Vietnam's Must Visit Beach Destinations

Vietnam is very into its ways of culture and tradition, the sea culture of Vietnam also has its ways. Stretching for a distance of 3000 kilometers with beautiful views and beautiful sand beaches. 

People should try to visit some beaches in Vietnam while being in their Vietnam tour package. One can see crystal clear waters surrounding the areas at least for a day during the trip. 

Nitsa Holidays provides various options of beaches located in Vietnam which one can include in their trip to Vietnam package. Some of such options available are listed below which one can find worthy of visiting. 

Most Beautiful Beaches of Vietnam

In addition to exploring the bustling cities of Hanoi, Hue, and Saigon in Vietnam, people should get a chance to explore the coastal areas of Vietnam too. 

1. Con Dao 

It is a group of 16 different islands located on the southern coast of Vietnam. Historically, it was an island that was used as a French prison but now is home to beautifully rich flora and fauna. 

People can discover some Buddhist culture around the coasts of this island. One should consider including Con Dao in their Vietnam trip package. One should travel to this location during the dry seasons, mainly in November to February. 

People can even include whale watching in their Vietnam travel package which can be done from March to July. 

2. Nha Trang 

The beaches of Nha Trang lie in the province of Khanh Hoa which is a famous place for discovering a vibrant nightlife in Vietnam. People can find picturesque views of beaches around the areas of Nha Trang. 

3. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is not typically known as a beach destination, people can still enjoy this hidden gem with its emerald-coloured waters and serene beaches. People can explore the limestone beaches of Vietnam. 

People can get a chance to satisfy their inner adventurer by getting an opportunity to go kayaking and swimming in the waters of Ha Long Bay. People are advised to carry a budget of INR 2000-5000 to get their hands on the types of sea sports available along this beach. 

Although, budgeted travelers can get a chance to explore such activities by getting their hands on rental-based options which can be done for an amount as low as INR 500. 

4. Mui Ne 

Another unique beach that can be found in the country of Vietnam is Mui Ne. It is majorly famous for its dunes which are red and white. People can get a chance to go windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the strong breeze that goes around near the beach of Mui Ne. 

It is advised for tourists to travel from December to April which comes as a dry season in Vietnam which offers cool weather with sunny skies. The budget required to have the full experience of this location should be set for about INR 3000 to 6000. 


Vietnam is one of the best locations for tourists since the area has different types of adventures to offer. People can experience a wave of culture, tradition, and modernism in the air during their Vietnam travel package.