Shikara Rides: Floating through the Heart of Srinagar

Discover timeless beauty and peace as you start a magical Shikara journey in the center of Kashmir. Imagine sailing along the tranquil waters on the edge of snow-capped peaks and multicolored gardens floating nearby. The gentle motion of the boat, the musical sound of water lapping against its sides, and the view that rolls through your eyes—this is what takes you on a Shikara ride on a Srinagar trip. Therefore, let's get started and know what all there is to learn about this popular Kashmiri adventure!

Best Time to Take a Shikara Ride

The best time of the year to take a shikara ride in Dal Lake is from May to September. It is warm, and the flowers are at their blooming stage. During this period, the lake is most colorful, with its bright garden colors and the clear blue sky image in the still water. It should be highlighted that Dal Lake gets very cold and snowy during winter. Moreover, you can also plan a romantic Jammu Kashmir couple package with Nitsa holidays and spend some love time.

 Yet, if you are a fan of winter activities, better schedule your visit to these places in the winter! Doing so would let you skate on the level ice or watch the winter landscape with a lot of snow. So, plan your Jammu Kashmir travel package according to the best time.

Shikara Ride Cost in Srinagar package

As per the official rates, a trip on a Shikara on the Dal Lake costs Rs. 600 per hour. But, that is for the JK tourism authorities to consider; they never follow the real rates.

The price you will be quoted at any of the ghats at any time in the day is anywhere between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 3000. But, after a couple of discussions, you will be able to bring it down to Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200 for an hour. Please be certain that you also specify the price per Shikar, not per person.

Tips for the Shikara Ride Srinagar Trip

Dress appropriately: Dressing for the weather conditions is important when embarking on a shikara ride. Dress in layers to adjust the amount of clothing you wear on the lake depending on the varying temperatures.

Carry essentials: Ensure you have the necessary supplies, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats, to help protect you from the sun. Moreover, be sure to bring some light snacks and water. There might be few options for food on the boat.

Plan your timing. The perfect moment for a boat trip in Kashmir is at the beginning or end of the day; the weather is nice then, and there is a little breeze. It is better to go there when the inflow of tourists is low if you like to be in the loneliness of nature at the peak of tourist season.

Negotiate prices: While getting the Shikara boat, you should negotiate the prices with the boatman. It is always better to fix the rate you pay at the initial stages than to deal with uncertainties at the end of the ride.

Capture memories: Your camera or a smartphone should be the last thing to leave your bag. It is a pleasure to take photos of the wonderful views of Dal Lake. When you row through its blue water line against the backdrop of an unusual mountain with decorative paint on its sides.

Therefore, Plan your Jammu Kashmir holiday package today with Nitsa Holidays and enjoy the best time. Happy Travels!