Reasons you should be in Maldives this winter?

Reasons you should be in Maldives this winter?

The Maldives in winter is a great opportunity to take a break from the cold weather and spend Christmas and New Year's holidays or celebrate Valentine's Day on a pearly white beach bordered by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

The climate in the Maldives in winter is characterized by predominantly dry weather and moderate humidity. The air temperature here all year round stays in the range of 25-30 degrees, and the water temperature usually does not drop below 26 degrees. Given such favorable temperature conditions, the holiday season for holidays in the Maldives never ends. However, it is during the winter months and the beginning of spring (December - the first week of April) in the Maldives that the high tourist season falls.
From December to March, the dry northeastern Iruvai monsoon reigns in the Maldives. The weather during this period becomes drier, less windy, the amount of precipitation decreases, and the ocean waters retain excellent visibility for diving and snorkelling.

While the dry monsoon in December is not yet strong enough to prevent heavy rainfall, but usually short-lived, in January and February it fully comes into its own, making these months one of the clearest and driest months of the year. At the same time, the number of days when there is a probability of precipitation does not exceed 5 throughout the month. Therefore, weather conditions will in no way prevent you from enjoying your ideal vacation to the fullest.

In the winter months, the weather is characterized by approximately the same temperature indicators.
To make your vacation rich and varied, in addition to sunbathing and splashing in the ocean waters, you can:

plunge into the beauty of the underwater world with the help of a professional dive center instructors;
try your hand at one of the active sports offered by the hotels;
go on one of the exciting excursions;
get acquainted with the sights of the Maldives capital.
If you have the time and are also inclined to active rest and adventure seeking, there is an opportunity to combine a trip to the Maldives and a winter vacation in neighboring Sri Lanka. Such a combined voyage will allow you to get to know the cultures of two countries at once and, for sure, will remain in the memory of travelers for a long time.


If you believe unofficial statistics, more than 60% of visitors to the Maldives participate in some form of diving, and 80% in snorkeling.

In addition, this is not surprising, because the diving season in the Maldives lasts all year round. However, the winter months are most popular with diving enthusiasts. Dry and stable weather, no winds, sunny skies and calm seas provide excellent underwater visibility and attract many divers from all over the world.
From a financial point of view, wintering in the Maldives is not as attractive as, for example, in Thailand, Bali or Sri Lanka, and therefore is not very popular among tourists.

At the same time, all conditions have been created in the Maldives for a carefree and safe holiday for guests of various ages, including the smallest tourists.

Going to the Maldives in winter with children, in addition to acclimatization and temperature changes, you need to take into account the duration of the flight and take care of how to entertain the child on board. Some of these concerns are taken over by airlines, prudently offering young passengers a variety of entertainment: from coloring pages, toys and special menus to flying nanny services that entertain the little ones during the flight.

Traveling "from winter to summer", it is better, if possible, to give preference to a longer rest in order to give the body an additional opportunity to adapt to new weather conditions.

When collecting luggage, it is necessary to put in it:

sunscreen with maximum SPF and sunburn cream;
well thought out first aid kit;
diapers, including for the pool, wet wipes and other baby skin care products;
baby food, familiar to your baby.
When choosing a hotel for families with children, you should pay attention to its distance from the airport. The location of the hotel near the airport will allow you to avoid an additional flight on a seaplane and, accordingly, additional loads on the child's fragile body.

In addition, before traveling, you should familiarize yourself with the hotel's policy towards guests with children. For example, resorts may have restrictions on the placement of families with small children in water villas, as this is directly related to the safety of babies.

If you want to visit the Ithaa underwater restaurant, please note that according to the restaurant's policy, children are allowed to visit it only at lunchtime.

If your child is over 3 years old, it is better to opt for resorts where there is a kids club. Funny animation will not let the little guests get bored, and parents will get such valuable free time to fully enjoy a tropical vacation.

Valentine's Day
As the Maldives has traditionally been considered a favorite destination for couples and honeymooners, resorts place great emphasis on celebrating Valentine's Day and work hard to make the day a memorable one.

Lovers are offered romantic dinners in a picturesque setting under the twinkling stars of the Maldivian sky, accompanied by light live music.

You can also surprise your soul mate with a bouquet of flowers, invite her to a special wine and chocolate tasting or to the spa, where special offers for couples are available during the holiday period. During this time, the staff will carefully decorate your room with festive decorations, candles and rose petals.

And for lovers of a more active lifestyle, fun beach parties are offered on the occasion of the holiday.