Most Popular Places to Visit in United States 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in United States, Top Attractions

The United States of America is the third largest country in the world by area. Within this vast country, there are a number of world-class cities and tourist attractions built by the gut and guile of the numerous immigrants that have landed on its shores. The USA is a fairly young country which has risen to its current powerful stature with help from pioneering people who have contributed to its robust technological and economical prowess. Some of this economical prowess is thanks to the fact that a lot of tourists visit the country to experience the diverse cities and attractions. The people come here to witness the modern marvels and natural beauty of the country. From coastlines to big cities, the United States is made up of so many diverse destinations that it's hard to decide which places deserve the distinction of the best in America. That's why U.S. News considered a variety of factors, such as attractions, accommodations and dining options, as well as votes from thousands of travelers, to determine the best places to visit in the USA. With so much to see in this vast country, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to planning a trip in the United States. World-class cities, some known for history and others known for fun or glamour, give visitors a broad spectrum of places to choose from. The best places to visit in the United States may simply depend on your personal interests. Along the Eastern Seaboard, New York and Washington, D.C. offer two uniquely different city experiences. Along the West Coast, San Francisco and Los Angeles are both hot spots for tourists. In the Southwest, Las Vegas brings the desert to life, and the Grand Canyon shows off one of nature's greatest creations. Beyond the mainland are the beaches of Waikiki and the tropical Hawaiian Islands. These are just a few key locations, but wonderful destinations for any type of traveler can be found all over the country. With a plethora of sightseeing options in the vast country, it is very difficult to know where to start when it comes to planning a vacation in everyone’s favorite, the United States of America. Most popular cities, some famous for fun and glamour and others are known for history, offer tourists a broad spectrum of destinations to choose from. To make it easier for you to plan your trip, we have curated a list of the best places to visit in the USA. Along the east coast of the United States of America, Washington DC and New York offer two entirely different experiences. Along the west coast of the country, Los Angeles and San Francisco are both hot favorites of tourists. In the southwest, the grand city of Las Vegas brings the desert to life, and the Grand Canyon showcases one of the greatest creations of nature. Beyond the mainland, the beaches of the Hawaiian Islands and Waikiki never fail to amaze their visitors. These are just a few of the wonderful destinations this country has to offer. Check out the full list of popular tourist places in America given below. 

#1- The White House
Visited by visitors from across the world, this iconic building is amongst the most popular places to visit in Washington D. C. The official residence of US presidents since 1800, it is a grand and awe-strikingly beautiful 132-room building. The East Wing of the building is its major attraction and can be visited only through a self-guided tour that must be approved by your member of Congress. Make your tour request beforehand as spaces are limited and allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

#2- Disneyland Park
If you are accompanied by kids on your trip to Los Angeles, then visiting Disneyland Park is one of the best things that you can do together. Regarded as the happiest place on the planet, the park offers a classic range of attractions such as Alice in Wonderland, The Disney gallery and more. Your kids will have a chance to meet the all-loving characters from the Disney family and you can even take them to various eateries in the park where they can enjoy.

#3- Hollywood Sign
You might have come across the famous Hollywood sign in many movies on screen, which is an exotic location for filming. When visiting Los Angeles, you can drive up to the Canyon Drive trailhead. Hiking is a popular adventure activity for those who visit the sign but you cannot really get close to the sign, which is guarded at all times. Although you can get a view of the sign from far off locations nearby, it can be quite tempting to actually hike to get a close view of the sign.

#4- Palm Beach
The Palm Beach is the northern most part of the northern beaches. It's mesmerizing sands and shining blue water is perfect for swimming, chilling and surfing. Palm Beach has been divided into two, with the north offering perfect surfing conditions while the south offers a more protected swimming environment. The beach has an extravagant 35 meter ocean pool for toddlers and amateur swimmers. There are popular eateries like Jonah's, Dunes restaurant and The boathouse. Palm Beach also has a golf course nearby for golf aficionados.

#5- Madame Tussauds Hollywood
Touted as the World’s greatest wax museum in existence, it is one of the most popular places to see in Los Angeles. Designed on 3 floors, take all the celebrity fun that you can, including some very famous personalities such as Marilyn Monroe. Also available is a fun adventure in 4D with the superheroes from the Marvel series. This is a complete package of fun and exciting adventure for you and your family. Getting clicked with A list stars, Pop icons and marvel heroes is a must when you visit the museum.

#6- Universal Studios Hollywood
Rated to be among the best places to visit in Los Angeles, the Universal Studios Hollywood is the place where you can enjoy a host of rides, attractions, and special effect shows. There is something for everyone at the studios. From movie buffs to thrill seekers, everyone will find a ride to match their taste over here. Plus, there are many eateries that offer delectable meals featuring a host of local and international cuisines.

#7- Boston
Situated in New York’s Erie County, on Massachusetts Bay, Boston is one of USA’s oldest municipalities in the northeastern part of the country.  Today, it is a thriving center of higher education and scientific research and is therefore home to many universities and colleges. Boston is a ravishing sight during autumn and spring with fall foliage and flowering trees. The city is brimming with natural beauty as there are stunning outdoor spaces. Do check out the lovely parks in the Emerald Necklace where you can ride the Swan Boast during summer and spring. This city offers beauty through its rushing rivers, grand hills, forested hiking trails, lapping ocean, and historic islands. One of the leading tourist attractions in USA and historical vacation destinations has to be Boston. To learn about Boston’s history in the most affordable manner, you can come down to the Freedom Trail and follow the brick-laid path to witness the landmarks of Boston common and Paul Revere House. For the art enthusiasts, Boston has the Museum of Fine Arts where you can discover the fashion sense and artsy side of the city.

#8- Chicago
To take a break from the city clamor you can soak in the natural beauty of Chicago that lies in its green parks. Nature abounds the city just about every place you go. Whether you are in the suburbs or someplace else the place has many natural oases that add to its beauty. To experience the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of Chicago, you must come to the nature preserves and prairies overlooking Lake Michigan. You can have a walk through the Millenium Park in downtown Chicago to marvel at the 110-ton stainless steel masterpiece called the Cloud Gate, or stroll around the historic carousel and Ferris Wheel in Navy Pier Park. For the history aficionados, there is the Field Museum of Natural History that displays 20 million specimens and artifacts. Chicago is one of the most attractive places to visit in USA because of Michigan Avenue that houses numerous luxury shops, boutiques and galleries where you can engage in a whole lot of things. Chicago offers more thrill than chill in terms of fun activities. To explore the city from a unique vantage point you can kayak along the riverwalk of Chicago. Those that would like to test their skills at climbing can scale the structures at the Maggie Daley Park to witness the spectacular skyline of Chicago.

#9- Washington D.C.
George Washington commissioned Pierre-Charles L'Enfant to formulate the planning of the city. Even till date, you can clearly see the L'Enfant's layout of a street grid which is finely converged by the broad avenues of the city. The most vital of these avenues is the Pennsylvania Avenue that connects the two landmark buildings of the USA - impressive domed Capitol Building and the White House. Maintaining Charles vision of having a spacious and open city stretches the wide and huge National Mall with its monuments and museums. The vision is further enhanced by the height limitation on the buildings so as to ensure that there is skyline bereft of the sky scrappers. National symbols of Washington DC are clearly the most interesting places to see. They are very well accessible to visitors along with the abundant of other tourist attractions including the world class monuments and museums that can be found in the city. Definitely one of the best planned and clearly one of the most beautiful, Washington DC is one city that you really must visit.

#10- Orlando
Orlando is located in the Central Florida region of the United States. The city seat of Orange County and the centre of the Greater Orlando metropolitan area. With a population of over 2 million, is the largest city in Central Florida and the sixth-largest in Florida. It is home to some of the most iconic theme parks and attractions, and its natural landscape is simply breathtaking. No matter what time of year you visit, the city always has something in store for your entertainment and fun. Orlando is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions around the globe, including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando. These theme parks are known for their rides, shows, and characters that bring visitors of all ages back year after year. The city has many other activities, such as visiting the Kennedy Space Center, going to the beach, or exploring the many different restaurants and shops.

#11- California
California is located in the Northern Antelope Valley in Kern County, USA.  It is the third largest US state in terms of area and is also the most populous. There is something for every tripper in the USA's golden state- history, beauty, adventure, and fun. Keeping aside the sun-kissed pristine beaches, the landscape of California is quite distinct. You will never get tired of the mesmerizing Mojave desert, lakes, beautiful valleys and the mighty Sierra Nevada mountains here. There is raw natural beauty oozing out in the state as it is replete with redwood forests, and picturesque vineyards. It is one of the fun places to visit in USA as adults and kids alike will never get tired of frolicking in theme parks here. Film buffs will feel connected to California as they take a tour of the film and television locations. You can drive on the Pacific Coast Highway here if you are a passionate car enthusiast. You will also get to be a part of a happening party at some of the best clubs here. You will find the most gorgeous wildlife and nature habitats in the Sequoia National Park, Redwood and Yosemite National Parks.

#12- San Francisco
The United States of America is a very diverse country and the same can be said about San Francisco. People here are very different from each, but one thing which is common to everyone here is art. The people of San Francisco love their art and they are very artistic. There are so many museums present in the city and it always stays crowded. The Legion of Honor is one of the most renowned museums here. Not only does the place display some incredible art, it also represents the monumental beauty San Francisco stores. One can also visit the numerous theatres here and enjoy the live performances of people. The Golden Gate Bridge is not only the pride of San Francisco but it is also the pride of the United States of America. It is the longest bridge in the world which is not supported by any pillar. It is an architectural marvel and something like cannot be found anywhere in the world. One can also do number of activities in San Francisco. It offers various water activities in the country. The activities which one can perform here are river rafting, kayaking, speedboat riding, trekking, etc. The suburban area of the city has some really beautiful and lush green lands.

#13- Hawaii 
Hawaii is a picturesque volcanic island and a state in U.S that is popular for its scenic landscapes, beaches with golden, red, and black sands. There are many popular beaches on this island. Honolulu is the capital and this state is popular for its natural beauty. This is an island that has fresh and floral air. You can enjoy sunbathing at the beaches, relax under the sun umbrella sipping tropical drinks and get a glimpse of the local culture of this place. There are ocean activities, cuisine, sports, and romantic getaways that these islands are known for.

#14- Hilo
The flipside of Kohala Coast in Hilo is blessed abundantly by Mother Nature with scenic waterfalls, densely wooded rainforests, and lush gardens making it a perfect weekend getaway in Hawaii. The expansive Liliuokalani Gardens sprawls over 30 acres and has beautiful ponds, pagodas, and rock gardens within it. The Wailuku River State Park which houses Rainbow Falls and Peepee Falls is a no-miss attraction. Visit Panaewa Rainforest Zoo to spot much exotic flora and fauna. To go on a cultural tour, visit the museums and galleries in Downtown Hilo. The annual Merrie Monarch Festival that happens every year after Easter is a week-long celebration that draws tourists and locals alike.

#15- Las Vegas
Located in the Mojave Desert in the south corner of Nevada, Las Vegas is the 25th most populous city of the United States of America. The city is located close to the borders of Arizona and California and serves as the commercial, financial and cultural center of Nevada. The most beautiful place to visit in Nevada, Las Vegas, is an epitome of appealing quaint mountain towns, stunning fall foliage and gorgeous desert landscapes. The city is filled with lush wetlands and some of the most magnificent rock formations in the world. An internationally famous major resort city, Las Vegas has a lot of attractions to serve to its visitors. The most famous attractions in the city include Fremont Street, The Mob Museum, High Roller and others. You get to do almost all the adventurous sports, and experience the thrill all over, then be it, kayaking, rafting, paragliding or skydiving. The things to do may also include activities such as, sightseeing, watch shows gamble, riding the ferris wheel or the great canyon skywalk among others.

#16- Nevada
Nevada is not just a giant cactus and sand bowl as most tourists perceive it to be. In fact, the natural wonders that include soaring forests, beautiful parks, and stunning lakes. There are incredible rock formations floating on Lake Pyramid. The Jarbidge Wilderness for instance, is replete with blooming flowers and the beautiful National Park of Great Basin that is home to the ancient bristlecone pines. It is one of the charming places to visit in USA because of the recreation areas and national parks it houses. All these areas present outstanding terrain for fishing, horseback riding, climbing, biking and hiking. This mountainous state offers spectacular sights like the Great Basin National Park and something as contrasting as the sin city of Las Vegas, where you make the most of roulette tables and slots. Day trips and outdoor activities in Nevada mean moon-walking at Lunar Crater, caving underneath the Great Basin in Lehman Caves, tubing down the Truckee River, or snow skiing on Mount Charleston.

#17- New York City
New York is often called the jewel in the USA's crown because the megacity is packed with iconic buildings, areas and places. The beauty of New York is the people that reside in it. Just like a best friend, this epic love city takes all your pains away. There is history in the form of architecture, and it is the iconic structures of New York Public Library and Grand Central Terminal that reflect it. For those that crave natural beauty there are peaceful parks like Carl Schurz Park and Central Park that offer you a tranquil break from the city’s hustle bustle and green space galore. This cosmopolitan town is one of the principal tourist attractions in USA. It attracts loyal tripping audiences from all around the globe because of the impeccable landmarks it houses. These include the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, and the stunning Rockefeller Center for its nouveau murals, besides the notable landmarks of Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Throbbing with glittering billboards, and flashing neon lights, Times Square is the most blinding entertainment district where you can shop for souvenirs and catch Broadway performances. If you are a history aficionado, then you can visit some of the most distinguished art galleries and museums here, as well.

#18- Alaska
Alaska is one of the breathtaking places to visit in USA for its  boundless wilderness of feral terrain. The beauty of this place lies in its frozen tundras, and the resplendent natural surroundings of Denali region. Alaska is a paradise for the outdoor lover as it fills your heart with natural scenery that includes streams, freshwater lakes, fjords and glaciers. The area abounds in ocean scenery, breathtaking vistas, the auroras and natural wonders. You can come here to witness the Northern Lights of the Arctic Circle, or fly over the rainforest of Alaska observing the black bears. This USA state spills over with panoramic sights that include the highest peak of North America, Denali, and the glacier ice’s crystalline blue. In the Alaskan Range’s northern part, the key attraction that you must not miss is the Denali National Park that houses energetic huskies, elks, reindeers, and grizzly bears. To witness mind boggling ice scenes and ice-carvings made from 1000 tons of ice, you can come to the Aurora Ice Museum. for those that cannot get over ice can head to the piercing-blue paradise of Mendenhall Ice Caves, under the Mendenhall Glacier. The interior of Alaska provides the ideal backdrop for adventure all the year round.  You can indulge in alpine Ice-skiing, in the Eklutna Lake; besides river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing in Fairbanks.  This region of extremes swings between demanding winters and warm summers. Thus, Alaska faces the coldest summers, the coldest winters, most freezing days and moderate sunshine.

#19- Miami
Major attractive destinations of this marvel include the brilliant beaches of Miami as well as the architecture of Miami's beach called Art Deco. Another attraction of Miami gathering thousands of tourists each year is the National Park named the Everglades. This National Park accommodated a wide variety of unique flora, fauna as well as ecosystem, and wildlife. Tourists while staying in Miami enjoy their days on the sandy beaches in sun's glory and the nights are spent partying. Whether you are out for your honeymoon or with your gang of friends or even if it's a family holiday, Miami is just perfect for all. While you can indulge in water activities such as boat rides you can also head out for sightseeing tours and explore the interesting history of this tourist attraction. The boat tours of Miami, on the other hand, is an impeccable way to explore the city. While opting for tours of Miami you get an opportunity to explore Little Havana, Art Deco, South Beach, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Brickell as well as Calle Ocho. A relaxed boat tour across the popular Biscayne Bay imparts you a heavenly experience. Viewing the skyline of this adorable destination as well as Miami's bonus additions for the tourists.