City of Love: Planning Your Dream Paris Vacation Package

Did you just come across a picture of your friend sitting in a beautiful cafe in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background? Did you just see a couple get married in the picturesque location of Paris? Did you just hear about a family tour that your friend's family went to and had the best family bonding time? Are all of these urging you to plan your trip to Paris, as well? You have come to the right place. Nitsa Holidays has also planned similar tour packages for people wishing to go and explore the beauty and the exoticism of Paris and we can guarantee that we can do the same for you.

Paris goes by many names, the city of lights, the city of love, and the happiest city in the entire world. If a place has been crowned with so many amazing titles, it really must be something else, right? You will not have to wonder about these things when you go to this place yourself and see for yourself how all of the praises that you have heard about Paris are completely true. Paris has loads and loads of things to offer for visitors and you can never be able to see all of it even if you have gone on a month-long tour. However, just like any other place, some of these landmarks and monuments are highly recommended to any tourist and we are here to tell you about them. So please let Nitsa Holidays be your tour guide for your next trip to Paris and choose from one of our amazing packages starting from Paris family tour packages from India, Paris group tour packages from India, and Paris family travel packages from India. Now let’s learn a little bit more about Paris and why you will also fall in love with this place after your trip.

Where is Paris

Paris is the capital city of France and it is also the most populous and one of the most popular places in the entire world. Visitors come in large numbers, probably millions every year to see this magnanimous place and experience its offerings.

When should you go to Paris?

There is no month of the year or no time of the day and no second in the hour that will not be right for you to visit Paris. However, we recommend that you go by the weather preference you have and pick the time that is suitable for you. The spring season sees the most number of tourists coming to Paris since it is not as hot or as cool as the other months. The summer seasons can be a little daunting, however, a little umbrella and some sunglasses never fail to save tourists from exploring Paris. The winter seasons can get pretty chilly, dropping down to even 1°C but if you like wearing coats, being cozy with your partner, and devouring a cup of hot chocolate with a song on your Paris trip you should pick the winter seasons.

What is the minimum budget requirement to go to Paris?

Paris is a comparatively pricey location and why shouldn’t it? It has some of the most luxurious and high-end restaurants, accommodations, and shops to offer to visitors and it rightly charges for it. For one person, the budget for a seven-day trip to Paris can be starting from INR 1,00,000/- However, if you have been blessed with a very deep pocket, you can take the budget as high as you wish.

How should you travel around Paris?

Paris has some of the most beautiful gardens and streets and it is highly recommended to walk around and explore these places. For longer distances, you can also choose the trains, the Metro, or taxis to get you around. If you are a fan of riding the bicycle you can rent some and spend a day or two in Paris biking around the iconic locations. 

What should you do and try in Paris?

Sightseeing- 50% of your trip to Paris would be sightseeing. The city boasts a very rich culture, the most beautiful history, the most amazing and happening streets, and some of the most iconic monuments and museums. You should undoubtedly start your sightseeing tour by going to the Eiffel Tower, clicking some amazing photographs and just basking under its beauty. You should also go to the infamous museums of Paris and learn about the past and see some of the most exotic artifacts, structures, and sculptures. One name that will always top the museum list in Paris is the iconic Louvre museum, which even houses the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa. You should also go to the churches and cathedrals of Paris since they boast some of the most divine and ethereal praying places and the Notre Dame will definitely make your jaws drop.

Culture- Paris has birthed some of the most iconic things that we know of today, such as Cinema and cabaret. When you go around the city of Paris, you will see how entangled the French are with their culture and how proudly they represent it. Paris has some of the most amazing museums, it has some wonderful art shows, you can also catch opera performances, go to the infamous Moulin Rouge and go to some music festivals that showcase some lively Jazz and hip-hop music.

Adventure- You should also engage in some activities that will bring you some of the most joyous, happy, and exciting additions to your trip. The first and the most unmissable one is Disneyland where people of all ages and all backgrounds enjoy it equally. You can enjoy wonderful rides and have a very fun day with your childhood buddies that have come straight out of the Disney channel and you can also choose to go on a cruise tour of the city in Sienna where you will not only be shown the iconic landmarks of the city but you will also be presented with the most amazing food in front of you.

Wine tasting- Paris is known all around the world for its fine selection of wines and its scenic vineyards. There are hundreds and hundreds of vineyards that all house the best collection and if you get the chance you must definitely opt for an excursion where you will be taken to one of the most beautiful and scenic villages of Paris, and you can experience an expertly created wine tasting sessions where your senses will open up in ways that you have never thought of.

French cuisine- The French have given the gift of gastronomy to the whole world and cooks and chefs today start their cooking journey by learning about the French techniques and the French style of cooking. France has not only given us some of the most amazing chefs, but it has also been boasting multiple Michelin-starred restaurants, time and again. We can guarantee you that your entire trip to France will include a lot of binging, which will probably start with the freshest bakery items and a cup of coffee and end with the most delicious pastry items in the night.

Shopping- Parisiens are highly stylish people and you can copy and duplicate their styles after a lot of shopping in Paris. Paris has been hosting a lot of fashion events that are famous around the world and it has some of the most luxurious shops and markets where you can find everything that you can dream of. The best part is that all of these clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and souvenirs that you find in Paris are going to be some of the trendiest items and everything will be a bang for your buck.

Nightlife- If you have seen pictures of the Eiffel Tower glimmering in the night, you can only imagine how wonderful the nightlife in Paris is going to be. As the popular saying goes, Parisians are drunk in life and you can witness the same in many of its bars and pubs. These establishments in Paris not only bring you world-famous wine, but they also offer you a wide range of expertly created cocktails and show you some of the most beautiful views of the original skyline. The nights in Paris take a vibrant turn with lively music playing everywhere and people enjoying their hearts out.

Now that we have brought to you some of the best things and experiences you can have in Paris, you can tell us what it is that you would like to explore and see in the country but don’t worry we will keep on guiding you through everything. To ensure that you do not have any problem conversing in Paris, we can also bring you a tour guide who will help you explore and understand everything in Paris. We can assure you that you will be taken to some of the most amazing places that Paris boasts. We will include some of the most unmissable activities in your itinerary and we will help you experience the most magical Paris tour package.