Prague: The Fairytale City of Hundred Spires

Come with me to the captivating city of Prague, where art and architecture from different eras live in unity, and each street is a living history book. This guide takes you through the streets full of Gothic cathedrals and Baroque palaces intermixed with charming cafes. Whether the majestic Prague Castle perched on the Vltava River bank or the colorful Old Town Square full of life and soul, this city mesmerizes tourists by taking them back to the past, from the days gone by to the present. Whether you are a history fan, a food enthusiast, or just trying to explore Prague, you will find it to be an array of adventures in front of you. Come and experience the wonder of the most amazing city on earth with us.

Best Times To Visit Prague

The best seasons to visit Prague are spring and early fall. These are the times when the weather is milder, and the population is smaller. Tourists stream into the city when it finally warms up in the summer, which results in a spike in hotel rates. Spring leads to ongoing clear skies, highs ranging from the mid-50s to the upper 60s, and much lower accommodation rates. Prague is pretty as well during Christmas, but you need to know that although it doesn't snow much, it is very cold.

Why visit Prague?

Prague is undoubtedly the capital of the Czech Republic and the mesmerizing Bohemia region. This city is known as the City of a Hundred Spires or the Golden City. It is home to over a million people and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make sure to add this place to your Europe family tour packages.

Prague is a real-life incredible fairy tale with its cobbled streets, handsome towers, and nice buildings. On top of everything, you'll also stumble upon the city's most notable boutiques and taste the best of Czech cuisine. Prague will surely scare its visitors with its amazing ancient atmosphere. Moreover, it also makes the experience of the Czech Republic's Capital an unforgettable trip to Europe.

Nightlife in Prague

The beautiful Prague nightlife is going to turn your life upside down entirely. From the five-story clubs at night with dynamic performances to some pocket bars. It allows you to pour beer at your leisure; the town is a famous place to spend the night in the world.

Lucerna Music Bar: On your way to Wenceslas Square for a walk, you should notice the Lucerna Music Bar. It is the biggest nightclub in Prague. This compact bar prides itself on its giant dancing space. Be happy and dance to the beats of the DJs that anchor the stage. The restaurant also hosts concerts by celebrities.

Chapeau Rouge: If you want to go clubbing late at night, check out Chapeau Rouge Party Bar. This is where the bar is. It is located near Old Town Square and is a gathering point for locals and visitors. With negligible lighting and traditional flair, the bar is the most popular hangout for people out late during a trip to Europe.

Roxy: Roxy is one of Prague’s legendary clubs, with its art and colorful interiors. Its atmosphere is by far the best, making it the most visited club in the Czech Republic. Therefore, stay and dance the night away. Moreover, add them to this Europe family travel package or Europe couple tour packages.

Top Places to Visit in Prague

Charles's Bridge

When you come to Prague, Charles Bridge is the place you can't miss, and it certainly belongs to the highest-rated sights of the city. It is a historic Gothic stone arch bridge connecting Lesser Town and Old Town, the most famous bridge in Europe. Petr Parler was a great architect who supervised this most famous bridge due to its ancient statues of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and the country's saint, John of Nepomuk. It is also highlighted in your Europe family travel packages or Europe couple tour packages.

It corresponds to the format of the setting sun and the tomb of St. Vitus on an equinox. It provides a fantastic scope of beautiful Gothic gates and the River Vltava. Additionally, you can see it during the low or off-peak hours after sunset if you love the bridge and it's not too crowded.

Prague Castle

It dates back to the 9th century, making it the largest complex ever and the top tourist destination in Prague. The jewel of Prague is a majestic landmark set on the hillside, dominating the skyline. It's looking down upon the city in the Castle District above the Lesser Town. St. Vitus Cathedral is the most prominent historical building within the castle's walls.

The Prague Castle Compendium consists of palaces, great halls, churches, official apartments, fortifications, towers, cloisters, galleries, museums, and the Golden Lane. Although the entrance to this castle complex is free, preparation to pay to enter the building will be necessary.

The National Museum

It includes many significant collections that cover various areas. It also includes anthropology, archaeology, geology, and zoology. The National Museum was recently renovated. It is the second one after the famous courtyard that attracts many tourists in Prague during their trip to Europe. The main feature of the museum is the archaeology exhibit. It showcases Roman artifacts from the 1st and 2nd centuries. You can also see an impressive collection of Bronze Age and Early Iron Age art in the same section. A visit to the National Museum should be something you should do in Prague. 

The Municipal House

The Municipal House of Prague is a great and representative example of Nouveau art in the city. This city's hallmark is Smetana Hall, the Czech Republic’s biggest and most prestigious concert venue. The magnificent architectural design, with beautiful stained glass windows, paintings on the inside, and a luxurious facade with a giant mural underneath and a massive dome over it, is incredibly impressive.

The National Gallery

Prague is home to Europe's many fine and famous art collections, with the National Gallery dating back to 1925 being one of the top tourist attractions in the country. Numerous collections from the 19th and 21st centuries are in the Veletrzni Palace. Moreover, add them to these Europe family travel packages or Europe couple tour packages. You can ask Nitsa Holidays to customize it. Czech artists and other foreign artists, such as Picasso and Monet, are available here. Others are shapes such as sculpture, fashion, applied arts, and photography.

The Kinsky Palace shows ancient Asian art. The St. Agnese Convent is home to European art dating back to medieval times. The Sternberg Palace exhibits ancient Greek and Roman cultures and European art, which looks great.

Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo is listed among the top zoos in the world, and the very first zoo was built in 1931 over an area of 56.6 hectares. The most amazing among family outings, this zoo provides pony rides and features an extensive adventure playground. It offers opportunities to feed the animals. This zoo's primary mission is to keep Przewalski's horse alive, an endangered species. The zoo owns more than 4200 representatives of 650 species of animals.

Kutna Hora

An hour's drive from Prague, Kutna Hora is one of the most serene places to visit in Prague in the winter. It has the championing architecture of the Cathedral of St. Barbara. Ossuary is the main reason tourists visit this little town. There were tiny human bones under a small church that belonged to the victims of plagues and wars. Some artists managed to turn this burial place into a cryptic extravaganza, which is what it is today. The fake decorations are composed of the genuine bones of humans.

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