Most Popular Places to Visit in Ghana, 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Ghana, Top Attractions

Still, the answer is everything, If you ask what's so special about Ghana. It isn't an  magnification or some words to  vend Ghana tourism. But a  verity that has to be endured first hand to be believed. moment, Ghana is seen as a true reflection of entire African  mainland. Everything in Ghana, the nature, the people, the climate, the culture; all are so unlike the outside world. Ghana is  positioned in the western part of African  mainland and is  framed by Cted'Ivoire, also known as Ivory Coast in the west; Burkina Faso in north; Togo in east and Gulf of Guinea in south. Ghana is the closest country to the center of the world and you can face some really hot rainfall. Ghana was  before a part of tropical rain  timber belt, and has  numerous aqueducts and gutters cutting across it. Ghana is a unexpectedly beautiful country for tourism. It wasn't considered as a major  sightseer destination many times back, but as the small number of excursionists stumbled upon some really  awful  lodestones , it gainedprominence.There are some of the stylish wildlife reserves in the country which are known for their strict preservation laws, because of which one can still see  numerous rare and exposed species in  plenitude then. Mole National Park and Kakum National Park are  presumably the stylish of them all. Ghana also has been impressively successful in conserving its unique culture. There are  further than 60 indigenous  lines still abiding in Ghana, each having their separate beliefs and rituals and learning about them in itself is an experience. Accra is the capital and also the largest  megacity in Ghana. It's  megacity stuffed with places to see, each better than the earlier one. Don't miss out on  lodestones  like The National Museum, Christianborg Castle, Independence Square and Labadi Beach. There are  colorful stylish  metropolises to visit in Ghana to be one with its distinct culture that's bound to bring you  near to this country and the  awful  gests  it holds for you. See where all you can visit top  metropolises in Ghana to  witness it all that it offers.  

#1- Lake Bosumtwe  

The only natural lake in Ashanti and Ghana, Lake Bosumtwe was formed when a large meteorite had hit this place a long while agone . The lake is considered sacred by the Ashanti people who believe that people’s spirits come then after death so that they can say  farewell to the God Twi. Other than being a passage  point, Lake Bosumtwe is a great spot for adventure. nearly 90  measures deep, the lake makes for an excellent destination for relaxing, hiking,  touring, picnicking, horseback riding, biking, and indulging in water sports.  

#2- Labadi Beach  

frequently called the perfect  megacity  sand by excursionists and locals  likewise, Labadi is the most popular oceanfront in Accra, Ghana. Other than  reposing under the sun and lazying on the beach, one can enjoy the  stupendous food and  amalgamations available at the  numerous original beaneries then. Since the  sand is basically a property of the neighboring  hospices, one needs to pay a small entrance  figure for gettingin.However, you ’ll surely be  suitable to catch some original entertainment like native drumming, original reggae bands, If you visit on the weekends. It’s one of the stylish places to visit in Ghana, Africa to witness the original Ghanaian culture  mix with  hipsterism hop and other Western styles of  cotillion  and music.  

#3- Paga Crocodile

Pond  utmost of us don't know  important about crocodiles as they either  scarify us or we don't want to meet them. But this sanctuary is made for hosting the crocodiles and the  suckers can see  numerous of them over then. The crocodiles abiding over then are actually  veritably friendly towards the humans that visit them. Excursionists can feed the crocodiles and get over-close- and- particular with them. This place  felicitations and honors their crocodiles and is dead against hurting any of them. Guides are always present to break excursionists  gratuitous fear of crocodiles.  

#4- Kokrobite Beach  

The place is yet another  sand that will catch your attention when you're in Ghana. The place is just 30 KM down from Accra so people can actually club the  trip. The Academy of African Music and Art present in this  position pulls in a lot of people who are interested in the creative side of  mortal lives. One can bespeak the resorts which  give a beautiful view of the  sand. Or differently they can also visit it for a day trip where they enjoy the beautiful sunny  sand. The ‘ Homowo ’  jubilee held in the month of May is also a popular time when excursionists flock to this  sand destination.  

#5- Lake Volta  

This is the largest man- made lake that's present in this world. The  position is really beautiful and a must- visit when someone comes to Ghana. The lake formed when the Akosombo  levee over the Volta swash. It also covers3.6 of the land present in Ghana. While visiting the place one can visit the Dodi Island. People have the option to  grope in some  corridor of the lake or actually go on a trip to the  levee. fantastic and luxurious  hospices have been constructed  hard the lake to house the excursionists who are interested in spending quality time by the natural  isolate.  

#6- Nzulezu Ghana  

This is one of the most unique and beautiful places that are present in Ghana. The name means ‘  face of water ’ in English. The houses are  erected over a lagoon and all of the houses are placed on stilts. This is a place that people should visit to experience the  invention of the  vill people and their livelihood. These days ’ excursionists can indeed spend quality time in the  hospices sitting on top of the lagoon. Excursionists can enjoy swimming, diving,  voyagingetc. in this place with a beautiful air. piecemeal from the water and the houses excursionists can  frequently spot crocodiles and monkeys while at this place.  

#7-St. George’s Castle  

Whenever you're close to an ocean, fishing is one of the main forms of occupation that  live among people. Just like that Elmina in Ghana is a fishing  city which has the  literalSt. George’s Castle. It's one of the  veritably many  literal places in Ghana that you should n’t miss from visiting. The castle has whitewashed walls and it was  erected in 1482 by the Portuguese. It had a dark history because of its association to the slave trade and they were housed in the dungeons that callers can still see  moment. While visiting the castle one should also explore the  graphic   city and talk to some attendants who'll explain them the  factual history of the place.  

#8- Busua Beach  

As we said, Ghana is a country that's  veritably close to the ocean. Busua is a  veritably beautiful  sand where excursionists can sunbathe and eat  lately cooked lobster. It's also the place where people can learn surfing and indulge in the  instigative ocean  exertion. The place is also known for the several luxurious resorts that are  positioned  veritably  near to the  sand. You'll  noway  go back disappointed if you choose Busua  sand as the  vacation destination of Ghana. surely try out the original cookery from the  near  caffs and also from the  merchandisers present beside the  sand.  

#9- Kumasi  

Kumasi was the  megacity that was the former capital of Ghana during the actuality of the Ashanti area and it's also the second largest  megacity in the country. bulging with people and sprawling  request, Kumasi is a delight to the excursionists. The place is  notorious for its gold jewelry, kente cloth as well as  rustic  droppings. So, people who love to protect will enjoy this place because of the different  locales and shops of craft present in the  megacity. The Manhiya Palace Museum is a good place to visit if someone wants to know the history of the Ashanti Kingdom.  

#10- Mole National Park  

This is yet another  public demesne on our list and it falls in the northwest part of Ghana. This is the largest wildlife demesne in Ghana. Excursionists can see several different types of  creatures including roan antelope, buffalo,  mammoths, hyenas, leopards etc. They may also spot  Napoleons from time to time. The demesne is home to  further than 250 species of  catcalls which is great for  raspberryenthusiasts.However, try to visit the demesne during the dry season which lasts from January to March to catch  utmost of the  creatures as they come to drink water, If you can. For every reason, it's counted amongst the stylish places to visit in Ghana.  

#11- Kakum National Park  

Ghana is a biodiverse place which has some unique species of  shops and  creatures and  clearly one of the most beautiful regions in Ghana. Kakum  public demesne is a place that one needs to go for visiting the rainforests of Ghana. It's stretched over an  expansive part of southern Ghana. One can see buffalos, meerkats, civets,  mammoths and several species of  catcalls when they're at this place. The Canopy Walkway is a  crucial part of the  public demesne and pulls a lot of excursionists. People should  surely take guided  tenures to have a complete idea of the place.