Exploring Baku: A Comprehensive Guide to Azerbaijan's Vibrant Capital

As quickly the weather shifts in the country of Azerbaijan, such quickly also changes the scene of its capital city, Baku. Bordering Russia, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, and Georgia and encapsulated by the Caspian Sea is this beautiful country of Azerbaijan. As you set foot in Baku, you will immediately be transformed into a Middle Eastern atmosphere where modernity beautifully shakes hands with history. 

The world has shown rising levels of interest in this country and Azerbaijan Holiday Packages are selling in the blink of an eye. The reason? Pretty simple. You will find the old-world charms going hand in hand with futuristic ideologies and architecture and all of that at very affordable rates, too. 

Let Nitsa Holidays take you on a trip through the city of Baku quickly so you can immediately start planning your Azerbaijan Tour Package by the end of it. 

What Can You Expect? 

Be amazed as the hot weather quickly turns into a breezy day and ends up being a cold night while you explore this glamorous city. The old part of the town will transform you into the sets of Aladdin with its medievalism. The cobbled streets, brick walls, sheesha joints, and souvenir shops are as enchanting as one can dream of. The modern part of the city is a completely different story altogether. The buildings are taller with unique designs, the shops are more luxurious and futurism is seeped into everything. 

Places To Visit

Icheri Seher- This magical ride to the past is the most iconic part of the city which is bound to enchant you at all costs. The vintage cars, souvenir shops selling honey, and carpets feel straight out of a dream.

Fountain Square- A mosaic walkway housing a long stretch of multiple mountains and beautiful artwork is a must-visit for art enthusiasts in their Azerbaijan Travel Package. It is also a great spot for clicking pictures! 

Flame Towers- This trifecta of sky-high fire-shaped buildings is the perfect demonstration of the country’s title, ‘city of fire’. The skyline of Baku transforms into magic during the night as these towers start flickering like the brightest flame.

Mud Volcano- Believed to have over 400 volcanoes, this is an exciting and wonderful spot to add to your Azerbaijan Holiday Package but don’t worry, they are not dangerous, just breathtaking to look at. 

Where To Stay

Baku offers a great range of accommodations for tourists all offering the best of the best services. Tourists can find both budget-friendly and luxurious options but here are the top recommendations:

  1. JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel
  2. Four Season Hotel Baku
  3. Hilton Baku

Best Dining Options

Baku is also considered the food capital of the country and for all the right reasons. A delight for non-vegetarians, Baku is buzzing with the best restaurants. The food is influenced by European and Middle Eastern culture and the taste is just delightful.

  1. Shirvanshah Museum Restaurant 
  2. Sehrli Tendir
  3. Sumac
  4. Chinar

Where To Shop

Baku is giving tough competition to Dubai when it comes to shopping. The high-end shops have the best collections and the local markets have tons of souvenirs to bring back. Some unmissable items are the local honey, ceramics, and traditional scarves. 

Best Time to Visit

September to March is probably the most ideal time to visit Baku as the weather remains quite pleasant ranging between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. 

So, why are you waiting? How often do you get the chance to see a sight of antiquity and modernity at the same time and place? Go get ready for an enchanting Azerbaijan vacation package that Nitsa Holidays will prepare for you!