Cruising the Houseboats: A Unique Stay on Kerala's Backwaters

Gone are the days when accommodations and hospitality were limited to a four-walled bedroom. As the tourism industry started growing and expanding into a major card in the GDP growth of a country, the creative juices began flowing. Using the natural resources of the country, the cultures, and traditions along with a hint of modification, the players in the market smartly invite the rest of the world to see them in the name of learning and exploring. 

Kerala, God’s own country, the land of spices, the beautiful amalgamation of cultures and customs, has a never-ending list of tourist attractions. The list keeps growing as the visitors keep coming. A trip to Kerala is bound to be a gateway to a land of magnificent wildlife, breathtaking beaches, informative forts and museums, adventurous treks and hikes, delectable food, and heavenly temples.

Naturally, the visitors need a place to stay and what better way to do it than to live in the infamous houseboats of Kerala. Cruising the beautiful backwaters, boasting its landscape, featuring the spice and rice fields are these unique accommodations known as ‘Kettuvallams’. Your Kerala Tour plan should accommodate these!

History of the Houseboats 

In the bygone days, the houseboats served as a means of transportation of goods from the villages to the remote areas of the state. With time and the introduction of heavy machinery, the usefulness of these houseboats was questioned unless the smart move was to turn them into the draw card of every visitor’s Kerala travel package.

How are they made?

A big reason behind being the most sought-after stay is the use of local resources instead of steel and metal in the creation of the houseboats. This giant boat is built using bamboo poles and mats, coconut fiber ropes, cashew nut coating, and jackwood, which stands as a true testament to Kerala’s eco-friendly culture. 

What can you expect? 

The boats come in varying sizes, and so do the rooms. Equipped with top-quality amenities and services, these houseboats go hand in hand with luxury. 

No matter which size you choose or who you travel with, your Kerala Travel Package will be taken to another level by choosing to stay in one. 

The breathtaking views of the backwaters, the tall coconut trees, the rice paddy fields, and the crystal clear sky served along with the luxurious facilities on board are the true essence of this journey. 

Nitsa Holidays’ list of houseboats only includes the best of the best and you can find them in Alleppey, Kumarakom, and Kollam.

Alleppey Houseboats

Enjoy luxurious facilities along with ethereal views at Alleppey Houseboats. The mesmerizing views of the waters, the iconic coconut trees, the culinary mastery, and the golden hues of the paddy fields are sights to behold. Visitors can spot migratory birds from around the world and cruise along with them! 

Top Rated Houseboats- JCT Houseboat, Spice Coast Cruises, Why Not Houseboat, Harmony Houseboat

Kumarakom Houseboats

Kumarakom provides the best views of the backwaters of Kerala. On top of that, the traditional Kerala-style food and the freshest seafood are a marvelous mix for the eyes and the palate!

Top Rated Houseboats- Grand Villa Houseboat, Aqua Jumbo Houseboat, Shivanga Houseboat 

Kollam Houseboats

This houseboat tour is best enjoyed during the rain and you can spot Chinese fishing nets and little water droplets falling on water lilies spread along the Ashtamudi Lake.

Top Rated Houseboats- Dream House Kollam, PalmTree Houseboat

Best Time to Visit

October - February 


Rs. 5000 - Rs. 50000/night