Shirvan National Park: Wildlife Watching with Azerbaijan Tour Packages

The land of fire’s glory shines so bright and is so everlasting that everybody wants to bask under it. Do you know what we are talking about? If not, by the end of this article you will also be one of those people who will be going about boasting and complementing the land of fire. Azerbaijan is a beautiful country located in the continent of Asia. Some years ago Azerbaijan was not as popular as it is today. However, with time and the enhancement of technology, people started finding out more about this hidden gem and today we have come to a point where it is one of the most sought-after locations in the entire world, especially by Indians. Indians are curious people, they love exploring new places, new cultures, new traditions, meeting new people, and traveling to their country. Travelling is not just an activity enjoyed by Indians but it is something that almost every single person in the world looks forward to. In the earliest days of civilization, people traveled for survival, people traveled to discover new things and the meaning of traveling isn’t much different today as well. Be it to take a break from the hectic lifestyle, be it for business, be it for knowledge, be it for food, be it for shopping, everybody travels! Gone are the days when only the overhyped and overpriced places in the world were attractive. There are new players in the market and these players are giving a very tough competition!

Nitsa Holidays is a travel and tour agency that identifies some of the top locations in the world that are the most sought after but we have also included some destinations that we think are worth exploring. We are based out of Delhi and we cater to the Indian mindset and the Indian population. We know exactly what Indian travelers, especially couples, friends, and families look for and we have curated our travel packages accordingly. All of our packages are reasonably priced. They ensure utmost comfort and safety and they take you to the best spots of any location. We not only provide tour packages for locations in India but we also have multiple packages for international locations as well. The best part about booking a tour package with Nitsa Holidays is that the packages are highly customizable and can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. Before we present to you the wide range of tour packages available, Let us learn a little bit more about the destination where we will be taking you, the magical country of Azerbaijan!

The best way to summarize any Azerbaijan tour package is by saying that this country has everything one can think of. From modern cities and gorgeous skylines to historical museums and monuments, from raging nightlife and a party atmosphere to quaint streets and beautiful lanes, from glimpses of Europe to vibes of Asia, from breathtaking beaches and adventurous water sports, two snowy mountains and ski adventures, you will find all of it and more in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is the perfect example of how a country keeps up with the fast-paced technology and enhancement whilst preserving its traditions and glorifying its history. 

Azerbaijan is one of the top locations that Nitsa holidays recommend to Indians and there are a lot of reasons behind it. It is very easy and affordable to reach and travel in Azerbaijan. There are direct flights available to Azerbaijan from India and the visa is also easy to secure. From hotels to dining to adventures to sightseeing, everything is very budget-friendly. The country of Azerbaijan is also one of the safest and cleanest places in the entire world. It is also a family-friendly place where children cannot only learn some beautiful stories, but they can also experience new things, try new foods, and enjoy some adventures. Azerbaijan not only has the basic items in the usual itinerary, but it also has some hidden mysteries and gems that you will not find anywhere else in the world such as the ever-glowing temple of fire, alive mud volcanoes, singing stones, etc. Azerbaijan is the ideal location, especially for Indians and hence Nitsa holidays have created Azerbaijan Tour Packages such as Azerbaijan family tour packages, Azerbaijan group tour packages, and Azerbaijan couples tour packages. We can assure you that no matter which partner you pick for your trip to Azerbaijan, the Nitsa holidays will bring you some adventures and experiences that you will cherish all your life!

It is ideal to spend at least a week in Azerbaijan to capture the best things it has to offer. Ideally, one should plan a week-long trip and your seven-day itinerary will include a visit to the capital city of Baku which will show you some modern marvels and vibrant nightlife. It should also include going to the cities of Nakhchivan, Sheki, Gobala, Quba, and the Caspian coastline. However, there is one specific gem that we will be talking about in this article which we highly recommend everybody touring Azerbaijan to check out which is the Shirvan National Park. Whether you are on a trip with your children, your lover, or your friends, visiting a national park or a wildlife sanctuary is always a good option to not only learn about the wildlife and the landscape of the location but also is a way to connect with nature and forget the noise and hassle of the city. It can be the perfect relaxation for your mind and body and it will undoubtedly calm your soul.

Where is Shirvan National Park?

In the country of Azerbaijan and 90 km south of the capital city of Baku lies the infamous Shirvan National Park.

How to reach Shirvan National Park?

It is extremely easy and quick to reach Shirvan National Park from Baku. You can either choose a taxi or take a bus which will get you to the national park within two hours and will cost you anywhere between INR 2000 to INR. 4000 per person.

What is the best time to visit Shirvan National Park?

Just like you can visit the country of Azerbaijan any time of the year, similarly you can visit Shirvan National Park any time of the year as well. 

Where can you stay and dine near Shirvan National Park?

There are a lot of options for travelers to stay in Shirvan National Park and all of them have amazing facilities and services. They are all priced conveniently and also provide private cabs and tours of the Shirvan National Park. Here is a list of some of the best options.

1-Salyan Hotel

2-Shirvan Hotel and Spa

3-Salyan Olimpik Hotel

4-Kur House

5-Gazelle Guest House 

To take a break from the touring and indulge in some good cuisine, you can head to these spots near the Shirvan National Park.

1-Ceyran Restoran

2-Hacioglu Restoran

3-Restaurant of Sarvan

Why is Shirvan National Park famous? 

Located in the Southeastern part of Azerbaijan is this natural wonder which brings you the most breathtaking views of Azerbaijan’s landscape. This 54,000-hectare area is covered in diverse ecosystems, mesmerizing wetlands, luscious grasslands, and evergreen forests. While exploring this location, you will not only find a wide variety of animals and wildlife but the flora and flora will also amaze you with beautiful flowers. The Majestic Ash and oak trees are also sights to behold.

This majestic land is not only beautiful and attractive in itself, but it also houses some rare wildlife creatures in its vicinity. It gives the rare opportunity to the visitors to see the iconic goitered gazelle which was once on the brink of extinction and the numbers had dropped to hundreds. However, the Azerbaijani government has saved this endangered species and brought up the numbers to almost 7000 to 8000 today!

Birdwatching is an activity that a lot of people enjoy and what better way than to do it in the Shirvan National Park? This place boasts over 250 unique species of birds that migrate to this location, all thanks to the Caspian Sea. The most widely known species found here are the greater sand plover, white-tailed lapwing, greater flamingo, imperial eagle, and many more! 

Unlike any ordinary National Park, here, you also get a chance to explore the vivid landscape and diverse wildlife whilst hiking the adventurous trails. During your adventure, you will come across the most picturesque locations, some jaw-dropping viewpoints, and magical lakes. You can also choose to camp overnight in the park where your mind and body will thank you for escaping the noisy streets in the city coming to the most serene, quiet place, and experiencing the most peaceful sleep one can only dream of.

Just like the rest of the country, even the Shirvan National Park is home to some of the richest stories and cultural heritage. The park includes the ancient city of Shamakhi which was once a trading hub but now you can explore the ruins of the iconic Juma Mosque and the Palace of Shirvanshahs and understand and learn more about the glorious past of Azerbaijan. These stories and sites will take you back in time and let you immerse deep into the Azerbaijani culture. There is no other national Park in the entire world where you will enjoy both natural wonders and cultural heritage at the same time. This is why Nitsa Holidays highly urges you to include Shirvan National Park in your Azerbaijan tour package. This will be an addition to your itinerary that will take your trip to the next level.