Most Popular Places to Visit in Haiti, 2023, Top Attractions

Most Popular Places to Visit in Haiti, Top Attractions

The only way to experience the sheer beauty of Haiti is being there. Whether you’re lazing on the large balcony of your hotel, or trekking in the quiet expanse of the countryside, the sudden bursts of breeze love to bother you in a playful manner. Haiti is a country blessed with pristine beaches and captivating mountainous terrain. The soft sandy beaches and clear waters, surrounded by picture perfect greenery among colossal mountains is a breath taking sight. The locals in this country speak French and Haitian Creole and take pride in traditional practices and culture.  Haiti still draws in curious visitors from all around the world. It’s home to extraordinary and interesting sights as well as vibrant and lively culture, this is the Caribbean but a much rawer version than its luxury resort-dotted rivals. Even though the country has suffered through poverty, natural disasters, and environmental degradation, Haiti remains proud and carries on. Since the Port au Prince earthquake in 2010 devastated the country, an effort has taken place to not only rebuild the infrastructure for international tourists but reintroduce them to this once-popular Caribbean travel destination. There are still landmarks from the early 19th century—including UNESCO World Heritage Sites—along with many culturally and historically interesting things to see in this country, which takes up almost half of the island of Hispaniola shared with the Dominican Republic. The variety of luxury hotels are laced with exquisite décor in guest rooms. The view from large balconies and private patios of luxury hotels and resorts situated high amidst the hills is truly mesmerizing. If you want to be pampered in the confines of exquisitely designed guest rooms, there are several luxury hotels and resorts you can choose from. Every luxury hotel consists of décor that is carefully chosen in accordance with the architectural style of the hotel. The abundance of mountains is one more feature that makes Haiti stand out among other Caribbean countries. It has the most mountainous ranges that are tremendously gorgeous. The blend of mountains and waters provide a breathtaking view that you can hardly take your eyes off. Delicious cuisine are scattered all over the island, offering a diverse array of tropical flavors. Since several countries have played a role in shaping the culture of Haiti, a huge palette of dishes are offered. You won’t be left with any moments of boredom, but only serenity, peacefulness, and fun. Here are some of the best places to visit while in Haiti for an ultimate experience.

#1- Gelee Beach
Gele e Beach is the lengthiest and most passionate expand of sand in Haiti, with fishing boats floating on the skyline and the sweet fragrance of coconuts in the air. A good number of wonderful seafood restaurants provide with daily deals nearby, and during August the spot is crammed with dance lovers and musicians for the Fete Notre Dame carnival. Several meters beyond Gelee sits open grassland, so don’t be astonished to find a wandering cow or two in this tourist attractions in Haiti .

#2- Cormier Plage
A portion of the Cormier Plage Resort, this beach is only offered to the guests of the hotel and is more than worth the price of entry. It’s a wonderful small expanse of sand and is very conveniently situated just a little away from plenty of native stores, bars, restaurants, and landmarks. If you truly wish to make the ultimate of this beach, book a sea-front suite at the hotel and walk right out onto the sand every day, appreciating the wonderful views from the luxury and secrecy of your room in the evenings.

#3- Wahoo Beach
For couples or people on their honeymoon in Haiti, Wahoo Bay Beach is one of the best locations along the country’s whole shoreline. Not distant from Port-au-Prince, Wahoo Bay Beach provides the type of views that wouldn’t find out of place on a postcard and truly summarize the Caribbean experience with smooth sands, hot waters, and plenty of fun activities like diving, swimming, sunbathing, and even hiking among the native wilderness.

#4- Site des Ramiers
The edifices at Site des Ramiers are situated near Citadelle and the Sans-Souci Palace. Jointly, the three spots make a famous World Heritage Site and include the biggest fortress in the Western Hemisphere. The Site des Ramiers is a portrayal of liberty to the Haitians, as it was one of the earliest regions to be built by black slaves who had acquired their liberty.

#5- Saut Mathurine
The biggest waterfall in the region, Saut-Mathurine is a fascinating waterfall in the southwest area of Haiti. The Rivière de Cavaillon supplies the source for the waterfall’s stream, and its aqua waters are effortlessly approachable for paddling and swimming. The drive to Saut-Mathurine provides wonderful views of the country and the rich greenery in all directions.

#6- Jacmel Beach
Down on the southern coast of Haiti, Jacmel Beach is a wonderful area for both visitors and natives to hang out and have entertainment. It’s totally a vibrant beach that was usually the key host of plenty of extraordinary events and carnivals before the dreadful earthquake of 2010 did some destruction to the spot. Luckily, Jacmel Beach has managed to renovate itself in the following years and is making a comeback as one of the liveliest locations in the country.

#7- Citadelle Laferriere
The Citadelle Laferriere is an impressive mountaintop fortress basically established after Haiti earned freedom, in order to provide security against French attack. It prevails more or less in the same wonderful condition today as it did back then, and is, for Haitians, a respected symbol of their power when confronted with a threat. Situated on the northern shore of Haiti, on the peak of mountain Bonnet an L’Eveque, the Citadelle offers charming views of the neighboring green fields which make this place one of the best tourist attraction in Haiti.

#8- Bassin Bleu
It is a blissfully isolated waterfall on the hills of Jacmel, Haiti. Tourists can follow a path to the basin and pass a day diving from the waterfalls, swimming in the blue water and relishing the beautiful coat of the green vegetation. The secrecy of the area makes it feel like heaven.Its Amazing Tourist Attractions in Haiti.

#9- Port Salut
One of the finest methods to search out where you should be going at your leisure destination is to pay attention the natives. They’re the people who pass all their time in these spots, so they tend to know the private spots and hidden regions that are off the beaten path and away from the cacophonous gathering of visitors. Port Salut is a best instance. It’s very famous among the Haitian people for its serene atmosphere, and plenty of fine restaurants and stores can be located nearby. All things considered, Port Salut is a amazing beach to select if you wish an pure Haitian experience rather than only following in the footsteps of all the other tourists in the region. This is also one of the finest beaches in Haiti to see the sunset.

#10- Il’s-a-Rat Beach
If you’ve owned an adventurer’s heart and are seeking for a bit adventure to brighten your Haitian leisure, Ils-a-Rat Beach demands to be on your to-do chart. This beach is basically situated on a small island coated with green vegetation and encompassed on all sides by smooth sands and mild waves. There are numerous coral reefs to search in the local waters, so it’s a great area to do some scuba diving or snorkeling, but even if you’re not intent on getting into the water, Ils-a-Rat is one of the finest beaches in Haiti to walk around and capture some wonderful photographs. No doubt this wonderful beach is one of the best tourist attractions in Haiti

#11- Kokoye Beach
Kokoy beach is the ideal Caribbean paradise copied in leisure brochures worldwide, with pristine white sand, turquoise waters and long, gorgeous palm trees oscillating slowly in the warm wind. The beach is one of the best tourist attractions in Haiti for snorkeling, and is an ideal choice for those wishing to avoid uproar of visitors; Entry is just attainable via boat or by hiking.

#12- Labadee
You might also find this beach’s name spelled as ‘Labadie’, but they’re both the same location. Situated on the northern coast of Haiti, Labadee is an attractive and extremely beloved visitors’ beach that consistently draws plenty of cruise passengers. The region is basically possessed by the Royal Caribbean cruise company and is one of the most distinguished coastal areas in the whole country, providing some of the most tranquil waters and softest sands. It’s also well-served with plenty of good niceties within reach including vendors, food sellers, and more. If you’re seeking for a bit further adventure and wish to enjoy the views of this Haiti beach from a particular angle, check out the native zip line.

#13- The Palace of Sans-Souci
Before it was partly destructed by an earthquake in 1842, the Sans-Souci Palace was the abode to renowned past slave-turned-king Henri Christophe I. With its huge historical roots the palace arouses a sense of wistful charm and is frequently compared to the magnificence of the Palace of Versailles in France. The Palace presents plenty of high-arched windows as well as dissolute staircases.

#14- Les Cayes
You’d be closely pursued to find a sense of importance in Haiti’s fourth-biggest city. More commonly familiar as Aux Cayes, Les Cayes is an ancient rum port protected by a series of sandbanks that has directed plenty of ships to their graves (its earliest recorded victim was one of Columbus’ ships on his ultimate journey to Hispaniola). Pirates were another peril, remarkably from neighboring Île-à-Vache. Now Les Cayes has a bit to provide the tourists, although it’s a nice stopping-off point for other locations in the south.

#15- Furcy
In the small, picture-perfect village of Furcy, pine trees are plentiful and the odor of fresh cilantro is in the wind.  There are outstanding views of the Massif de la Selle, and natives rent out horses to bring tourists to a waterfall up the village. Whatever your scheme, don’t fail to take some warm attires – temperatures fall once the sun begins to dip.