Exploring the Imperial City of Hue: History, Architecture, and Culture

Vietnam is one of the most lucrative countries, the place has different areas for people to explore. One such location in Vietnam is the Imperial City of Hue which is located in the regions of Central Vietnam. 

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The Imperial City of Hue is a UNESCO World Heritage city that is mainly known for its rich cultural heritage with impeccable architecture with true Vietnamese culture. People looking for an authentic Vietnam travel package should include this spot in their itinerary. 

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History of the Imperial City of Hue 

Built back in 1362, the place has played a significant role since the 19th century when emperor Gia Long of the Nguyen Dynasty made Hue the capital of Vietnam. The city became the hub of economic, political, and cultural decisions. 

Hence, with the development of the Imperial City, there were several buildings constructed all around such as the royal palace, temples & shrines, and multiple administrative buildings. 

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Location of Imperial City of Hue 

The Imperial City of Hue is an envisioned complex, constructed with a 10 km moat which was dug outside the area. The most important area around the Imperial City of Hue is the Purple Forbidden City which was built in the middle. 

The area of Purple Forbidden City was used by the King for work purposes along with his closest workers. People can visit this area during their tour with the Vietnam travel package. 

Architecture & Culture

The architecture of the Imperial City of Hues in Vietnam is mainly influenced by Vietnamese and colonial French aspects. To protect against the invaders, there are thick stone walls constructed all around the city. 

People can get a chance to discover different locations inside the place such as Thai Hoa Palace and the Halls of Mandarins. Apart from the architecture, the city gives a chance for people to indulge in the vibrant culture and traditions following around. 

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Best Time to Visit 

The Imperial City of Hue can be explored easily on foot or through a bicycle ride and get the essence of the Nguyen dynasty. The tour through this area costs about $6.60 a ticket which can be collected from the main entry gate of the area. 

Moreover, the place is open from Friday to Wednesday but has a time limit that is from 8 am to 5:30 pm. Although people should remember the fact that the place is open until 10 pm on Thursdays.


The Imperial City of Hue is a unique place in Vietnam that should be visited by people who are looking to capture the true essence of Vietnamese culture and history. One can include such places in their Vietnam travel package with Nitsa Holidays.