Most Popular Places to Visit in Gambia, 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Gambia, Top Attractions

Still, Gambia is the stylish place to visit, If you truly want to appreciate the beauty of nature. When you visit the country for the first time, you'll be taken suddenly by its natural reserve ’ s mindblowing beauty. This composition will  punctuate fifteen must- visit places in the Gambia the media has been hoarding from you. This write- up aims to help you to explore and  respect the beauty of nature with  ginger. The Gambia is a West African country with a rich artistic heritage. The  each- around beauty of the country  halls above its small size. The Gambia is a haven for excursionists. The country is one of the  must-have- visit  sightseer  capitals in Africa. Despite being the  lowest country in West Africa, Gambia has proven that the size of the nation isn't synonymous with the greatness of a nation. All African regions are adorned with  stirring  sightseer  spots, but the Gambia remains a perfect African  holiday spot. There are  numerous  intriguing must- visit places in the Gambia you may not have heard of. We'll help you  punctuate those places to prepare your mind when next you're planning a  holiday . Whether you  spurt over to immerse yourself in The Gambia’s world- class birdwatching, its golden  flaxen  strands or its  stirring culture and vibrant atmosphere, there’s always  commodity ready to allure holidaymakers visiting The Gambia for the first time. While it may be mainland Africa’s  lowest country, The Gambia is big on  lodestones  and appeal, promising to be one of  utmost  instigative and different destinations in the  mainland. Then are our top 10  effects to do in The Gambia for those embarking on their first  vacation to the country.  

#1- Brikama  

In the south of Banjul Brikama is located on it. It was  formerly the capital  megacity of Gambia. It's the biggest  megacity in Brikama  fiefdom. This one of the stylish  metropolises in Gambia houses a population of about 57,000 and original Government Area remains to remain in it. Several major educational institutions you can find then like the Gambia College are also located in Brikama.  

#2- Farafenni  

Farafenni is a Gambian  city located on the Trans- Gambia Highway and an important center of commerce in the country. The major languages spoken in this  notorious  metropolises in Gambia are Wolof, Mandinka, and Fulu. You'll find then some  seminaries, a large military base and a  lately  erected sanitarium in the  megacity. piecemeal from this you also get one big  request and a small one, as well as several shops, are located then.  

#3- Bakau  

On the Atlantic seacoast west of Banjul, Bakau is located on it. The  megacity is  notorious for its  strands, botanical  auditoriums , and the crocodile pool. It's the nation’s most developed  megacity. Tourism is a thriving assiduity in Bakau, and a large chance of employment is generated by this assiduity. hospices and guest houses are located near the  strands of the  city. It's one of the top  metropolises in Gambia. Several banks,  services,  seminaries are also present in Bakau. Fishing is another important  profitable  exertion then. The Gambia’s only  public  colosseum is  positioned in Bakau name Independence Stadium.  

#4- Banjul  

Banjul is the capital  megacity and major  metropolises in Gambia. It's also formerly known as Bathurst. The  megacity is located on St Mary’s Island, also known as the Banjul Island, at the position where the Gambia River drains into the Atlantic Ocean. Several islands connect the  islet to  landmass  homes. You'll find then Ferries operate carrying passengers from Banjul to other places. Several  sightseer  lodestones  like the Albert Market, African Heritage Museum, the Gambian National Museum, several edifices, and kirks you can visit. The  megacity of Banjul is a home of Central Bank of the Gambia and  profitable center of the country. The  harborage of import  particulars like peanut, beeswax,  win  oil painting, skins, Banjul serves as a major trade  harborage in the country and hides are all  packed  from the  harborage. A Banjul International Airport also located in this most beautiful  megacity in Gambia.  

#5- Serekunda  

The biggest  metropolises in Gambia is Serekunda. It's only 13 km to the southwest of the Gambia’s capital  megacity of Banjul. The  megacity’s name after the author of Serekunda the author of Serekunda. Nine  townlets comprise together to form the big civic center name Serekunda.