Most Popular Places to Visit in Netherlands Antilles, 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Netherlands Antilles, Top Attractions

Bonaire, st. Eustatius, and saba, also called the “Netherlands antilles,” incorporate the trio of dutch territories referred to as the caribbean netherlands. Luring many nature lovers and eco-tourists, all three islands offer superb possibilities for diving, swimming, snorkeling, and trekking. Bonaire, just off the north coast of venezuela, close to curaçao and aruba, is famous for its pioneering conservation efforts. Much of the island is protected, and its marine park offers a number of the pleasant diving within the caribbean. Windsurfing and kayaking are different top things to do in bonaire, and the island’s diverse ecosystems encompass cactus-cloaked hills, salt pans, mangroves, coral reefs, and sunbaked beaches. The Dutch Caribbean Species Register consists of six islands in the Caribbean that form part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They include Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius, and Sint Maarten. The ABC islands are further south, off the southern coast of the Venezuelan coast, and SSS islands to the north. However, we are not here to tell you about geography or history. This article is to uncover vacation spots in the Dutch Caribbean islands! The very many islands across the Caribbean are distinct in their own way. Even if they neighbor each other, they have unique features to offer visitors. But which of these is the best if you are a Caribbean-bound visitor? Any visitor considers whether to choose big or little, far or near, or rural or urban. Fortunately, this article makes all those challenging tasks easy! It discusses the details of the Dutch Caribbean Islands. We will mention specific spots to brighten your vacation and give you an unforgettable experience. he best way to get acquainted with main landmarks of the islands is to visit the island of Curacao, which is home to the biggest medieval complex - Fort Amsterdam. The fort was built in 1635 and is currently used as the government's residence. In the past, the fort was used as a protective facility, so all the inner premises were turned into casemates in order to counter a possible attack. The Museum of Curacao, which is open in one of old buildings, is among the most interesting cultural destinations on the island. The museum exhibits different collections and many interesting items, such as pictures, elegant furniture, maps, old working tools, craftworks and much more. Tourists are also recommended to pay attention to the following museums: the Marine Museum, the Fort Amsterdam Church Museum, the Jewish Cultural and Historical Museum and Kura Hulanda Museum.

#1- Aruba
Amongst all the things that Aruba is known for, what particularly stands out is the gorgeous weather featuring sunny skies, cool breezes, and a sky that never wants to rain down on the fun that the tourists are having. Tourists can choose from a wide array of activities to keep them busy; they can choose to go snorkeling one day and horseback riding or hiking the next day. Other experiences that one must definitely indulge in Aruba are shopping at the cutesy boutiques, strolls on the waterfront and a meal at one of culinary restaurants here.

#2- Statia Island
It is also known as Sint Eustatius by many and it differs from many of the bigger islands in other parts of the Caribbean. The town hardly boasts of any modernisation or globalisation with only one small town, Oranjestad which is a quaint small place where one can shop, eat, and unwind. One can partake in many activities here ranging from hiking and exploring to diving at a leisurely pace.

#3- Curacao
The Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao is located near Venezuela in the southern Caribbean,and has a thriving tourism scene, especially since 2015. One of the foremost attractions at Curacao is Willemstad, the capital city of this island which houses exquisite architectural marvels like one can find in the Netherlands, but these are painted in vibrant pastel shades. Many from across the world come to Curacao to enjoy snorkeling and diving without the need for a boat.

#4- Saba
One very interesting fact that you might not be aware of till now is that the Dutch Caribbean Island of Saba actually houses the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It also houses the volcano Mount Scenery and while it is known for having the most sandy beaches in the Caribbean. It can be accessed by either plane or sail boat and wing to its proximity to the island of Sint Maarten which is an unparalleled location in the Caribbean.

#5- Sint Maarten
The island of Sint Maarten, or Saint Martin is shared by Netherlands and France and makes up the bottom third of one part of the Dutch Caribbean Islands. There is a lot to do here for all kinds of tourists, whether you want to go golfing, shopping or just relax and enjoy a good drink and a meal in Philipsburg.

#6- Bonaire
If you love snorkeling or scuba diving, this is the place for you! Bonaire lacks sandy beaches and that is why many divers from across the world visit this island. Bonaire is the top destination in the world for shore diving, with more than 80 dive sites situated offshore. Bonaire has crystal clear water and excellent visibility which make it a great avenue for underwater photography and videography as well.

#7- Oranjestad, St. Eustatius
Oranjestad, the only town on St. Eustatius, sits high on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean on the island's west coast. This former merchant hub is divided into Upper and Lower Towns. You can explore a number of 18th-century ruins in the lower area around the bay, with businesses and more recent development in the Upper Town. Overlooking Lower Oranjestad, the preserved 17th-century Fort Oranje retains its cannons and bastions

#8- The Quill Hiking Trails
Eight different trails thread their way through this rugged landscape. The most popular is the Quill Trail, which takes you up through lush forest to the crater rim. From here, you can take the Mazinga Trail to the island's highest point. Stop to rest here and soak up the spectacular views. For a different perspective, you can venture through lush forest deep into the crater itself on the aptly named Crater Trail. Shorter trails lead through a variety of tropical flora, including wild orchids, ferns, and fruit trees.

#9- Kralendijk
Kralendijk, which means "coral reef," is the capital of Bonaire and its main port. Dutch colonial houses painted in bright pastel colors line the streets, and cruise ships dock here from November through April. Feel like a shopping fix? On Breedestraat, the main shopping street, you can purchase shell art, local carvings, fabrics, and clothes. Duty-free shops are also along this stretch, and fishermen sell their catch every morning at the harbor. When the cruise ships visit, market stalls selling island-made products pop up around Wilhelmina Square.

#10- Mangrove Kayak Tours
The Mangrove Information Center offers guided kayaking and snorkeling tours through the pristine mangrove forests of Lac Bay. The seagrass beds here are a fertile environment for marine species such as conch, lobsters, stingrays, juvenile reef fish, and green turtles, and the clear, shallow waters are perfect for snorkeling.