Most Popular Places to Visit in Chile 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Chile, Top Attractions

Chile is a beautiful country in South America. It is a narrow, long country that stretches on the western edge of South America. More than 6000 km of Chile is covered with the coastline of the great Pacific Ocean. Santiago is the capital of Chile. The country Chile is famously known as the country of poets because of the two great poets from the county has been awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. There are many beautiful places in Chile that you can visit. Chile is located in such a beautiful geographical location that is, besides the Pacific Ocean that the county in itself looks very attractive. There is a long list of places to visit in Chile which will definitely make your vacation worth a memory. Boasting one of the planet's most diverse landscapes, Chile has in recent years become an increasingly popular travel destination, particularly among nature lovers and adventure seekers. Here in this long, narrow nation on the west coast of South America, travelers will find an array of stunning sightseeing opportunities, from the tall peaks of the Andes and endless beaches to lush temperate forests, ancient volcanoes, and a dramatic coastline such as that found at Cape Horn. Chile is also blessed with an abundance of superb national parks and conservation areas, many of them popular destinations for those into trekking and hiking, as well as those who enjoy adventurous things to do such as climbing, river rafting, mountain biking, and horseback riding. But Chile is not without its cultural attractions, too, with cities such as the capital of Santiago offering many fine museums and art galleries, and stunning Easter Island with its famous stone figures. Whatever your travel preferences, you'll find no shortage of beautiful places to visit and photograph in Chile. This skinny, narrow country snaking down the coast of South America is easily one of the most diverse places in the continent. The lava-fueled volcanoes, sun-soaked beaches, and massive glaciers are just a few of the extreme landscapes you’ll find in Chile. If you’re looking to spend any amount of time in the outdoors, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the sheer number of things to do in Chile, you’ll have at your disposal. Among the top attractions are the world’s driest desert, spectacular scenery of glaciers and fjords, and the many volcanoes along the Pacific “ring of fire”. Chile is also an excellent destination for hiking, surfing, paragliding, and swimming. No matter what you’re interested in seeing, the breathtaking natural beauty of this pristine country is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Some people believe that the country's name originated from the word "chili" in language and means "where the land ends." I can't say that this is the place where the land ends, but I can say that it is the country where you will find the largest swimming pool, delicious wines, and even more. Millions of people who want to enjoy and find out all the country's tourist activities travel to Chile per year. What are the tourist attractions in Chile? In the following sections, you will find an answer to this and more. 

The island of Chiloe bursts with color and culture, instantly making visitors feel welcome and inspired. Chiloe’s striking landscape is complimented by brightly painted wooden churches (16 of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites) and over-water stilted homes. Populating Chile’s fifth largest island are a spiritual people whose culture revolves around mythology, witchcraft and folklore, making Chiloe a strange yet irresistible destination in Chile. 

Known better by its nickname as “The End of the World”, the aptly named, southernmost region in Chile is isolated albeit extremely intriguing. This triangular archipelago — explored by the likes of Charles Darwin and Ferdinand Magellan — presents a rough and rugged front that gives way to charming allure. This region can be explored on foot, but some of the most spectacular tours are conducted from the water. 

Chile’s most naturally scenic district runs 547km from Temuco in the north to meet Puerto Montt in the south. Renowned for gorgeous emerald lakes framed by snow-capped mountains and volcanoes, the Lake District provides endless vistas and incredible scenery. As beautiful and tranquil as the district is, it’s also known as an adventure capital. Rafting, zip lining, kayaking, volcano-climbing, hiking and alpine skiing are just some of the offerings. National Parks rule here, and no visit to the Lake District is complete without exploring one of them.  

Famous for epic trekking, monstrous glaciers, tranquil lakes, and iconic rock formations, Torres del Paine National Park is arguably Chile’s most sought-after attraction. Adventurous travelers flock to Chile’s Patagonia region to spend their days ogling unbeatable natural beauty and nights spent camping under the stars.  

Lying over 3,219km off Chile’s eastern coast and 2,092km from any other populated piece of land, Easter Island is one of the most isolated inhabited places in the world and a photographer’s dream land. The volcanoes flow down to meet the beaches and the lush, rolling greenery makes an epic contrast to the untamed Pacific Ocean never lurking too far off in the background. Making the perfect model for photog’s portraits are the roughly 1,000 stone Moai statues. 

A small town built around an oasis on a desert plateau, roughly 5,000 people call San Pedro de Atacama home. The traditional way of life and other-worldly landscapes that expands throughout the Atacama Desert draw tourists who come to admire the naturally beautiful surroundings, simple lifestyles, and ancient culture that continues to thrive in the town. San Pedro de Atacama’s 16th century church is its iconic landmark and the Craft Village is the place to stroll through to witness the age-old local art traditions still practiced here. 

This bustling seaport lies 120km west of Santiago and possesses all the flairs and quirks one might expect from a World Heritage City. Valparaiso is praised for its rich culture and its ability to inspire local artists and poets. What should you do in town? Eat seafood, stroll the narrow streets, check out the city’s infamous collection of street art, peruse the art galleries, discover gastronomic treats and gaze upon the city’s magnificent architecture from its many towering viewpoints. 

Cruise through rural Patagonia following over 1,200km of road on Route 7 while enjoying pristine natural beauty and possibly the freshest air in the world. The starting point lies in Puerto Montt and the road terminates in Villa O’Higgins. The remote stretch of road winds through several National Parks, along wild rivers and lakes, through untouched forests, and past glaciers and mountain ranges. Traveling the whole route from start to finish includes 3 ferry crossings. It’s a big time commitment, but if you’re seeking some alone time amidst nature, make the trip.  

For the foodies and the wine lovers, a trip to the wine valleys south and west of Santiago top the list of places to visit in Chile. Chilean vineyards quickly climbed the ranks and now claim a spot amongst the best wine producing regions in the world. There are several valleys battling for the spotlight, but the three best-known around Santiago are Maipo Valley, Colchagua Valley, and Casablanca Valley. The latter is Chile’s only cool-climate wine producing region and is known especially for its excellent white wines and pinot noir.

The country’s capital and the largest city is an obvious place to visit in Chile. This city offers a real taste and feel for what Chilean culture is all about. Explore its many neighborhoods, some of which provide a plethora of art galleries and others which are known for their markets selling local handicrafts. The historic city center has no shortage of museums and old buildings with impressive facades. Nightlife is also booming here — head to the Bellavista district to get your groove on. 

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