Navigating Vietnamese Markets: Tips for Shopping

Vietnam is one of the most captivating tourist places, the culture and traditions in the country are something to experience. People can discover handcrafted products on the streets of Vietnam with good bargains. 

Exploring such streets during one’s Vietnam tour package can help you identify the true Vietnamese tourist culture with explorations of products unique in that area. People can roam around different streets of the markets in Vietnam freely and have a major exposure to the daily lives of shopkeepers in the local area. 

With the help of Nitsa Holidays as your friendly companion in the process of being in a Vietnam trip package, one can rely upon us to bring you a true Vietnamese experience.

Why to Shop in Vietnam? 

Asian markets are considered as one of the most vibrant and unique ones among the different famous markets in the world. People can find some of the most lucrative and intricate shopping items handcrafted at a very cheap price. 

These markets in the streets of Vietnam are affordable and people can even find some culturally rich items such as silk from the central region and crafted bamboo products. 

Shopping in the local markets should come as one of the most important activities while being on a package trip to Vietnam since people get a chance to carry back a part of the country and can even turn up as a memoir of their journey of exploration. 

Some of the products to look for in the Vietnamese market are Vietnamese conical hats and lotus tea. People should try to catch a break while shopping and get their hands on locally produced fresh fruits to give them a refreshing break in Vietnamese style. 

The markets of Vietnam are very affordable, people can set a budget under 2000-4000 INR while shopping in different cities of Vietnam. However, it is advised to keep some denominations of Vietnamese Dong since the local shopkeepers might refuse to accept foreign currencies. 

Considering What to Buy in Vietnam?

There are certain kinds of products that one should always keep account of while visiting a certain country. Talking about Vietnam, there are certain authentic Vietnamese products that people should look for while being in their Vietnam tour package.

1. Handcrafted Products 

Vietnam is famous for its hand embroideries with detailed works. Tourists can find nature and wildlife-inspired intricate works of embroidery which can be tailor-made even on orders beforehand. People can get their hands on both custom-made and ready-made pieces of embroidery in Vietnam. 

Another interesting thing to find in the streets of Vietnam is the lacquerware. Craftsmen follow detailed steps of curating lacquerware which takes months to reach the shop from the process. People can get their hands on such products for a minimum and affordable price of 500-2000 INR. 

2. Silk Products

People wanting to carry back some experience of the Asian fashion and silk which comes as a Vietnamese specialty can consider buying such fabrics from the streets. People can buy different clothing items such as t-shirts, ties, and dresses with kaleidoscopic colors and patterns found uniquely in Vietnam. 

3. Pearl Jewellery 

Another must-watch out shopping article in the Vietnamese markets is to look for pearl jewelry. The scenic coasts of the areas of Ha Long Bay and Van Phong Bay are the main locations for the pearl farms such maritime treasures are stored in Vietnam. 

However, pearls are of different qualities and grades, it might cost people a price ranging from INR 3000 to 20,000. One should set their minds on the kinds of pearls they are looking for. 


Visiting the marketplace of the local shops in the country one is traveling to is one of the most important tasks of all. People can easily bargain and shop during their Vietnam tour package and bring back the true essence of Vietnam in their hands.