Most Popular Places to Visit in Belarus, 2023, Top Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Belarus, Top Attractions

Belarus has a long history of being contested. Nevertheless, it has emerged out of its dark historical past to become a beautiful republic, home to some remarkable tourist attractions. Here are some of the best places to visit in Belarus for tourists! If you are someone who wants to explore an offbeat destination that throws open the chance to discover the lush primaeval forests, has the places that take you back to the Soviet eras as well as boasts amazing nightlife, Belarus is the country you must visit. Sandwiched by Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia, this country occupies a relatively unexplored corner of Eastern Europe but there are plenty of interesting places to visit in Belarus that are sure to give a ping on your travel radar. Besides all its World War II history and architecture, there are colossal forts and castles, more than 11,000 lakes, the majestic capital Minsk, delicious potato dishes and some unmissable art and music scenes that deserve global attention. The wide portfolio of Belarus tourist attractions, therefore, offers an intriguing blend of the ancient and the modern; it is here where you can take a trip back in time while you have plenty of opportunities to keep up with the contemporary side of life. Belarus tourism begins with Minsk, the capital city flourishing on its pulsating nightlife, outstanding museums and an impressive collection of Stalin-era architecture along with the lovely Minsk people and this happy coexistence is what makes Minsk so special. Since the time it has taken the top position on most of Belarus’ travel checklist backed by the relaxed visa regime, the capital has witnessed a consistent surge in tourism numbers. Out of all its notable landmarks that attract visitors from far and near, one of the most eye-catching Minsk tourist attractions is the glorious street of Independence Avenue lined with many chic cafes along with the dancing fountains illuminated with lights. Other must-visit Minsk Attractions include Gorky Central Children's Park, Zair Azgur Memorial Studio, old town, National History Museum, Kamaroŭski market and more. Not to mention, if you are an art admirer, you are sure to fall head over heels in love with the city’s street art that adorns even the hidden yards running along the main avenue. The country is covered by forests and also contains major tracts of marshy lands. This nation also wears the ornament of several streams and lakes that run through the country. Due to its unique natural environment, this country remains home to many rare plants and animal species.

#1- Tower of Kamenetz
Though it is often regarded as the “White Tower,” the Tower of Kamenetz, in reality, is red thanks to the red brick construction done during the 13th century. This significant Belarus point of interest can be found in the town of Kamenetz and was once a part of several that stood all around the country in other cities of Belarus like Grodno and Brest.

#2- Nesvizh
Nesvizh is one of the cities in Belarus famous for its medieval castles, better known as the Nesvizh Castle, the construction of which was completed in the 17th century in a mix of Renaissance and Baroque styles.

#3- Dudutki
The Dudutki Ethnological Museum Complex is a short day trip away from Minsk, where the tourists can travel back in time, taking in the folklore and history that Belarus has to offer.

#4- Brest Railway Museum
A whimsical, quirky spot in the southwest border town of Brest, the railway museum is one of the favorite museums in Belarus. It is home to as many as fifty-six trains with the ensemble comprising diesel trains, steam cranes, steam locomotives, and also a snowplow.

#5- Grodno
Another of the famous cities of Belarus in the form of Grodno stands along the western border of Belarus. Of particular interest here among tourist attractions in Belarus is the Kalozha Church, which also happens to be a nominee for recognition as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

#6- Polotsk
Regarded as the oldest among the cities in Belarus, the first mention of Polotsk can be found as early as the year 862. It is a place holding immense architectural and historical significance with a whole host of heritage buildings that visitors can choose to explore.

#7- Berestye Archaeological Museum
One of the more unique museums in Belarus, the Berestye Archaeological Museum, stands on an archaeological site of great importance situated outside the city limits of Brest and dating back to the 13th century. This Belarus travel destination used to be a wooden town that was excavated during the 1960s before being turned into a museum during the 1980s with the placing of a glass roof over the site.

#8- Lida
The city of Lida is located to the west of Belarus and ranks prominently among places to visit in Belarus because of its numerous Belarus country points of interest. Primary among them is the Lida Castle that was constructed during the 14th century and is known for its trapezium shape and crimson walls that result from the use of ornate brickwork.

#9- Minsk Sea
Situated to the north of Minsk Belarus, the Minsk Sea is an artificial reservoir that has gained popularity amongst tourists and also the local people, being a significant sightseeing Belarus attraction for the summer months.

#10- National Park Pripyatsky
This national park is situated in a valley that is referred to as the Belarus Amazon owing to the numerous swamps and forests found in the area. For visitors to these parts, the significant Belarus points of interest include photography safaris and the presence of highly diverse wildlife. This park is home to as many as 51 different species of mammals that include beavers, raccoons, elk, deer, and some even rarer animals such as mink and lynx.

#11- Brest Fortress 
Brest Fortress is an installation created in dedication to those heroes who laid down their lives during the Great Patriotic War. This memorial complex is among the best places to go in Belarus. It stands in the city of Brest on the site where the fortress initially stood.

#12- Mir Castle
One among the principal Belarus points of interest, Mir Castle dates back to the 16th century and can be found in the Grodno region. A mighty feat of architecture, it was built as a combination of Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic styles with massive fortification walls surrounding it.

#13- Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park
The Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that spans Belarus and neighboring Poland. It is also a protected land area. This Belarus point of interest is well known for its lush landscape and variety of flora and fauna with the European Bison being the most notable of the lot – in fact: this happens to be one of the few places where these majestic animals can be witnessed in their natural habitat.

#14- Braslav Lake Area
The Braslav Lake Area is mostly the remains of an ancient glacier, and something that every Belarus travel guide would recommend as a must explore. The region has around 300 lakes referred to as the Belarus “Blue Necklace” owing to the azure waters. The rugged Belarus countryside here is interspersed by cliffs and bays while the lakes are home to over 30 different species of fish. Bird watching is one of the favored activities in Belarus besides climbing and rambling.

#15- Minsk
There is a lot for visitors to savor in the capital city of Belarus. Independence Square spread across seven hectares is one of the largest public squares in the continent. This area is ideal for an evening stroll, set amidst the pretty dancing lights and water fountains, in case tourists are wondering about things to do in Minsk.