Most Popular Places to Visit in Guam 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Guam, Top Attractions

Guam is a small tropical island located in the western Pacific Ocean and it’s part of a cluster of thousands of islands that make up Micronesia. As a territory of the United States since WWII, this little island measures only 210 square miles (540 sq km) and has a population of just under 170,000 people. Although small, the island is particularly well known for its beautiful beaches and some pretty incredible sights. Not to mention, it’s home to a few major U.S. military bases, and you can really feel the military influence while visiting. So much so, that many Guam attractions even require military access! So whether you’re coming on military orders or for a taste of that tropical living, Guam is a paradise that’s hard not to love. Here’s what should be on your Guam bucket list to make the most of your time on the island. Island of Guam is an enchanting tropical paradise which is graced with gorgeous beaches, rich history and heritage, amazing parks, breathtaking waterfalls, and incredible flora and fauna. You can find this island territory in Micronesia, and it comes under the USA. So, if you are planning to visit this stunning Guam Island territory in your coming vacations, then you need to have a list of wonderful tourist attractions to explore. Here are some top picks that you should have to enjoy your vacations in Guam. While Guam is no doubt a great place to relax, de-stress and recuperate by doing absolutely nothing but enjoy the balmy breezes and sunshine, GUAM also stands for Get Up And Move! Enjoy an array of beaches and water activities, sports, adventure, local attractions and nightlife. There are many things to do as a lone traveler, a couple or as a family. Visit one of dozens of cultural or historical sites, for Guam is replete with World War II memories responsible for molding Guam into the island it is today. You can Time your travel with one of Guam’s many annual events like the Guam Micronesia Island Fair, BBQ Block Party or any of the village festivals. Indulge in shopping, where you can purchase anything from Made On Guam products to souvenirs and keepsakes; all the way to outlet products and luxury goods for the worldly traveler. Explore all that is Guam, and all we have to offer. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

#1- Get a history lesson at the Pacific War Museum.
The Pacific War Museum is a private museum constructed by late marine John Vincent Pangelinan Gerber, showcases artifacts and explains Guam’s involvement in WWII. If you’re a war buff interested in seeing some recovered items from that time period and want to learn more about what went down in Guam during WWII, check it out!

#2- Try to get your own catch of the day on a deep-sea fishing trip.
A deep-sea fishing trip is one of the best things to do in Guam for many visitors. You can organize the trip through many different tour guides and spend the day fishing for exotic fish and enjoying a drink or two in the sunshine. I didn’t do it personally, but my friend on the island has done it through a company called Aquaman.

#3- Go on a dolphin watching cruise.
The surrounding waters around the island of Guam are home to an immense diversity of sea life – including majestic dolphins. Visitors love venturing on dolphin watching tours while traveling around Guam. There are many tour operators offering guides, but ABC Guam is one of the most popular.

#4- Hike Mt. Lamlam for some of the best views of the island.
Mt. Lamlam was a really beautiful hike with views spanning across the entire island. Fairly easy, the time to reach the peak I’d say is under an hour. Finding the trailhead is a bit of a challenge though, and is marked only by a very small green sign that says “Mt. Lamlam” in the tall grass on the side of the highway. It’s located across from the parking are for the Bakanan Cetti Overlook.

#5- Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling to see what lies under the deep.
Guam is famed for having some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world! If this interests you at all, don’t miss the opportunity to see some of the most stunning underwater fish and corals as well as a few WWII shipwrecks. This is definitely a must on the list of things to do in Guam.

#6- Soak up some sunshine on Tumon Beach.
Tumon Beach is located right in the main downtown area of Guam. Surrounded by popular hotels, this beach is always hopping and a great place to spend the day soaking in the sun and enjoying the clear warm water. For even more beautiful beaches in Guam, check out this fabulous article, A Rundown of Best Guam Beaches by AllTheRooms. Their article lists and summarizes each worthwhile beach in Guam that you won’t want to miss!

#7- Hike to the beautiful Talofofo Caves
The hike to see Talofofo caves is a great thing to do in Guam for adventure seekers! An easy trail, the walk takes you first to the largest cave. Use the provided rope to go down about 30 feet into the large cavern and take in the awesome views of the stalagmites and stalactites. There’s an awesome and very detailed guide written on The Guam Daily Post’s website here! Otherwise you may want to consider hiring a guide to see all of the caves.

#8- Marvel at the island’s Talofofo Waterfalls.
Talofofo Falls are one of Guam’s most popular attractions. There’s actually a cable car you can take over the falls to enjoy the view from above. You can also check out the various other things to do at Talofofo Falls Resort Park, like the Loveland erotic statue park, Guam Historical Museum, observation tower and more. 

#9- Play a round of golf at the striking Mangilao Golf Club.
If you’re a golfer, you’ll definitely want to check out Mangilao Golf Club. This beautiful golf course is right on the coast and is ranked as one of the world’s best golf clubs for its beautiful surroundings and it’s epic holes. Hole no 12 is famous for the small ocean bay that separates the green!

#10- Visit the observation deck at Two Lovers Point.
Two Lover Point is probably the most well-known tourist spot on the island. A short drive from Tumon Beach, the observation deck sat atop a cliff overlooks the coast below. You can see the turquoise waters and corals below as well as the coast for miles.

#11- Take a dip in the island’s breathtaking Inarajan Pools.
The naturally created pools of Inajaran are a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon under the sun in Guam. Fenced off by surrounding corals, you can swim without worrying about the strong currents of the ocean.

#12- Take a dip in the warm ocean waters at Ypao Beach.
This beach is probably one of the largest and most popular on the island. Located at the end of Tumon Bay, this park/beach is a great place for families to come and enjoy a day in the sun. Ypao is easy to access and is also one of the best places to snorkel in Guam.

#13- Go off the beaten path to Sharks Cove Beach.
Sharks Cove Beach requires a bit of a hike to get to – a .5 mile hike to be exact. It’s a great place to do some snorkeling so be sure to bring some gear. The corals are quite rough so don’t forget a pair of protective water shoes as well.

#14- Enjoy a sunset cocktail on Gun Beach.
Located right on the edge of Gun Beach is Beach Bar – a great place to grab a cocktail or bite to eat ocean side. Come to enjoy the sunset and starry night sky. Next door is a famous local dance show so you can time your visit to the Beach Bar to catch glimpses of the fire-twirling next door.

#15- Hike to Ritidian Point – Guam’s most northern point
At the northernmost tip of the island lies Ritidian Point. It’s part of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge and is subject to closures, weather or federal holidays depending. The preserve features cafes, hiking trails, and a beach! While the beach isn’t the best place for swimming due to the strong rip currents, the sands are pristine and the coast is stunning. The hike to Ritidian Point is easily reached from the parking lot, and the longest round trip route is 2.5 miles.

#16- Venture to the beautiful Spanish Steps for a bit of snorkeling.
The Spanish Steps have got to be one of the most beautiful things to do in Guam. Located on the Naval Base Guam, this means you need military access to get to the lagoon (you need to be in the military or know someone who can get you in). These steps are also difficult to enter because they’re not always open. They close access to the beach for security reasons or during turtle hatching season.

#17- Hike to the underground Pagat Cave and continue onward to the nearby ocean lookout.
The hike and climb into Pagat cave was one of my favorite experiences in Guam. The short trail takes you down towards the shore and eventually to a cave opening. Strip outside the cave and crawl through the darkness to a large cavernous opening filled with cool refreshing water and take a dip! Don’t forget your headlight though – the cave is pitch dark. After enjoying the cave, continue along the trail down towards the shore to get a great lookout of the coast. The trail is really easy to lose since it’s not very well-worn, but there are tiny little ribbons and strips of plastic tied around trees to lead the way so keep your eyes peeled! The trail head is literally just a small flattened patch of grass off of the highway and is only marked by a sign overgrown by trees on the side of the road so it’s a little difficult to spot!

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