Most Popular Places to Visit in Spain, 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Spain, Top Attractions

Most people will think of Spain as a holiday destination and many people will limit their visits to just a few cities. The fact is, this treasure trove of a country located in the Iberian Peninsula has cities and landscapes to satisfy every type of traveller. From the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean, and from there to the Atlantic, Spain is more diverse than stereotypes would have you believe. Paella and bullfighting may be Spanish, but neither defines this Iberian country. You’ll get to witness a wide range of culture in Spain – more than you’d expect. Discover Catalan culture in Barcelona, complete with dreamlike buildings thanks to Antoni Gaud. Try out pintxos – the Basque take on tapas – in the northwest, and see the mark left by Moorish architecture in Andalusia in the south. Dotted with age-old charms and modern marvels, the places to visit in Spain offer tourists a dream holiday vacation. You will come across various UNESCO world heritage sites as well as well-manicured gardens that not only give you knowledge about the past heritage but give you a peaceful vibe in the lap of nature. Spain tourist places like Park Guell are widely held for its grand architecture and mosaic works, Ibiza which offers you a secluded environment to spend your private moments and Costa Brava which welcomes tourists to its art museums and theatres. You can visit places in Spain like  The Canary Islands to indulge in the Thai aquatic paradise and Costa Del Sol Beach to enjoy golf at Golf Valley near the coastline. Famous places in Spain like the Magic Fountain is popular for its water show that is choreographed as per the tunes of the music and Museo Nacional Del Prado which is known for its masterpieces for Velázquez, Rembrandt,  Bosch, Titian, Goya, El Greco, and Van Dyck. Make sure you cover all the significant places on your trip to Spain and take some priced memories with you.

#1- Costa de la Luz Beaches
The Costa del la Luz ( Coast of Light ) is the southernmost coastline of mainland Spain and can proudly boast of having some of the best beaches in Spain. The beaches along the Costa de la Luz are blessed with high-quality sand and clean Atlantic waters. The coast runs from Tarifa ( windsurfers paradise ) in the east to the Taguas estuary bordering Portugal in the west.

#2- Bodega Visits Jerez de la Frontera
Jerez de la Frontera is a charming historic city located in the heart of Andalucia nestled between the great cities of Seville,Cadiz and Huelva. It is famously the home of Sherry, there are no less than nine major sherry bodegas in Jerez, most of them open to visitors. Wine tasting is popular in Jerez and a number of bodegas offer the perfect chance to explore the history of wine-making, its production and most importantly, the chance to try a selection of sherry from the very place it originated in.

#3- Girona Old Town
Girona is a beautiful ancient town located about one hour's drive north of  Barcelona. Sadly it is another charming Spanish city that is often overlooked by holidaymakers and passing travelers flying into the local airport on their way to the nearby popular beach resorts of Lloret de Mar  or Calella. The beautiful walled city features the River Onyar running through its core, with picturesque, multi-coloured hanging houses which virtually touch the water below.  Girona is a homely medieval city of medium size (just perfect!). It is clean, vibrant, charming and cosmopolitan, and a real escape from the bustling Costas.

#4- Logrono Old Town 
Logrono is located in northern Spain and is the capital of the famous winemaking region of La Rioja. Take a walk around the old town and you will be transported back in time. Its sad that so many visitors to Spain overlook such gems as Logrono, pronounced  Lo-Gron-Yo. The old town is a paradise for lovers of that great staple, tapas. There are well over 50 tapas bars within a small area, no wonder this was one of Hemingway's favourite eating haunts.

#5- Palma Cathedral
If you plan to holiday on the Island of Mallorca then you should take the time to visit this impressive cathedral located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital. The construction of Palma Majorca Cathedral, often called La Seu, began in the 13th century. It’s Levantine Gothic-style boasts one of the largest rose windows in the world, known as “the Gothic eye”, the nave is also one of the highest in Europe.

#6- Plaza Mayor Salamanca
Salamanca is located around a 90-minute drive northwest of Madrid and is home to the Plaza Mayor, one of the largest public squares in Spain. This famous plaza is used as a meeting point,  market place and even a bullfighting arena in the past. The Plaza Mayor is an awe-inspiring site surrounded by ornate columned archways. The impressive offices of the town hall is also located within the square and has two stories of balconies above the archways below.

#7- Sierra Nevada Granada
The Sierra Nevada mountain range is home to one of the most popular ski and winter resorts in Spain and the only one based in Andalucia southern Spain. The Sierra Nevada nestles high in the Pentibetico mountain range some 32 kilometers from the charming and historic city of Granada. If you are thinking of skiing in the Sierra Nevada you won't be disappointed as the resort offers great facilities for all winter sports enthusiasts and provides a good selection of ski lifts and quality slopes for all levels of skiers. It also has an excellent cross-country track.

#8- The Camino de Santiago
The Camino de Santiago is really a collection of old pilgrimage routes, all of which have one thing in common, their destination, Santiago de Compostela. This unique pilgrimage was named after the Apostle Saint James who was sent by the Romans, in those days to “Finis Terrae”, “end of the world”, to preach and convert people to Christianity. The way of Saint James has been an important Christian pilgrimage route since medieval times being in use for over 1000 years.

#9- Historic Seville
Seville is located in southern Spain and is the capital city of the autonomous region of Andalucia. Here you will find everything that is great about this charming region of Spain, its authentic culture, stunning historic sites, great food as well as boasting friendly fun-loving residents. “Seville,” wrote Byron, “is a pleasant city, famous for oranges and women.”  Whilst this is very true, it's just the tip of the iceberg as Seville has become one of the most visited cities in Spain due to its rich history, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and its enviable location around the River Guadalquivir.

#10- The April Fair Seville
The Seville Fair starts officially on Monday with the Dining of Fish ( “La Cena del Pescaito”), and the parade in which the city mayor is present to switch on the lights around midnight. This act is usually accompanied by a spectacular firework display that booms out across the city announcing that the fair is officially underway. Apart from the fun, shows, drinking, partying and general merriment, the Seville fair has become a true celebration of flamenco dancing and traditional folk singing.

#11- The Jerez Horse Fair Andalucia
The Jerez Horse Fair (Feria de Caballo)  is traditionally held during the first week in May and is a must-visit even if you are not a lover of finely-tuned thoroughbred Andalusian stallions. This colorful festival is mainly located around the  Gonzalo Hontoria Fairgrounds, an area which is well over  50.000 square meters in size, although during the week-long festivities special events are held all around the city.

#12- Explore San Sebastian
San Sebastian is one of Spain’s most attractive, charming and sophisticated resorts in Spain. Located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay, in northern Spain, it is surrounded by green hills, bays, rivers and mountains. The picturesque beach area ( La Concha ) attracts visitors from all walks of life on a global scale.

#13- Visit Spain’s Top Theme Parks
Spain has more than its fair share of theme parks scattered around the country which are perfect places to enjoy lots of family fun. The pick of the best includes the Terra Mitica Theme Park near Benidorm,  Port Ventura in Barcelona,  Warner Park in Madrid and the  Isla Magica Park in Seville.

#14- Running with the Bulls Pamplona
If you are looking to be part of one of Spain’s most popular high octane fuelled fiestas, the San Fermines Running with the Bulls festival is for you. Each year during the San Fermines fiestas many thousands or visitors flock to Pamplona to participate in running alongside 12 tons of running bulls ( Toros Bravos ) which are set free at 8 am each morning to run a prepared route around the city of Pamplona.

#15- Alcazar of Segovia
The Alcazar of Segovia is one of the most distinctive castles in Spain due to its unique shape and a number of fairy-tale turrets. Used as a ” Royal Residence” it was built around the 12th century by the Berber dynasty, originally built as a fortress it was later turned into a palace and military academy. Visitors enjoy exploring many areas of the castle come palace including the throne room, the John II tower and outer walls.

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