Most Popular Places to Visit in Nigeria, 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Nigeria, Top Attractions

There’s no question about it Nigeria is huge. And just as the naysayers say size does n’t matter, you realise that in West Africa, where just a couple of  long hauls adds another fascinating  ethnical group, or that  trip over the Obudu Plateau makes the difference between Guinean  champaign meadows and green tropical rainforest, it really, really does! The point is that Nigeria is a country of  numerous colors and creeds. Nigeria is where you can travel to observe the original  life in its most raw and authentic form. From the Victoria Island in Lagos to the presidential complex in Abuja, and  auditoriums  in Ibadan, there are  innumerous  gests  you can immerse yourself in, along with authentic cookeries that will uncover a whole new world of flavors. Taking into account thepre-colonial  period history places unheard about in  utmost  trip attendants, and current UNESCO Heritage  spots, we've curated a list of the stylish places to visit in Nigeria to help you plan the most  pleasurable diary possible. Ranging from lush natural  premises  to fantastic  spangling  strands, the  sightseer places in Nigeria promise to make your  holiday then the most  passing one. Whether you ’re a  nut of nature or a history buff looking to explore the culture and  history of the country, you can  noway  run out of  effects to do or places to see then. Those keen on exploring the natural wealth of Nigeria, can head over to the Nigeria  notorious places  similar as the Kainji National Park, the Ganashakti- Ganpati National Park or the Yankari Game Reserve. bulging with endless  various  catcalls and an array of native  creatures, the  public  premises  and wildlife sanctuaries in Nigeria offers an ideal  sapience into the natural lifehere.However,  still, you must  surely make it a point to visit the Coconut Beach, If you ’re one for the  sand.  

1- Uyo  

The capital  megacity of the Akwa Ibom state, Uyo lies in the south eastern region of Nigeria. Lying between Oron and Ikot Ekpene, the  megacity acts as an important trading  mecca and collecting station for original products. The beauty of Uyo derives largely from its open  premises  and antique little  townlets. With open blue skies melting into its rustic skyline, the  megacity offers a perfect  flight for those looking for a little peace and quiet. While in Uyo, don't miss out on the  occasion to explore the humble Discovery Park then. With its natural setting and picnics spaces, the Park beckons all for its quiet charm. Another fantastic place to visit then's the Uyo Christmas  vill, a lovely little  vill known for its Museum and its beaneries.  

2- Benin  

Benin City is the largest  megacity and capital of the Edo state in Nigeria. Now an artificial capital, the  megacity was  formerly home to the Kingdom of Benin which flourished between the 13th and the 19th century. One of the oldest  metropolises in Nigeria, Benin boasts of a primitive,  pastoral beauty that's unfound anywhere differently. With its  various carnivals and world  notorious art, the vibrant beauty of Benin City must be witnessed firsthand. One of the stylish ways to explore this marvelous beauty of Benin is to visit the Royal Palace of Oba Benin Then. One of the UNESCO World Heritage spots, this royal  hearthstone is considered an architectural wonder. Another place of artistic significance then's the Benin City National Museum, home to some of Africa’s finest citation and terracotta artefacts. The  megacity is also home to the fantastic Okomu National Park, with its  defended  creatures and  catcalls.  

3- Lagos  

Priding in its status as the largest  megacity in all of Africa, Lagos offers a perfect  mix of tradition and fustiness. Lagos sprawls inward from the Gulf and Guinea and stretches onwards across the Lagos Lagoon. The  megacity had  originally  surfaced as a home for the  quondam Yoruba  lines of West Africa, and was  latterly developed into a  harborage  megacity settled across multiple  islets. With its  immature, cherry vibe, the  megacity of Lagos is celebrated both for its high- end culture and fantastic plages. Dramatic sandstone  escarpments  protruding into fantastically turquoise waters borders the  megacity on one end, while the metropolitan  promenades and high- rise  structures scatter the skyline on the other. One of the stylish ways to explore the beauty of Lagos is to  travel the fantastic  strands then. The  megacity is home to two of Africa’s most beautiful  strands- the Praia do Camilo and the Meia Praia, known for their ravishing white beach and clear waters. Another prominent marine  magnet then's the Ponta de Piedade, a series of limestone  grottoes  and  caverns located just off Lagos Bay.  

4- Port Harcourt  

Balancing  ultramodern  megacity life on one side and the seacoast on the other, the  megacity offers the perfect  mix of fustiness and nature. The cool waters along its white beach  strands makes the  megacity an ideal  flight for  sand  suckers, while its  promenades and shopping forecourts are perfect for those asking  to escape into a busycityscape.However, do make it a point to visit the Tourist Beach in Port Harcourt, If you ’re one for the  sand. piecemeal from the water then being ideal for a quick dip, the  sand is also home to a number of conditioning  similar as  steed riding or beachsports. For a more traditional visit, you could also take a trip to the Port Harcourt Cultural centre, which preserves and displays  agedness and artefacts of artistic value. You may also choose to extend this visit with a trip to the Rivers State Museum.  

5- Abuja  

Full to the brim with open  premises  and natural outcrops, the beauty of Abuja must be witnessed to be believed. piecemeal from its resplendent natural splendor, the  city’s skyline boasts of multiple high- rises that rise up to kiss the sky. Whether you ’re a history buff or a  nut of nature, you can  noway  run out of places to visit in Abuja. The Abuja National Mosque, with its spellbinding beauty, and the National Christian Centre with its architectural  faculty, are among the top  lodestones  in the  megacity. The  fascinating Jabi Lake is another popular  sightseer spothere.However, a visit to the Guara  falls should also be on your list, If you find repose in nature. One of the stylish ways to explore Abuja is to go  gemstone climbing at the Aso Rock, the massive megalith that flanks Abuja. The adventure sport is well- suited by  newcomers, and can be  tried byall.However,  still, you could always spend your time at the several open  requests then, If you ’re not keen on adventure. The  megacity is also known for its  road food culture, which is an absolute-  must-have-  pass then.  

6- Owerri  

Set in the heart of Igboland is Owerri, the capital  megacity of the Imo State in Nigeria. It's the largest  megacity in the state, and is home to the thriving Igbo  lines of Western Africa. adjoined by two gutters, Otamiri and Nworie, on either side, the natural beauty of Owerri is  relatively amazing. From the massive Oguta Lake to the  extensive colonies then, nature seems to have bestowed its stylish gifts to this  megacity. One of the stylish ways to explore the natural beauty of Owerri is to visit the Oguta Lake. The largest lake in Nigeria  piecemeal from Chad, the clear waters of the Oguta are ideal for fishing and swimming. Another prominent  magnet then's the Nekede Zoo, with its plethora of  creatures and  catcalls. Those with an interest in original culture can also pay a visit to the Mbari Cultural and Art Centre. While in Owerri, don't miss out on taking a  stint of the Imo Plantation complex, where you can witness the crop of  win  oil painting at close hand. The Freedom Square in the heart of the  megacity is a perfect destination for all shopping  suckers coming then.  

7- Agbokim falls  

still, and the Agbokim falls are one of the  numerous places in Nigeria that offer a thrilling experience, If your soul  solicitations adventure  also Nigeria is the perfect place for you. The cascade is located just ten kilometers from Cameroon. The cascade finds its way through lush tropical rainforests, which adds to the Jeremiah air of it. Seven aqueducts  meet into cohesion to form the gushing sluice of the cascade, and viewing the sight in its mesmerizing air is  surely an experience you would n’t want to miss out on. In keeping with the aqueducts, the cascade is aptly known as one of the seven  prodigies of Nigeria, and is a popular  point for excursions, picnics and other  out-of-door  conditioning  

8- Okomu National Park  

Located within the Okomu Forest Reserve, the Okomu National Park is a wildlife sanctuary in the Edo state of Nigeria. The  lowest of Nigeria’s seven  public  premises , Okomu prides in its antique beauty. The demesne encompasses the thick natural rainforests of West Africa that are now abating, and is home to several exposed  mammoths and monkeys.  

9- Cross River National Park  

Home to one of Nigeria’s oldest rainforests, the Cross River National Park is a sight to behold. One of the most important biotic reserves in the world, this National Park is one of the 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world. The array of  creatures and  catcalls  defended in the demesne include  mammoths, buffaloes, monkeys and about 950 species of butterflies. The demesne conducts several safaris, allowing excursionists to enjoy its natural wealth to the fullest extent.  

10- Kwa Falls  

The Kwa Falls are also locally known as the Kwa Falls and Rapids, and constitute one of the most thrilling  gests  in the heart of Nigeria. The falls and rapids, as  utmost Nigerian aqueducts, flow through  thick rainforests of lush  verdure and foliage and fauna. Amongst  sightseer places in Nigeria, this is especially reputed for having famously served as the natural background for the Miss World photoshoot in 2002. Callers will  surely find themselves immersed in the tremendous natural beauty that the chute  offer, which encourage a plethora of  out-of-door  conditioning  similar as fishing. Kayaking and hiking in the trails are also accepted under expert supervision