Singapore: The Lion City Unveiled

Singapore doesn’t need an introduction in today’s world. You hear the word Singapore and you automatically find yourself picturizing a multicultural hub of beauty, finesse, and creativity. Singapore has found its name synonymous with so many things- luxury, innovation, adventure, comfort, gorgeous, and whatnot! If you haven’t been able to witness this wonder of the world until now, Nitsa Holidays urges you to definitely start planning your Singapore family trip package right away. It’s the only place in the world where at one end you find the most luxurious of things and at the other, you find the most affordable delights. We at Nitsa Holidays can proudly assure you that we will find you a group, family, or couple package for Singapore like none other.

Tourism in Singapore has boomed just like the rest of the Country’s economy. The fast-paced growth of its GDP, the rapid expansion of its businesses, and the heightened financial performance are all closely tied to the extreme rise in tourism. Not just businessmen and entrepreneurs but students, historians, adventurists and artists find themselves looking for Singapore group tour packages every chance they get.  This diverse nature of tourists and travelers is all very well connected to the diversity of the country. Catering to all religions, respecting each ethnicity, welcoming all ages, and supporting all ideas is the free, accepting, and inclusive country of Singapore and everyone should experience the famed Singapore family Travel Package at least once in their life. Nitsa Holidays guarantee that a Singapore family trip package or even a Singapore Couple tour package is going to be beyond any doubt the most amazing, exciting, and memorable experience of your entire life. 

Whether you are looking for a private getaway with your partner or an adventurous family trip, Nitsa Holidays promises to find you the best spots that fit ideally in your itinerary of the Singapore family, couple, and group Travel Package. First, let’s find out why Singapore is topping the tourism charts of the world!

Location and Weather

histroy of singapore

The capital of the Republic of Singapore, Singapore is a long island housing 64 small islands within itself. Located in southeast Asia, bordered by Malaysia and Vietnam, it is a tropical paradise that remains hot and humid all year round. The country experiences heavy rainfall during the months of November to February which provides relief from the humid conditions throughout the rest of the year but the otherwise constant weather is also perfect for enjoying a nice chilled cocktail whilst tanning at the beach! It is Nitsa Holidays word that your family or group package for Singapore will be worth every penny. 

The Country is a hot haven mostly but the Department of Tourism has very strategically developed plans and places to entice tourists to come and savor the sights and sounds of the country regardless of the heat waves outside and Nitsa Holidays has taken up the responsibility to find the right fit for any choice you make, be it Singapore group tour, family trip, or couple tour packages.


histroy of singapore

The blend of Asian cultures, heavily influenced by Buddhism and Hinduism is what makes Singapore a unique house of worship and peacemaking. Ideal for students going on excursions or history geeks, this country is perfect for Singapore group tour packages. Chinese culture is the most influential in the country, visitors will see glimpses of the past in everything that they come across. The delectable food, the wide range of languages, and the eye-catching infrastructure are all the most amazing blend of history and modernity. This unique feature makes Singapore the perfect place for planning a Singapore trip package for families as well since children have too much to learn, explore, and experience. It is amazing to see how the places and monuments of Singapore tell the story of the past whilst presenting a vision of the future. The majority of the population here today is Chinese followed by Malay whereas the national language remains Malay. However, tourists face no trouble getting around since English is spoken by almost everyone in the country. If you let Nitsa Holidays plan a group or family package of Singapore for you, you can easily relax and be assured that your Singapore group Tour Package will be as smooth as possible. 

Why Should You Plan a Singapore Tour Package? 

Singapore has so much to see, so much to do and so much to learn. It’s amazing how the heart keeps longing for a quick return right after you come back from a Singapore family travel package and such is the greatness of the country. Here are Nitsa Holidays’ highlights of this gorgeous place that every tourist should consider for their Singapore Trip Package for families and groups.

• The Enlightening Cultural Attractions

1-Merlion Park- The name Singapore literally translates to ‘lion city’ and the Merlion is its mythical symbol and mascot. Even though you will find this breathtaking statue all across the country, Merlion Park features the most iconic one of all. Undoubtedly one of the most visited spots of any Singapore tour package, this jaw-dropping sight of the Merlion spouting water from its mouth is the best example of Singapore’s pride and also the best backdrop for your images of a Singapore Group tour package.

2-Haw Par Villa- The only time anybody would willingly choose to go to hell is when it is in Singapore and your safety is ensured by Nitsa Holidays. Titled 10 Courts of hell is the Haw Par Villa of Singapore, a theme park that boasts over 1000 statues and a rich Chinese heritage and culture. However, hell will not seem as scary as it sounds otherwise but it will definitely be a great learning opportunity in your Singapore Group Travel Package.

3-Thian Hock Keng Temple- To keep a balance in your Singapore Travel Package, make sure you also visit heaven after experiencing the courts of hell. Thian Hock Keng Temple is one of the most popular and iconic sites in the country featuring gorgeous paintings of gods, animals, and mythical figures. Keeping up with the high profile of heaven, this temple is extremely gorgeous and lets the visitors indulge themselves in the rich culture of the Chinese community. Not to forget, the entire itinerary of your Singapore trip package for groups and families will also be as heavenly with Nitsa Holidays! 

4-Buddha Tooth Relic Temple- How will Nitsa Holidays let you miss out on one of the rarest things in the world? Believed to house a tooth of Buddha, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temples serve as an important cultural site for Singaporeans. This golden ground of beauty holds extreme promise and is believed to be one of the most powerful places in Buddhist culture. Attracting thousands of Buddhist followers serves as the first choice in a family package for Singapore. 

5-Chinatown- Home to thousands of Chinese immigrants, Chinatown is one of the most amazing places in the city. As your eyes are caught in the beautiful red and gold colors spread all across, your stomach will start growling because of the tempting aroma of the delicious food sold by the wandering hawkers. This town hosts the infamous Chinese New Year festivities which transforms it into an extraordinary celebration and Singapore couple tour packages are bound to include it! 

6-Little India- Another hub of cultural activity is the colorful spot of Little India. With fragrant smells of aromatic spices, vibrant buildings, and ethereal temples, Little India will transform you into a village of India whilst being in Singapore. Visitors can find amazing flea markets in this area with a vast array of goods to choose from and bring back as souvenirs. You will come across a lot of Indian tourists here as well looking for familiarity in their Singapore travel packages for families, groups, and couples.

• The Green Goodnesses 

1-Singapore Botanic Garden- Singapore has not let urbanization get in the way of preserving its naturalistic roots. Housing over 10000 species of flora and fauna, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a fresh breath of air through and through. A visit to this spot in your Singapore couple trip package will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city and rejuvenate you.

2-Gardens by the Bay- Enter into a fantasy land of flowers at Gardens by the Bay. Your jaws will drop, eyes mesmerized and hearts full with the gorgeous views of this place. Duplicating the look of Singapore’s national flower, the Orchid, this vast range of flora and fauna houses unimaginable varieties of flowers including some extremely rare species which are as amazing as Nitsa Holidays’ family travel packages. 

3-Mount Faber Park- A treat for nature enthusiasts and photographers, this 105m high spot is just the best place to witness a panoramic view of the wonderful landscape that Singapore is. Located very close to it is also the Telok Blangah Hill Park which is famed to be the most Instagram-worthy spot in the country.

• Witness the Wilderness

1-Jurong Bird Park- Boasting an artificial waterfall but 5000 real birds is the amazing Jurong Bird Park. It is truly a treat for bird lovers and Children who experience the amazing chance of witnessing these beautiful creatures in their habitat whilst learning a thing or two about them. 

2-Singapore Zoo- Keeping up with its intent of preservation and construction, the Singapore Zoo is a hub of some of the most endangered species of animals. Get up close with the wildlife at a night safari at Singapore Zoo. Nothing will get your adrenaline pumping like seeing a lion in front of you without any cages separating you from it. A walk amongst wolves also becomes possible when you’re in Singapore! 

• Island of Dreams

Sentosa Island- If you could ever dream of a place that caters to anyone and everyone, Sentosa Island should be at the top of that list. Singapore is ever so popular for its man-made wonders and Sentosa Island is just the perfect example of it. There’s a beach for adults to relax and children to play,  there's a universal studio for adrenaline seekers to explore and movie lovers to meet their idols, there are water and fire show for children to watch, and there are tons of other activities ranging from zip lining to golfing. Sentosa Island is undoubtedly an unmissable place for your Singapore Group Tour and Family Package.

• Vibrant Nightlife and Glamours Skyline

Singapore’s gorgeous skyline is world-renowned and the hundreds of rooftop restaurants, pubs, and clubs claiming to offer the best views are worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. The best backdrop for your pictures is bound to be found at these sky-high sites and the creatively curated cocktails are just the best compliment to them! The streets of the country also light up by nightfall and turn into the most dramatic affair. With music and atmosphere that will charge you instantly, it is impossible to stay in. 

• Surreal Shopping Spots

From Flea markets to the most luxurious brands, Singapore sells everything. Shopping is one of the top reasons behind a lot of Singapore couple tour packages, visitors will definitely come back with a lot of goodies. The ones with heavy pockets can head to Marina Bay Sands whereas those who want budget-friendly options can choose from various markets of Chinatown, Little India, or Bugis Street. Do try to check your bargaining skills at these spots.

• Accommodation for All

Singapore has some of the most fancy and luxurious hotels in the world. With services that are incomparable and beauty that is ethereal, the elites have their nights figured out. Even for backpackers and budget travelers, Singapore has some amazing options of hostels and Airbnb that are not very pricey but they provide a comfortable and convenient place to stay. All of the hotels house some excellent spas and rejuvenation retreats that are the perfect way to relax after adventurous days in the city. Nitsa Holidays will find you the right spots for you no matter what. 

Luxury Hotels in Singapore- Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, The Ritz Carlton Singapore 

Budget-Friendly Accommodations in Singapore- Lloyd’s Inn Singapore, Campbell Inn Singapore, Mayo Inn Singapore 

• Culinary Magic

Nitsa Holidays has identified the foodie in you. With the diversity and complexity of the population, Singapore’s food scene is also a mix of the best blends. With high-end restaurants serving Michelin-level cuisines made with the finest ingredients to hundreds of hawker carts selling cheap yet scrumptious street foods, the taste is impeccable at both ends of the table. Even though you will find all sorts of international cuisines, the local Malay and Singaporean delights will capture your hearts and satisfy your tastebuds. The flavors will keep on lingering for years to come. 

Visit Worthy Restaurants according to Nitsa Holidays- Chinatown Food Complex, Tai Hwa Eating House, New Ubin Seafood, Katong Laksa

Must Try Foods- Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chilli Crab, Laksa

•Artistic Glory

With the Museums boasting the rich artistic heritage, the festivals demonstrating vibrant and diverse music and dance performances, theaters showcasing endless talents, and the residents hosting Art Week and Singapore’s Writers Festival, the country of Singapore takes a lot of pride in its Art and Culture and displays it everywhere and Nitsa Holidays will take you to the best ones. 

• Festive Fair

Singapore’s multicultural world is also home to numerous festivals and events that light up the eyes and streets of the country and being able to witness these on a Singapore family Travel Package takes the whole tour to another level of entertainment and enjoyment. Some noteworthy events according to Nitsa Holidays are

1-Chinese New Year- The entirety of Chinatown comes to life during this 14-day-long celebration of the Chinese New Year. The houses and streets are decorated in red and gold colors and exhibits of lion dances and fire eaters are as breathtaking as it sounds. It is celebrated in the month of February and it is a must-have on your group package for Singapore.

2-The Dragon Boat Festival- Held in June, this festival of Chinese origin is a thrilling show of Boats racing and competing with each other is extremely entertaining to watch and the traditional rice dumplings and wines consumed during the show take the experience to a different level. 

3-Singapore Food Festival- July is the month for foodies to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in Singapore. This month-long celebration of food attracts visitors from all over the world to try and learn the art of making lip-smacking cuisines from the experts themselves and Nitsa Holidays highly recommends it. 

4-Singapore Night Festival- The iconic buildings of Singapore dial a notch and turn into an even more spectacular venue during the weekends of August. With the themes changing each year, the decor changes as well but the amazement remains the same each year. 

5-Singapore Grand Prix- The infamous Formula 1 race championship takes place during September in Singapore and fans come from all over the world to enjoy the thrill and rush of this iconic event. With Nitsa Holidays, you can also be a part of this and witness the extravagant parties and concerts that follow. 

How to Travel in Singapore?

Singapore’s public transport is renowned for being extremely cheap, reliable, and safe. Visitors can opt between buses, subways, grab applications, or bike share services to get around the city according to their convenience. The city is known for being one of the safest cities in the world so solo female travelers, young students, or even families with children can get around with zero worries. Nitsa Holidays assures that your ride will be as safe and secure as you can imagine.

Best Time to Visit Singapore


February to April is the driest season all year making it the most appropriate weather to visit Singapore. However, if your plan is to chill at the beach solely and shop at The Great Singapore Sale, June to August is the best time for you to come to Singapore. Let Nitsa Holidays know your preferences and we will create the best Singapore group tour package for you be it a Singapore couple package or a Singapore Family Tour Package.

Rules and Guidelines to Remember 

Nitsa Holidays is also warning you that Singapore has extremely strict rules and regulations regarding cleanliness and safety so be careful. Do not engage in spitting, littering, or any other criminal activities. 


Singapore has so much to see, do, and experience that the list will never end. A paradise for couples, a bonding spot for families, a learning tool for knowledge seekers, a dreamland for photographers, it has something or other for everyone to enjoy and feel. 

We know that with so many things to choose from and so many places to explore, it’s bound to feel a little overwhelming but this is where Nitsa Holidays comes into the picture. We have creatively crafted the best family packages for Singapore, be it for a group tour, a family tour, or a couples tour. We are committed to providing the most amazing Singapore Group Tour Packages for travelers at the best rates possible. 

So don’t worry, just pack your bags whilst we take on all the responsibilities on our shoulders to ensure that you have the best time of your life!