Most Popular Places to Visit in Christmas Island 2023, Top Attractions

Places to Visit in Christmas Island:-

There is a surprising number of things to do on Christmas Island, it is a fascinating and beautiful place that offers a lot for nature-based travellers. Two thirds of the Island is covered by Christmas Island National Park, it has unique wildlife, rugged coastline, incredible snorkelling and diving and a fascinating cultural history. There are two flights a week to Christmas Island that depart from Perth on Tuesdays and Fridays with Virgin Australia. The Tuesday flight goes directly to Christmas Island then onto Cocos Islands and back to Perth. The Friday flight goes via Exmouth (Learmonth), Cocos Islands then Christmas Island. Despite the different routes, both flights arrive in Christmas Island at about the same time of day – mid-afternoon. Silently observing the red crabs crawling smoothly alongside the beaches, from a distant corner is a desire of every visitor. Christmas island gives you all that is required at a destination away from your home when you are on a tour. Christmas island is loaded with countless natural gems that leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of onlooker. From exotic wildlife to marine beaches and rich inherited culture to superbly growing industries, everything is nurtured on this land. Christmas Island is 2600km northwest of Perth in the Indian Ocean. It is closer to Indonesia than Australia, the Indonesian capital Jakarta is less than 500km north of the island. The nearest Australian city is Exmouth which is nearly 1600km away. Island is also referred to as Galapagos of Indian Ocean due to the accumulation of several threatened species of flora and fauna, which is a matter of interest to many scientists and naturalists. Adventure will hug you in solitude on this island which is placed separately in Indian Ocean like a gem surrounded by crystal turquoise water. The region incorporating many amazing sites in blend with most astonishing activities is a great platform ever admired by every visitor. Entering into the elegant ambiance of this island you will be submitting yourself to the paradise of nature, which will thrill your senses and capture your emotions. So, if the theoretical explanation can be so exhilarating then the real pleasure is beyond your imagination.

Most Popular Places to Visit in Christmas Island, Top Attractions:-

#1- Christmas Island National Park
#2- Christmas Island Visitor Centre
#3- Tai Jin House
#4- Territory Day Park
#5- Golf Course Lookout
#6- National Park Bird Feeding
#7- Margaret Knoll Lookout
#8- Greta Beach
#9- Gun Emplacement
#10- Ma Chor Nui Nui Temple
#11- Ethel Beach
#12- Dolly Beach
#13- The Grotto
#14- Lily Beach
#15- The Dales Hiking Trail
#16- The Blowholes

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