Most Popular Places to Visit in Cameroon, 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Cameroon, Top Attractions

Cameroon is among Africa countries that have established themselves as the stylish  trip destinations in the  mainland. It's a central African country with an array of  sightseer destinations and sights to behold. The terrain and wildlife are among the most significant allures that bring people to this country. Cameroon,  frequently appertained to as the heart of Africa, is a buzzing country with life and soul in cornucopia. The large and  sedulous  metropolises then are  rounded  by vast areas of mountains, rainforest and  strands. The terrain then's as varied as the language with over 230 original languages completing the English and French speaking regions. The variety of wildlife at the large number of natural  premises  in the country  give nature  suckers with  plenitude of chances to spot rare and  fantastic   brutes. Gorillas are common in the south of the country in the Campo Ma’an National Park and  mammoths, hyenas and giraffes make an appearance at other  premises . Hiring and driving your own vehicle then's much easier than in other  corridor of Africa due to the good road conditions. The public transport is also better than in  numerous other African countries meaning that you'll  noway  be stuck in one place in the country. Overall the  blend of music,  grand terrain and  further culture than you can conceivably hope to soak up, makes Cameroon a great place to visit in Africa and it's  incontinently clear that you're at the  veritably  center of this fascinating  mainland.  

#1- Yaounde  

This is the capital  megacity which holds  major and political references. In addition to the Mefou National Park, the National Museum of Yaounde reflects upon the history and culture of the country. Another private  bid by the name of Blackitude Museum is an ethnographic gallery for the purpose of protection and preservation of cultural heritage.  

#2- Douala  

This  ocean-  harborage  megacity has vital geographic and  marketable interest,  casing Gallery of Maritime, Doul’Art and Cathedrale Saint Pierre et Saint Paul as centres of original culture. This  megacity is important to conveyance across Cameroon and houses only certain artistic centres.  

#3- Down Beach/ Bimbia Rain- timber  

This  magnet of the Limbe  megacity serves as the culinary center. The place is a must visit for all the  dilettantes  of  ocean- food, food tourism being  current in this area. The Bimbia Rain-  timber in the  conterminous area is recommended for its mangrove trails.  

#4- Limbe  

Limbe, formerly known as Victoria is a  harborage  megacity, reminding the people of its British and German  social  history, and in turn responsible for the different foliage and fauna of this region, extending from  fantastic  crops to colonies of coffee, rubber and cocoa, which puts the Botanical Centre on the recommended sightseeing list. The Limbe Wildlife Centre is an exception to the zoos in Africa and is one of the most santurized demesne  furnishing  nearly natural  niche to its  residers and provides a close- to- nature experience. This centre is  visionary in  delivering ill treated and  risked  creatures.  

#5- Kribi  

Popularly known as the ‘ cascade by the  ocean ’, is one of the largest  falls in the  tropical region and among the favourite  sightseer  lodestones . This  position is of immense scenic beauty and also facilitates boat lifts arranged by private companies across the swash,  largely recommended for excursionists travelling to this spot.  

#6- Mount Cameroon  

The loftiest active  powder keg peak( 13,435ft.) in West Africa,  positioned on the south- western part of Cameroon,Mt.Cameroon is one of the favourite trekking trails of adventure tourism. A four day long  journey from the base at  social  city of Buea, which also has the history of being the first post office in West Africa.  

#7- Korup National Park  

In the South- west  quarter close to the Nigerian border, this National demesne is a primary  timber with the oldest and richest foliage and fauna. The National demesne 1,260 sq. Kms. wide provides different trails for  touring,  raspberry watching and beast study with  structure for habitation.  

#8- Ekom Nkam falls  

The mountainous terrain amidst the rainforest, beget  numerous  falls but the Cataracts d’Ekom is particularly recommended for its  graphic  view. The  nonfictional name of cascade is ‘ falling from Ekom ’, the original  vill is close to the  megacity of Melong.  

#9- Dja Faunal Reserve  

This wildlife reserve is on the banks of the swash Dja,  defended by UNESCO World Heritage Site. still, this place isn't completely equipped for tourism, the  ideal being to  cover the natural  niche of wildlife.