Most Popular Places to Visit in Trinidad and Tobago, 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Trinidad and Tobago, Top Attractions

On Trinidad, the oil and gas industry are a big part of local life, with sightseeing tours revealing mangrove swamps sitting beside smokestacks. In the capital, Port of Spain, highlights include the House of Parliament (Red House), the Magnificent Seven (a string of impressive colonial houses), Queen's Park Savannah, Maracas Bay, and the Royal Botanical Gardens. The southern end of Trinidad is home to Pitch Lake, which draws travelers with its title of world's largest natural asphalt deposit, while Chaguaramas Boardwalk is also worth a visit for walking, cycling, and swimming. Trinidad is a bastion of untouched Caribbean landscape, ringed with white-sand beaches and dotted with coconut palms. From Scarborough, island landmarks such as Pigeon Peak and Fort King George are easy to access on day trips, while both islands offer plentiful opportunities for birdwatching, with the Asa Wright Nature Centre and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary being top choices for naturalists. And of course, there is the water—sail, swim, dive, and snorkel. Buccoo Reef is a favorite for getting to know the islands' underwater life via glass-bottom boat or through your own snorkel mask.

#1- Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust
The middle of an oil refinery may seem an odd place to visit a nature sanctuary, but this is one of the best bird-watching spots in Trinidad. Surrounded by lush tropical foliage, the 30-hectare sanctuary encompasses an interpretive center and nature trails along lily-topped lakes, where you can spot species such as the scarlet ibis, black-bellied whistling duck, and white-cheeked pintail.

#2- Mount St. Benedict Monastery
Rising above the Northern Range Hills over Tunapuna, the red-roofed church tower of Mount St. Benedict Monastery is one of the most striking landmarks east of Port of Spain. Benedictine monks established this community in 1912, and the monastery is the largest and oldest in the Caribbean. Founded on the principles of self-sufficiency and hospitality to strangers, the monastery complex encompasses religious buildings, a farm, a rehabilitation center, and guesthouse.

#3- Little Tobago Island
On the east end of Tobago, across from Speyside, Little Tobago Island is one of the most important sea-bird sanctuaries in the Caribbean. The island is uninhabited, and several kilometers of trails weave through the lush foliage. Look seaward from the hilltops for the most spectacular views, and you can see red-footed boobies, red-billed tropicbirds, and frigate birds swoop in large flocks. More than 50 species of birds live on the island, including Audubon's shearwater and laughing gulls.

#4- Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Trinidad
Caroni Bird Sanctuary (Caroni Swamp), just south of Port of Spain, is a nirvana for nature lovers. This series of mangrove-lined waterways is the nesting place of the scarlet ibis, the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago. Afternoon boat tours cruise the estuaries in search of these spectacular flame-colored birds. Sign up for a cruise just before sunset, and you can capture beautiful photos of the birds as they descend on the trees in large flocks to roost for the evening. It makes a great photo op.

#5- Englishman's Bay, Tobago
For a quintessential slice of coastal beauty in Tobago, pack a picnic and head to Englishman's Bay. This secluded beach lies about 1.5 kilometers from Castara along a twisty narrow road, and it's worth the journey. Kicking back on these dazzling shores is one of the top things to do in Tobago. Jungle-cloaked hills, peppered with palms, tumble down to this gorgeous crescent of golden sand and jade-green sea — if you're looking for the perfect postcard shot to make all your friends at home jealous, this is the place to bring your camera. The tucked-away location of this picturesque slice of coast makes it one of the most romantic places in Trinidad & Tobago. You can swim and snorkel in the clear sea, and if you want to make your beach basking more comfortable, you can rent chairs and umbrellas from the little café in the car park.

#6- Fort King George & the Tobago Museum
Built in the 1780s overlooking Scarborough Bay, Fort King George is one of the top historical tourist attractions in Tobago and the most well-preserved fort on the island. It offers beautiful views over town and the coast, and is a lovely spot to wander around, with lush lawns, magnificent old trees, and beautiful plantings. Still surviving are remnants of the original brick and stone walls, an early prison, the officers' mess, several cannons, and a lighthouse.

#7- Argyle Falls, Tobago
Argyle Falls is the highest waterfall in Tobago. Dropping 54 meters, this resplendent cascade is both beautiful and relaxing. Named after the Argyle River, the falls end in deep pools of water that are crisp and clear. Depending on how quickly you walk, it could take 20 minutes or longer to wander this trail through the rainforest. Along the way, walkers will encounter some of the area's most beautiful flora and fauna, including kingfishers and butterflies.

#8- Nylon Pool, Tobago
As mentioned earlier, the unique Nylon Pool lies just off Pigeon Point and provides an unforgettable swimming experience. It is set in the sea and features waist-high water so crystalline that visitors can see straight to the soft, white coral base. This natural pool is one of the best places to visit in Tobago for its relaxing locale and optimal swimming conditions. It is easily reached by boat from Pigeon Point and Store Bay. Nylon Pool is perfect for families, as the water is clear, warm, and shallow. Everyone will love the feeling of being able to stand in the middle of an ocean, and kids will love the glass bottom boat expedition.

#9- Pigeon Point
Also known as the Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Pigeon Point is one of the most popular stretches of coast on Tobago. White coral-sand rims the aqua waters here, and you'll find a range of different water sports, including stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling.

#10- Maracas Bay
Fringed by coconut palms, Maracas Bay is one of Trinidad's most famous beaches. From Port of Spain, the scenic 40-minute drive through mountainous rainforest provides breathtaking views of lush peninsulas jutting into the sea. The beach itself is one of the most beautiful beaches close to the city. A deep blue bay laps this idyllic crescent of golden sand, and lushly-cloaked hillsides rise at its edges. You can rent umbrellas and chairs to make your beach time more comfortable, and food trucks and vendors provide tasty snacks along the beach, including Richard's Bake & Shark, a local favorite. Showers are also available.

#11- Main Ridge Forest Reserve
Rich in biodiversity, the Main Ridge Forest Reserve is purportedly the oldest legally protected forest in the Western Hemisphere. The reserve harbors more than half the island's bird species, including the blue-backed manakin, collared trogon, and many species of hummingbirds - the rare white-tailed sabrewing hummingbird is also a resident here. Hiking through the lush foliage, you can also spot frogs, lizards, snakes, and butterflies. The road through the reserve from north to south, near the eastern end of Tobago, is one of the more scenic ways to see the forest.

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