Most Popular Places to Visit in Liberia, 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Liberia, Top Attractions

When you travel to Liberia, you'll love to visit popular  sightseer spots and enjoy the original culture. Amongst other effects to do in Liberia, you can surely explore some of the stylish  effects to do in Liberia to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Liberia  effects to do can include exploring Liberia  lodestones  and visiting the places of interest. Liberia is  generally Christian country with around 85 Christian population, while English is the  sanctioned language of Liberia. Rice is the major  chief food used in Liberian dishes and fufu is a dish popular among both locals and callers in Liberia. published fabric and masks are bribable  particulars in Liberia. Liberia has not exactly had the smoothest of  peregrinations. innovated by freed slaves, you could say the country was  erected on the darker histories of the 18th and 19th centuries. But Liberia also signified a newfound emancipation for the returned victims of the Slave Trade. It meant a nostos to the  motherland, and a country to govern all of its own. still, growing from the seeds of colonialism in West Africa was  noway  going to be easy, and  moment Liberia bears the scars of multiple civil wars, accomplishments, political revolutions and power struggles, not to mention the disastrous Ebola outbreak of more recent times.  

#1- Harper  

Situated in the extreme south of Liberia, where the turns of the African panhandle give way to the  strands of the Ivory Coast, the  megacity of Harper has its fair share of both natural and  mortal  lodestones . For starters, the  props to the north- west and south of  city are fringed with gorgeous Robinson Crusoe beach, with swaying coconut triumphs bristling against the Atlantic  breaths at their  reverse. And  also there are the remnants of Liberia’s old slave settlers, who are allowed to have first begun casting the  ultramodern state on the lands of Cape Palmas where Harper now stands.  

#2- Voinjama  

Set deep amidst the sun- scorched jungles of Liberia’s extreme north- eastern edge, the small indigenous  mecca of Voinjama offers a picture of rustic West African life. The roads are crusted in  slush and the houses  outgunned with thatch or  wastes of hardwearing zinc to keep out the sporadic  inundations of rain. The  moisture can get  unsupportable, but if you ’re feeling  audacious( and we mean really  audacious), a  journey out to the  girding timber  townlets might just be worth it.  

#3- Sanniquellie  

Sanniquellie is a small  city that sits  near to the  transnational tristate border with Ivory Coast and Guinea in the extreme west of the country. A bustling little  request dominates the center of the place, with rows of  various fruits and vegetables plucked straight from the fields making up the bulk of the  yield  vended. After  dealing your way through this, you can settle in one of the earthy original beer bars, or  conclude to wax up the walking  thrills and make a beeline for the East Nimba Nature Reserve.  

#4- Greenville  

One of the favoured gateways to the  forenamed Sapo National Park( which can be  set up lurking between the  thick  timbers just a little to the east of  city), Greenville is no foreigner to excursionists. still, while  utmost who arrive simply stock up and head out to see the chimps and  fantastic  rainforests of the reserve, those who  loiter will get to see an  interesting remnant of Liberia’s resettlement  period – the  city does still bear the moniker of its namesake in Mississippi after all! There are also some  intriguing  townlets to explore up the courses of the Sinoe River, along with some truly unspoilt  strands along the seacoast to the west.   

#5- Kakata  

The end- point on the  fairly well-  performing Monrovia- Kakata Highway that departs the capital and delves in the western  outdoors of Liberia, this small indigenous  mecca of Margibi County is where the  rural heartlands of West Africa eventually take over the  geographies. They do so in the form of  putatively endless rubber colonies, and Kakata has made its name( and modest fortune) as one of the rubber trading and transporting posts of the nation.  

#6- Zwedru  

With just 23,000 people making Zwedru their home, and a whopping seven- hour drive separating the spot from the country’s capital on the seacoast, this far- flung county seat might not  feel like the stylish place to add to that Liberia diary. still, Zwedru has a number of  intriguing features that you simply wo n’t find in the more trodden  rung of the west. For starters, it still retains  commodity of an earthy, artificial vibe, thanks to its fledging logging enterprises.  

#7- Marshall  

Excursionists will really only make a beeline for the ocean- side  rung of laid- back Marshall for two reasons. The first is its  sprinkling of empty  strands, each backed by green pockets of  win  timber and mangrove  wetlands, and perfect for enjoying some truly  fearless camping on the Liberian seacoast. The alternate is the small archipelago  meetly named Monkey Island. Then, a  troop of  contentious chimps inhabit the jungles.  

#8- Bushrod Island  

The  islet of Bushrod gets its name from one of the many American politicians that actually  supported the resettlement of slaves on the  mainland back in the 1800s. But that’s about as deep as the  quondam politician, Bushrod Washington’s, influence runs in this mangrove- fringed  harborage  city on the edge of the Atlantic. moment,  thoroughfares of tooting vehicles run in and out of the docks and  jetties, the ramshackle slums of New Kru Town sprawl close to the oceanfront, and there’s an  unforgettable energy of life throughout.  

#9- Gola National Forest  

The Gola National Forest is the new name for the Lofa- Mano National Park a great  gusto of ancient rainforest that sprawls out along the northern border of the country with Sierra Leone. One of the  thick remaining tracts of Upper Guinean  forestland in the region, the area has everything you ’d anticipate of a real West African nature. Yep, you can anticipate green  tents and  putatively endless stretches of colossal tree  caddies and  limbs,  retired fern fields where  fantastic  dragonflies  zip between the flowers, swinging chimpanzees, rare pygmy hippopotamus – the list goes on!  

#10- Harbel  

Callers will find the artificial village of Harbel straddling the meanders of the Farmington River, just a gravestone’s  gamble back from the Atlantic seacoast, where Marshall and the monkey- dotted  strands of the resort  municipalities south out of Monrovia make their home. Famed primarily as the home of the largest rubber colony in the world, Harbel is  gulfed by swathes of rubber tree  timbers,  numerous of which bear the familiar commercial name of Bridgestone tyres.

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