Dal Lake: Iconic Symbol of Srinagar's Beauty

Dal Lake in Kashmir is one of the most famous lakes. It is situated in Srinagar District. It is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Dal Lake is a name given to the different water bodies found in the Kashmir area. It is a lake town with houses on water, cultivated vegetables, schools, ATMs, post offices, and bazaars. The mode of choice is Shikara, the only way to go. Make sure to book a stay-at-home boat for your Jammu and Kashmir trip. It serves as one of the destinations for tourists.


Opens at: 6 A.M.

Closes at: 6 P.M.


May to November

Required Time

2 to 3 hours (Approx.)


Tourists visiting Kashmir during the summer and winter come to enjoy lake rides by Shikara. They indulge in the serenity and beauty this place beholds amidst its paddy fields. It is also known as “the Srinagar Jewel” or “the jewel in the crown of Kashmir.” It is one of the most attractive places to highlight in your Jammu-Kashmir travel package with Nitsa holidays.

Things to Do in Dal Lake

1. Shikara Ride: A ride on a Shikara in Dal Lake is a must-do activity. These traditional wooden boats are decorated. A Shikara ride allows you to explore the lake and its floating gardens.

2. Stay in a Houseboat: Enjoy a night or two on a houseboat. It's a personal thing for me because I'm on the lake. Many houseboats have peaceful living spaces along with the standard Kashmiri hospitality. You can add this to your Jammu Kashmir couple package or Sri Nagar package.

3. Photography: The Lake of Dal is a photographer's paradise. Present the magnificent views, the reflection of the neighboring mountains, and the vivid colors of the shikaris and houseboats.

4. Visit the Floating Gardens: Glimpse the floating gardens where the inhabitants work on farming flowers and vegetables. You could also get a purchase opportunity for local fruit and flowers from the gardens. It is highlighted in your Jammu Kashmir holiday package.

6. Water Sports: If you want to go on an adventure, you can play water sports such as rowing or kayaking on the lake. A few houseboats in a place allow guests to be part of both festivals.

7. Fishing: Fishing is the favorite hobby of Dal Lake People. It is up to you to discover some tasty native fish species around.

8. Shopping: Venture from shop to shop along the Boulevard Road for souvenirs and handicrafts made in the region.

Restaurants at Dal Lake

Mughal Darbar: It is located on a rowing boat. Mughal Darbar is a famed restaurant that serves a delicious Kashmiri menu. Whether it is the classic Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Dum Aloo, or Kashmiri Pulao, you can now enjoy the rich flavors of Kashmiri cuisine.

Ahdoos: This brand has stood for traditional Kashmiri dishes prepared for decades. The menu contains classic dishes. It includes Wazwan, Gushtaba, Tabak Maaz, and Kashmiri Kathi Rolls made from local ingredients and spices.

Lhasa Restaurant: It is located near Dal Lake. The Lhasa Restaurant is a favorite among Tibetan eateries. The restaurant is an expert at Tibetan food and creates a fusion of Tibetan and Kashmiri tastes.

Therefore, book your Sri Nagar tour package today with the Nitsa holidays. Get ready to create beautiful memories in the “Jannat” of India.