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Best tourist attractions of Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country, blessed with nature’s choicest attractions. The country also boasts of remarkable historical and cultural attractions like temples and monuments that speak volumes about the rich history and culture of the place. The scenic beauty adds a perfect backdrop to these popular tourist places in Nepal and the climate makes it favorable for the travelers to visit and explore. Though over the years, this country has emerged as a holiday destination, there is still a major part of Nepal that remains untouched by urbanization and the pollution it brings along. Nepal is known for drawing a lot of tourists from all across the world. There are a variety of reasons why Nepal is preferred by a lot of people. Some of the people who are very much interested in visiting Nepal because of the presence of all the different mountains which they can climb and they can also trek in the Himalayas. A lot of people are attracted to this place because of the presence of spiritual guidance in the famous city of Kathmandu. Pashupatinath Temple, Sagarmatha National Park, Phewa Lake,  Langtang National Park, Swayambhunath Stupa, Devi’s Fall, Nagarkot, Chandragiri, Janaki Temple, Mount Annapurna, Chitwan National Park, Swayambhunath, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and many more places. From adrenaline rushing mountain peaks, glaciers and waterfalls to spiritual temples, pagodas and missionaries, the places to visit in Nepal are not only abundant but awe-striking. Nepal is a majestic and culturally diverse country that attracts visitors for numerous reasons. Some come here for its majestic peaks to trek and hike and others visit here to seek peace in its monasteries and temples. Various tourists are lured by the ancient temples and pagodas like Bodhnath Stupa, Monkey Temple, Lumbini, etc., promising spiritual awakening. The spectacular natural beauty offered in the locations like Nagarkot and Chandragiri guarantees complete rejuvenation. The capital city of Kathmandu itself is a great retreat amidst natural surroundings and royal ambience and features some of the most sacred and historic places to see in Nepal. Chitwan National Park is famous for wildlife viewing whereas Pokhara offers perfect settings for embarking on treks. Nepal is truly an ethereal tourist destination that has something for everyone to make a trip remarkable and heavenly.

#1- Pokhara Shanti Stupa
A Buddhist pagoda located atop the Ananda Hill, Pokhara Shanti Stupa is Nepal's first World Peace Pagoda. Its picture-perfect surroundings of Annapurna Mountain range, Phewa Lake, and Pokhara valley make it one of the most serene hang out places to visit in Nepal. Boasting several trekking trails near Phewa Lake, it is also a trekker’s paradise while well-paved paths make it a favoured destination for bikers as well. The calm environment and dreamy beauty surrounding the monument supplement its appeal and charishma.

#2- Begnas Lake
The second-largest in Pokhara Valley and third-largest in Nepal, Begnas Lake is known for its pristine surroundings and calm surreal ambience. It offers a beautiful setting for enjoying swimming, fishing, boating, and fish farming that make the local residents earn a major part of their earnings. Visit this lake with your kids, family, friends or lover to refresh yourself from the city's hectic schedules and have a memorable experience. The lake is one of the fresh-water lakes in Nepal amidst the majestic Himalayan ranges to enjoy a picnic, leisurely stroll or just relaxing at the river bank.

#3- Rupa Tal Lake
The freshwater lake in Pokhara, Rupa Tal Lake is appreciated for its serene surroundings and pristine water. It is the third-largest lake in Pokhara valley and offers boating and fishing, like activities. Located at 600 m from sea level, this lake is surrounded by rich flora and fauna and offers a sight to capture and cherish. Its twin, Begnas Lake is also nearby and is connected with the Rupa Lake with a bridge making the lakes appear like the eyes of Pokhara.

#4- Seti River
Running from the Himalayan Mountains above Pokhara into the valleys of the Chitwan area, the Seti River flows through beautiful landscapes and remote valleys. It is known for its calm white water and a deep chasm that it has carved in the middle of town. The water is white due to limestone minerals in the soil and looks strikingly bright. With several easy rapids, it offers opportunities to enjoy the excitements of white water rafting. It is also considered to be scared and thronged by visitors for taking a holy dip to wash away their sins.

#5- Chamere Gufa
Renowned as the Bat Cave, Chamere Gufa is indeed a place to be visited by all Bravehearts. The cave is full of thousands of bats (mostly Horseshoe) clinging upside down on the ceilings of the gloomy and moist chambers of the cave. The cave is a must-visit for adventure lovers and can be explored completely in 10 minutes. Do hire a guide for making your way through this magnificent cave to the exit point and learn about its surroundings.

#6- Phewa Lake
Offering beauty and tranquillity, Phewa Lake features not only the surreal surroundings of the Himalayas but perfect settings for experiencing boating through calm turquoise blue waters. An island in the middle of the lake is another highlight that houses an ancient Tal Barahi Temple. Its location is also perfect for witnessing the glorious Himalayan sunrises or enjoying the reflection of surrounding mountain ranges in the clear water. Visit this one of the most serene places to see in Nepal and mark your trip with lovely memories of boating, bird watching or trekking.

#7- Mahendra Caves
A unique ecological wonder, Mahendra Cave is complete with limestone stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is unique as these limestone formations have grown long enough forming some stunning patterns and shapes together. The locals have a belief that these different shapes and patterns represent different Hindu gods and the cave is a sacred place. The cave got its name after King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev of Nepal and is a place of attraction for locals to tourists alike for its uniqueness and surrounding panorama.

#8- Thamel
Famous for its street shops and bustling nightlife, Thamel is indeed a haven for tourists looking for good food, souvenirs, and nightspots in Kathmandu. But the town has another side beyond night parties and shopping sprees that makes it a significant location to learn about Nepal' rich heritage and culture. It houses a serene and centuries-old Vikramshila Mahavihara Monastery, Tri Devi Mandir, Ghairi Dhara, Ashoka Stupa, several other ancient shrines, and cultural monuments that add to its religious and historical importance. Thamel is truly a treasure of attractions and activities and is one of the vibrant places to visit in Nepal.

#9- Garden Of Dreams
Known as the Garden of Six Senses, this is a neo-classical oasis settled in Kaiser Mahal complex Kathmandu. It is spread across 6,895 square metres and comprises aesthetically designed landscapes, three pavilions, a magnificent amphitheatre, ponds, urns, paved paths, pergolas, and stunning views. The garden was restored to its new look and is a centre of attraction for tourists. Amongst the most crowded places to visit in Nepal, it is thronged by families, couples to the group of friends to experience some beautiful moments.

#10- Kasthamandap
A three-storey temple dedicated to Gorakhnath, the Kasthamandap outshines other Kathmandu landmarks for its centuries-old structure built in impressive pagoda style. Supposed to be one of the oldest wooden structures in the world, it is indeed amongst the most stunning places to visit in Nepal. Kathmandu got its name from this ancient building, which got severely damaged in the 2015 earthquake. The building first served as a pilgrim shelter where visitors used to gather before major holy or spiritual ceremonies before it got converted into the famous Gorakhnath Temple.

#11- Kumari Ghar
Located in Durbar Square of Kathmandu, Kumari Ghar is the historical palace where the living Goddess of Nepal named Kumari lives. The palace is the 18th century three-story traditional Newari structure and houses a stupa and a huge chariot that is used for carrying Kumari around the town during the annual festival. Amongst the most lovely places to see in Kathmandu, here you can get a glimpse of the living Goddess (if your luck supports), which is truly majestic.

#12- Narayanhiti Palace Museum
The former home of Nepal's Royal Family, the Narayanhiti Palace was converted into a museum after Nepal turned democratic. The place is also notoriously famous for its mysterious royal family assassination in 2001 that is a black spot in Nepal's history. It is one of the best places to see in Nepal for its exemplary architecture, interiors, grandeur, art pieces, ornaments, furniture, and the historical importance that it carries.

#13- Hanuman Dhoka
Home of the royals of Malla and Shah dynasties, the Hanuman Dhoka complex is enriched with a number of ancient and marvellous structures. It is an important part of Darbar Square of Kathmandu and has an antique idol of Lord Hanuman near the main entrance that gave it the name. The centuries-old audience chamber of Malla royalty is another highlight of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was severely damaged during the 2015 earthquake.

#14- Budhanilkantha
An open-air Hindu Shrine, Budhanilkantha Temple is located at the foothills of the Shivpuri Hill and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is famous not only for its unique architecture but a huge statue of sleeping Lord Vishnu on the beds of serpents settled in the middle of a pond. The statue is considered to be the largest in Nepal and holds a strong religious and historical significance. The temple is visited by devotees and tourists, especially during the festivals of Haribondhini Ekadashi.

#15- Durbar Square
An important site for Buddhist and Hindu rituals, Durbar Square has witnessed a regal journey and has been part of several holy ceremonies, grand royal events, and kingly crownings. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to Old Royal Palaces, pagoda-style temples, Basantapur Durbar, etc. and an architectural marvel of ancient times. However, some of the ancient temples and historic pagoda-style structures were critically damaged during the devastating earthquake of 2015, but the complex has still retained its aura and charm.

#16- Bandipur
Featuring traditional Nepalese architecture, Bandipur is awe-strikingly beautiful and serves as a weekend destination from Kathmandu and Pokhara. The town is known as a living gallery of Newari traditions and culture that is showcased in its alleys lined with ancient style homes and structures. Offering epic Himalayan views, the town is also famous for its enchanting countryside walks, local sports, biking, rappelling, hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, Gorkha beer, cafes, restaurants, and lodges. From visiting the ancient temples to strolling the elegant backstreets, the town is where you can experience peace away from the city's fast paced life.

#17- Daman
Offering a vantage location for viewing majestic Himalayan peaks, Dammam is a tourist hot spot and one of the most unique places to visit in Nepal. Surrounded by Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Dorjelakpa, Langtang, Gaurishankar, Choyu, and many other Himalayan peaks, it has a view tower having several long-range telescopes. Visitors from across the world love to come here to enjoy 360-degree views of 300 miles of the Himalayan ranges. The scenery of snow-crested mountains rising above the misty clouds is not only dreamy but leaves the visitors hypnotised and astonished.

#18- Shashwat Dham
A modern architectural wonder, Shashwat Dham is visited not only for its spiritual and religious significance but for artistic design and tranquil ambience. It is spread over 12 acres of greens and is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. It houses the Ekambareshwar Shiva Temple, a centre for Meditation and Yogic sciences, and a Buddhist centre. Shashwat Dham is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nepal and constructed to create future pundits having age-old spiritual and religious values of the Sanatana Dharma.

#19- Mount Manaslu
The world's eighth highest peak at 8,152 m, Mount Manaslu is perfect for those trekkers who want to achieve daring heights but are not that experienced. The trekking trails pass through the beautiful terrains, paddy fields, tiny villages, and are less travelled offering epic views in all their glory. Shielded from modernization and commercialization, the trek to Mount Manaslu offers the visitors to get up close with local people and discover the ancient culture, medieval lifestyle, and landscapes in purity.

#20- Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Once the royal home of the Bhaktapur Dynasty, the Durbar Square complex also comprises Taumadhi Square, Pottery Square, Durbar Square, and Dattatreya Square. All structures and temples in the complex are constructed between the 17th and 18th century and display the opulence and grandeur of those times. The traditional Newari architecture is reflected from each structure of the complex and is a piece of inspiration and appreciation to be explored and amazed.

#21- Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
Serving as the preservation centre for Wild buffalo and Arna, the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is a wetland of international importance. The reserve comprises tall grasslands and is home to various wild animals and exotic birds, including native and migratory, various species of fishes, Ganges dolphins, and Gharial crocodiles. It is the smallest reserve in Nepal amidst the Terai National Park and offers Elephant safaris to explore its wilderness, charming landscapes, and tranquil ambience.

#22- White Monastery
A place of spiritual and religious significance, the White Monastery in Nepal amuses the visitors with its white facade and impressive interiors. The surroundings act as a stunning backdrop and offer surreal views of the rising and setting sun. The monastery is perched on a hilltop and can be reached either by a hired cab or bike or trekking through picturesque trails. The views of the Kathmandu Valley are mesmerizing and offer opportunities to capture dreamy sceneries.

#23- Nuwakot
A town of great historical significance, Nuwakot (nine forts) is settled near the convergence point of the Tandi and Trisuli Rivers. The fortress is a seven-story structure known as the Nuwakot Durbar complex and served as an important trading gate between India and Tibet. The complex is a marvellous example of Newari architectural style and houses Bhairav Temple and many other shrines. Nuwakot is also a centre of attraction not only for its architectural glory but for offering scenic opportunities for trekking, hiking, climbing and mountain biking.

#24- Khumbu Valley
Located in Solukhumbu District, in northeastern Nepal, the valley is home to Mt Everest and many other enormous Himalayan peaks. The valley has various Khambu and Sherpa settlements and villages. Sherpas have built some lodges for the visitors and also work as guides who help foreign climbers and trekkers in reaching the summits. The renowned Tengboche Buddhist monastery and Sagarmatha National Park along with its buffer zone are also part of this region making it one of the most beautiful and famous places to visit in Nepal.

#25- Ilam
Offering a respite from the city's hectic and fast running life, Ilam is known for its tea gardens, lush woods, majestic hills, and friendly ambience. Famously known as Charkhol (area of four rivers), this region has four main rivers and is also rich in cultural diversity, natural scenery, and spices & tea estates. It is located in far eastern Nepal and is a quaint little hill town. A favourite destination amongst locals to tourists for having a revitalizing vacation amidst greens, it also offers settings for indulging in activities like nature walks, birdwatching, hiking, trekking, plantation tours, horse riding, etc.

#26- Patan Durbar Square
A UNESCO heritage site in Lalitpur, the Patan Durbar Square is amongst the major Durbar Squares in Kathmandu Valley. It reflects the ancient architecture, heritage, and culture of the country through its temples, old palaces and houses. Though a large part of the Square got destroyed during the 2015 earthquake, the Nepal government is trying to preserve and rebuild the structures to get back that age-old elegance.

#27- Sagarmatha National Park
Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sagarmatha National Park is a world-famous wildlife reserve for its rare species of animals, birds, majestic Mount Everest and many other Himalayan peaks. It is also a famous region for indulging in trekking and hiking amidst stunning scenery. It also served as a preservation centre for rare wild animals like pheasant, snow leopard, and red panda. Featuring a diverse fauna of pine, oak and rhododendrons, the area attracts wildlife and nature photographers as well.

#28- Davis Falls
A small yet stunning waterfall, Davis Fall was discovered when a woman named Devi was drowned in it in 1961. The waterfall is situated amidst rocky and lush landscapes and ends in a 500 feet long underground tunnel. Davis Waterfall water stream gets diminished leaving no clue of its presence and is amongst the most mysterious places to see in Nepal. The elegance of the area multiplies manifold during rains and is a sight to behold.

#29- Bhote Kosi River
Known as 'The harmony of Tibet and the Himalayas', the Kosi River is another stunning destination for experiencing the excitements and thrills of white water rafting. Being the steepest river in Nepal, rafting through this river promises endless rapid action and a huge adrenaline rush. Bhote Kosi runs through lush valleys, unexplored archaeological sites, class III to IV levels of rapids, boulder gardens, small waterfalls, etc., making rafting through it an everlasting experience complete with pleasure, beauty, and thrills. It also features a highly sought-after spot for enjoying bungee jumping activities.

#30- Trisuli River
A popular destination for kayaking, rafting, camping, and day trips, the Trisuli River is one of the most adventure-filled places to visit in Nepal. Running through a forested valley, it features relatively warm water and level IV rapids to enjoy thrilling water sports and adventures. It is also a preferred destination for short weekend trips as it is just 3 to 3.5 hours drive from Kathmandu and offers a nature retreat away from the city's hustle-bustle. Originating from the Tibet region of China it ends into the Narayani River and offers plenty of opportunities for fun.

#31- Mt. Everest
The highest mountain on the earth, Mount Everest is known as a dream destination for trekkers and indeed a life changing experience. Bordering north eastern Nepal and Tibet Autonomous Region of China, the region is home to vast glaciers, icefalls, mountains, deep valleys, Sherpa villages and the centre of attraction for alpine and adventure enthusiasts. Several rare and endangered species such as snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, red panda, musk deer, Himalayan wolves, etc., are also found in the region.

#32- Swayambhunath Temple
Located on a hilltop, Swayambhunath Temple is amongst the most famous holy places to visit in Nepal. The presence of a large number of monkeys around the complex makes it popular as the Monkey Temple. The temple's architect is also grand and impressive with a central white stupa, a golden spire depicting Buddha’s eyes in all four directions. The complex is home to several small beautifully-carved temples, statues, flags and Buddhist prayer wheels and is visited by Hindu and Buddhist devotees.

#33- Langtang National Park
Known for its trekking trails, Langtang National Park is close to Kathmandu Valley and is home to several species of flora and fauna. The sacred Gosaikunda Lake also passes through this park and adds to the beauty of the stunning landscapes. Langtang Valley, the Gosaikunda Lake, and Helambu treks are a few famous trekking trails in the region and have several campgrounds, lodges, tea stalls, etc. The trails levels range from moderate to difficult and entice trekkers from around the world.

#34- Chitwan National Park
A world heritage site in Terai, Nepal, Chitwan National Park houses a diverse variety of birds, wild animals, and flora. It serves as the protection centre for One Horned Rhinoceros, Gharial Crocodiles, and Royal Bengal Tigers. The park is one of the most serene and interesting places to visit in Nepal and houses souvenir shops, six resorts, a museum, a conservation centre, elephant safaris, an elephant breeding centre, etc.

#35- Mount Annapurna
Known as the 10th highest mountain in the world at approx. 8,091 metres, Mount Annapurna is part of the massif in north-central Nepal. The entire massif is part of the largest conservation area of Nepal and is home to several world-class treks. However, Mount Annapurna Peak is considered to be one of the most-steep, and difficult peaks to climb in the region and deadliest as well. It got its name from the Goddess named Annapurna, who is believed to reside there and is the source of everlasting food.

#36- Full Day Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Famed as the only metropolis of the Himalayan region, this place is visited by quite a lot of travellers. This is not only the largest city of Nepal but also one of the serene sites. Places like the Swayambhunath Stupa, Hanuman Dhoka Square, and several others mark the tourism count of the city. To make the best of your holidays here, you must not miss out on the Kathmandu sightseeing packages, as they cover most of the destinations. With places like Hanuman Dhoka Square, you can take a deep look into the history of the place and if you are more into the tranquil setting then it boasts with a remarkable range of peaceful temples.

#37- The Boudhanath Stupa
Boasting a spectacular massive mandala, the Boudhanath Stupa is one of the largest spherical stupas in the world. It is one of the most sacred shrines for Buddhists who visit the place to perform the Kora ritual and seek the blessings of their God. The Stupa is Nepal's UNESCO World Heritage Site and also houses the remains of Kassapa Buddha. Over 50 Tibetan gompas are also present in the complex, which serve as shelters for Tibetan refugees.

#38- Janaki Temple
An architectural marvel of Hindu and Koiri Nepali style, Janaki Temple is located in the Mithila district of Nepal and is dedicated to Goddess Sita. As per Hindu Mythology, it is the same place, where Sita was born and got married to God Rama. It is amongst the most famous religious places to visit in Nepal to offer prayers and seek blessings of Hindu God Rama and his wife Sita. The temple is a beautiful three-storied structure and impresses with its facade, interiors, and decor.

#39- Chandragiri
Known for its cable car ride, Chandragiri Hills offer not only captivated views of the Himalayan ranges but a chance to feel rejuvenated amid a fresh environment. To reach the top of the hill one has to either drive for 11 km or take a Gondola ride or trek for approx. 3 hours through the stunning trails, but the views from the top and ambience is worth every effort and everlasting.

#40- Nagarkot
Located just 28 km from the Kathmandu International Airport, Nagarkot is a serene hill station at the height of 7000 ft. It served as a summer retreat for royal families until it became famous as an international tourist destination. The region offers stunning views of 8 Himalayan Ranges (out of 13) in Nepal including Mount Everest and Kathmandu Valley. It is also a paradise for hikers or adventure lovers as well as serenity seekers. Lots of budget-friendly homestays are also available here to enjoy a true nature vacation without the interference of the modern concrete world.

#41- Pashupatinath Temple
One of the most sacred and ancient places to visit in Nepal, Pashupathinath Temple is located on the banks of the divine Baramati River. Built in the 5th century, it is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Offering an interesting mix of spiritual, religious, and cultural experiences, the temple complex has several Shiva lingams, Nandi Statue and temples of other Hindu and Buddhist deities. The complex is a living cultural heritage site and attracts Hindu devotees from across the world.

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