Sri Lanka Escapes: Planning Your Dream Tour Package

One of the most beautiful things about human beings is the ability to dream and work towards making those dreams come true. Everybody has different kinds of dreams. For some people, it is to be a billionaire by the age of 30; for some people, it is to buy a massive villa and for some people, it is to travel the entire world. Quite possibly, traveling the entire world is a common dream that many people have and whilst Nitsa holidays cannot help you achieve all of the dreams completely, it can partially help you to make some of them come true. Don’t believe us? By the end of this blog, you will!

If your wish is to travel the entire world, it is slightly out of reach since it is a very big world that we live in, and visiting every single city and country would be impossible even if you lived for 100 years. However, the most simple way of achieving that dream is to pick out some of the most visited spots in the entire world, and then head to all of them one by one. One country that definitely makes that list is Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, no doubt, is a small country in Asia that is surrounded by beautiful waters but the size of it does not affect the amount of adventures and beautiful landscapes that it holds within itself. There are so many things to do in Sri Lanka, so many sites to see, so many adventures to experience and so much knowledge to learn that you would definitely wish to spend quite a few months of your life there. The lush green nature, the ultramodern capital city of Colombo, the sacred temples, and the finger-licking cuisine are reasons enough for you to start planning your trip to Sri Lanka right away. The first step of making your dreams come true has been achieved by landing on this blog and learning about Sri Lanka. After you are done reading, you should jump onto the next step which is booking your Sri Lanka tour package with Nitsa Holidays. Whether you are visiting with your family, your colleagues, your partner, or your friends, Nitsa Holidays has an amazing range of packages that will suit all of them. No matter what your budget is or what your preferences are, we are capable of customizing and curating the best deals for you. Our packages range from Sri Lanka group tour package, Sri Lanka family tour package, and Sri Lanka couples tour package. Now let’s jump back to the first step of your dream which is learning about Sri Lanka.

How to go to Sri Lanka from India?

Getting a visa to Sri Lanka from India is fairly easy and it is also free a lot of times during the year. There are multiple flight tickets available for you to choose from any part of India and you can also pick to go to Sri Lanka by train or by road a bus or your own car.

What is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a place with the most welcoming and friendly people in the entire world and they will be ready to receive you with open arms any time of the year. However, Sri Lanka is a tropical country and it experiences hot and humid weather and the monsoons can be pretty drastic. We suggest that the months of March to May are the most ideal months for you to visit Sri Lanka.

How to travel around in Sri Lanka?

Due to the high number of tourists visiting Sri Lanka each year, the country has made sure that it has a reliable and reasonable public transportation system. The best way to travel in Sri Lanka is its world-renowned trains but you can also choose to travel by taxis or buses or the famous Tuk Tuk for short distances.

How much budget do you require to go to Sri Lanka?

If by god's grace, you have been given a very deep pocket, this question wouldn’t arise in your mind. However, if you are restricted to a particular budget, you still have nothing to worry about. Sri Lanka has lots of locations, travel options, accommodations, and eateries which are very suitable for those looking for a budget-friendly trip in Sri Lanka. No matter how much money you have in your pocket, you will still be able to see the best of Sri Lanka and come back with the best memories.

What is the food like in Sri Lanka?

The good news for Indians, especially those living in the Southern part of India, the ingredients and produce of Sri Lanka are quite similar to the ones we have in India. The abundantly available spices and the fresh seafood are worth trying when you are in Sri Lanka. The usage of coconut also will bring you some similar flavors that you have in your own country but the most amazing thing to see is how Sri Lanka has used the same ingredients that we do and changed it slightly to offer some finger-licking delights to the eaters. Some of the things that you should not miss in Sri Lanka are the fresh seafood accompanied by string hoppers. There are a lot of cute and quirky cafes, luxury high-end restaurants, and small local eateries that offer you everything from international cuisine to local flavors. So we can safely say that whatever your palate is, you will never regret eating anything in Sri Lanka.

How are the hotels in accommodations in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has some extremely fancy and luxurious hotels and resorts but it also has some amazing and budget-friendly hostels for those wanting to spend minimal money on accommodations. However, all of these accommodations believe in creating a very welcoming environment for the guests much like we do in India.

Where can you go and what can you see in Sri Lanka?

The beaches- This coastal paradise will bring to use some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, all covered in white, silky sands around crystal clear waters and breathtaking palm trees. As wonderful as the sites are around these beaches, they also have some amazing water adventures to offer to the visitors such as scuba-diving, snorkeling, et cetera.

The Hills and Peaks- Some northern parts of Sri Lanka are covered with very picturesque hills and peaks that are as green as you can imagine. You also get amazing views throughout and when you head to the top, you can see some magnificent waterfalls and panoramic sights. 

The train rides- Sri Lankan train rides are not your ordinary train rides. They appear straight out of a fairytale, show you the sight of plantations, mountains, tea gardens, hills, valleys,l waterfalls, etc, and spend one entire day of your trip to Sri Lanka just riding the train and looking at the breathtaking scenery is what dreams are made of.

Exploring the culture and tradition- A lot of Sri Lankans follow Buddhism and there are a lot of iconic spots in the country where you can go and feel the real concept of peace and harmony that Buddhism preaches. One of the most renowned places that you must definitely include in your itinerary for the sacred tooth relic temple of Buddha which is believed to house a real tooth of Lord Buddha.

Adventures you can try in Sri Lanka- Thanks to the landscapes, there is a wide range of thrilling activities and experiences you can get in Sri Lanka. You can try some amazing adrenaline-pumping water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba, diving, and parasailing around the waters. You can also try hiking, camping, and trekking in the hills. One activity that you should not miss if you are in Sri Lanka during the months of March to May is whale spotting. This is not an ordinary experience that you can get anywhere else easily. However, Sri Lanka does flip a magic wand everywhere you go. 

Tea gardens- There are a few places in Sri Lanka where the land is covered in endless tea cultivation. You must definitely visit one of these luscious Green Gardens on your trip to Sri Lanka. Take some of the most picturesque photographs and sip an amazing cup of tea.

City life- Colombo is a fast, modern, and advanced city that is the capital of Sri Lanka. It has a very gorgeous skyline and some of the most amazing architecture anywhere in the world. You can head to Colombo to try out some luxurious shopping and you should also experience the vibrant nightlife of Colombo. If you are a fan of games, you can head to the casinos and have a fun time!

As we told you at the beginning of the blog, we will be able to convince you that we can be your right partner to plan a trip to Sri Lanka and we have hopefully also convinced you that Sri Lanka is a place straight out of a dreamland with so much to see, so much to do and so much to learn. It is a tourist magnet right now so don’t wait any longer. Let Nitsa Holidays plan the most wonderful itinerary for you and take you on this magical journey.