List of to-do activities in Leh and Ladakh

List of to-do activities in Leh and Ladakh

Located between the Khardung La Pass and the Great Himalayas, Leh Ladakh is an exciting and enticing travel destination for any adventure and nature lover. Here you can witness the beauty of snow capped valleys, hills, and slopes and enjoy participating in a number of outdoor activities. Some of the to-do  things to stay prepared with while planning your vacation here are bike riding, river rafting, trekking, camping, and many more.




Besides, the beautiful and diverse terrain of Leh Ladakh also is home to a variety of beautiful species of flora and fauna. Apart from engaging yourself in adventurous and sporty activities here, you can also enjoy the serenity and the white and green beauty of the land with your loved ones. There are a variety of things to do when in Leh Ladakh to make your vacations memorable. Let us look at each of them briefly below.

Things to do in Leh Ladakh

Safari and Bike riding

Jeep safari and bike riding are two among the most popular, captivating and thrilling things to do in Leh Ladakh. The best bike riding spots in Leh Ladakh is along the Tso Moriri lake, which offers you a serene environment, exotic wildlife, and beautiful landscape to enjoy. Besides, for jeep safari you can follow the Leh Manali highway. This route cherishes you with beautiful sceneries, mountain passes, and incredible views. The famous trails for safari in Leh Ladakh include Dah Hanu, Pangong Tso Lake, Nubra Valley, and the popular Khardungla Pass. 



River Rafting

Indus, Zanskar, and Shayok are among the major rivers in Leh Ladakh that offer the visitors the beautiful experience of river rafting. Although rafting can be done in each of them, river rafting along the popular trail on Zanskar river is the most difficult yet popular one. While rafting along this trail from Phey to Nimmo, you won’t only enjoy the water sport, but also witness the mesmerizing beauty of the natural surroundings. So, if you are an adventure lover and want to enjoy something special in Leh Ladakh, then you must try white water rafting here.



Leh Ladakh is a famous trekking destination for trek lovers around the world. There are a variety of beautiful trek trails in Leh Ladakh. To name some are the Ripchar Valley trek, Padum to Darcha trek, Markha Valley trek, and many more. Although trekking is popular to do here in Leh Ladakh, it is also very difficult. The harsh climate, rough terrain and always changing weather of the land makes  it so. But still for adventure fanatics, it is among the most popular sports. So, what are you waiting for? If you are also planning to trek on the beautiful trails of Leh Ladakh, make sure to come ready with your trekking kit. 




Skiing is among the favorite outdoor sports people love engaging in while in Leh Ladakh. The snow-capped mountains and the steep slopes of the land, provides visitors with an excellent and exciting opportunity to ski down at altitude of 17000 feet above sea level. This totally a beautiful yet different experience. The best and most popular skiing destination in Leh Ladakh is Zanskar. Here people visit especially to enjoy heliskiing. So, when in Leh Ladakh, don’t miss this beautiful skiing experience for anything. 



Ice sporting

Apart from enjoying skiing over the beautiful, snow capped terrains of Leh Ladakh, you can also enjoy other ice sports. To name one, you can participate in ice hockey. It is one of the most famous sports in Leh Ladakh. Here it is played over open natural ice, which is entirely a different experience where a cold breeze will kiss your face and warm blood will run down your veins. What can be more thrilling than enjoying this game in its own land? So, whenever you are on the Leh Ladakh tour, don’t forget to get your hands on ice hockey. 



Enjoy the serenity and the natural beauty

Talking about the natural beauty of Leh Ladakh is something which you can do non-stop. The beauty of the land comes from its mind blowing terrains, running fresh water rivers, snow capped mountains, hills, slopes, and valleys, and the mesmerizing surrounding. But this is not all, Leh Ladakh is also famous for the variety of flora and fauna that provides it with the number of bio-reserves that are located here. To name a few unique species to spot here are snow leopards, Ibex, Shapu, Alpine trees, Great Tibetan Sheep and many varieties of birds like Himalayan snow cock and Brown Accentor. 




Leh Ladakh is a beautiful vacation spot for any adventure and nature lover. The beauty of the land comes from its serene environment, adventurous lanes, and variety of wildlife. People from around the world come to Leh Ladakh to spend their vacations and make beautiful memories with their loved ones.




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