world can travel with ease, there are also certain domestic airports and helipads in Kerala. With proper permissions, these helipads can also be used. The list of these airports and helipads is mentioned below.

  • Domestic Airport Kochi
  • Varkala Helipad
  • Lakeshore Hospital Helipad
  • Chipsan-Orange Hills Helipad
  • Ashramam Helipad
  • Majinikkara Helipad
  • Kuttanellur Helipad


Hence, anyone with complete required documents and clear background can easily get the air tickets and enjoy the natural, edible, and cultural beauties of Kerala. All the required general documents for Indian residents are their ID proof and for International visitors are their ID proof, passport, and visa.


The most readily available and frequently used travel method in Kerala is the roadways. The state is connected to the rest of India via national highways and state highways. Also, a variety of traveling vehicles run on a regular basis on the roads of Kerala. For traveling to the state you can opt for private cars, public transport like buses, and even rented vehicles.


Another roadway that can be used to reach Kerala with little longer hours of journey, than airways, and enjoyment is via railways. There are multiple railway stations spread across the vast reaches of Kerala which provide stations to multiple trains coming from various parts of the country. So, once you reach India, in any state, to travel further in Kerala you can also opt for railways.


Railways or roadways, whatever you use, you should keep your photo ID proof always handy for verification at any spot. It always provides you an edge to keep yourself safe anywhere around the state.


The cheapest yet most exciting way to reach Kerala is via waterways. Kerala has a vast running coastline of around 590 km, which provides it the option to provide sea journeys to its people. People from other countries, as well as states in India, can travel to Kerala using these ways.


There are 20 ports in Kerala, which include all the major, minor, and intermediate ports together. With quiet safety and also enjoyment, people can reach Kerala and take pleasure in its sea journey. Here as well for traveling, you need to make sure to keep your photo ID in hand ready for verification, then only you will be allowed to step on the land of God’s own land.


The list of ports situated on the shores of Kerala is mentioned below.

  • Azheekal
  • Beypore
  • Ponnani
  • Alappuzha
  • Kollam
  • Vizhinjam International seaport and 14 more.


Most of these seaports are used for commercial purposes as well and the largest seaport of Kerala is the Kochi Port, followed by the Kollam Port.


Hence, from the above discussion, we know now that Kerala is a quiet developed state in India, which provides you the facility to reach the state from anywhere around the world. So, stay prepared with your documents, and then book your preferred tickets to travel to God’s own land and explore the beauties it offers.

10 amazing places to visit in Kerala


Among the list of tourist spots in Kerala, Alleppey is the best of all. It is the land, which is always explored first on every tour to Kerala. Due to its scenic beauty and the natural glamour of backwaters, the land is also called the Venice of the East. One of the most beautiful experiences to must have in Alleppey is its old-aged houseboats. The experience of it is something you won’t get anywhere else. Besides, there are various spots to explore on this land, like Revi Karunakaran Museum, Arthunkal Church, and Nehru Trophy Boat race. One of the most beautiful things to must witness in Alleppey is its famous Snake Boat Race in the mths of August and September. So, if you plan for Alleppey tourism separately, make sure to visit the land during the mentioned months.


Kunnur is among the very important British trading centers of South India. The Britishers stayed on the land for quite a period which provided the land with its aura of colonial structures mixed with the beauty and flavors of the land's local culture. So, here you can enjoy a separate kind of culture and nature which is spread across the land.


Besides, on this land, you can explore Payyamabalam Beach, Laccadive Sea, Aralam Wildlife sanctuary, and also spots like St. Angelo Fort. hence, once you visit the land, don’t forget to explore the land precisely. It has a lot more to offer you, than what we can express.


Munnar is a land situated at a height of 6000 feet and is this land known for its beautiful tea plantations. It is a hill station in the state of Kerala that consists of 8000 miles of tea plantations spread across the hilly slopes. Besides, this land also has the flavor of colonial rule and culture, mixed with the beauty of its locality. This provides the land with a greater natural and cultural beauty to explore.


 Also, the land provides you with chances to engage in adventurous sporting like trekking and hiking on the hills of Munnar. So, what are you waiting for? If you are a nature lover who likes to seek it with some adventure, then this is the place to explore for you. Don’t miss it on your next vacation to Kerala.


Kozhikode is also known as the city of sculptures and the city of spices. Both the names earned by the place have their own reasons. More like the land of Trivandrum, Kozhikode has a rich history of a ruling by various dynasties. Due to this, it carries the beauty of various kinds of monuments. Also, this place is the largest trading port of spices in the state which gives it the name of the city of spices.


Besides these, the land has a lot more to offer you. You can enjoy both a beautiful culture and mouth-watering food on this land. It is famous for its ballads called the Vadakkan Pattukal. It displays the grandeur of the cultures of the locals of this land. Also, you can explore here the beautiful markets that have a lot of unique local products to offer you.


Wayanad is the greenish land of Kerala, which was named due to its beautiful paddy fields. It carries the unique yet beautiful cultural richness of the various tribes that live on this land. There are various things that Wayanad has to offer you, some of which include a stay in a treehouse, a picturesque environment, thrilling adventures like trekking, and the most special and unique offering of the land, the Neelakurinji flower that blooms only once in 12 years.

Besides, there are various places to explore around Wayanad like the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, Kuruwadweep, Thirunelli Temple, and many more.


The beach paradise of Kerala, Kovalam, is a land that offers multiple beautiful experiences to its tourist. Some of the main features of this beautiful place include its soothing weather, breeze, surrounding coconut tree grounds, and charming beaches.

You can enjoy the peace of the land, along with the soothing ayurvedic massages that you can get here. Also, there are various water sports that you enjoy here ranging from sunbathing and snorkeling to parasailing. Besides, the food here is so yummy that once eaten you will remember the flavors forever. Apart from these, you explore the spots located on the land like Rock cut caves, Vellayani lake, Karamana River, and many more.


Kollam, which was originally known as Quilon, is a tranquil backwater location to visit in the summer. Kollam, which is around 71 kilometers from Trivandrum, was formerly one of the oldest ports where traders from all over the world exchanged cashews and spices. With excellent attractions like Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam Beach, etc., the city is still as active as it ever was.


The Varkala beach, which is admired for the Papanasa hills, has a serene beauty associated with it. The monsoons make this tourist spot, which is on the outskirts of the Trivandrum District, beautiful. The monsoons are held by the beaches, hills, and backwaters, which are marvelously beautified. When planning a trip to Kerala during the monsoon season, make sure to include this location.


Thekkady has such grandeur of natural beauty and wilderness that sets it among the top tourist places in Kerala. The Periyar wildlife sanctuary is situated on this land along with the Periyar lake, which is among the most delightful tourist serving in the place. It is home to around 35 species of fauna and 265 species of birds. Besides the beauty of lush green scenes of the western ghats, the land possesses various beautiful plantations of coffee and spices. On your visit to this place, you can enjoy various activities like the jungle patrol, bamboo rafting, jungle camp, border hiking, and many more.


Kumarakom, which is close to Vembanad Lake, is a tourist haven. The peaceful tiny town is endowed with beautiful scenery, comfortable weather, and a unique environment. One of Kerala's top tourist destinations in Kumarakom. Villages, new paddy fields, and coconut grooves surround the backwaters.


Houseboat cruises are incredibly soothing and unique. You shouldn't pass up Kerala's delicious, traditional cuisine. One of Kerala's must-see locations is the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Many bird species live there, including migrating birds and Siberian storks.



Kerala is known as God’s own land for the multiple reasons that are mentioned above. The beauty, the cuisine, the weather, the vegetation, the culture, and the wildlife of Kerala, all are so rich and tempting in nature that there is no going back from making a visit to this beautiful state. There are various ways by which you can reach the state and each of those ways is clearly mentioned in the article above.


Besides, the most amazing places that you must visit during your tour to Kerala are briefed above. But for enjoying each of the specialties of Kerala it is very important to have the right guide with you. For guiding you on your journeys, we have Earth Holidays, the travel agency of Delhi for you. This agency is well known for the affordable, and reasonable tour packages it provides for traveling around the world. Besides, their guides are so humble and knowledgeable that they promise to make your journey memorable.


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