Italy Adventure Awaits: Designing Your Ultimate Trip

Pasta and pizza are two of the things that quite possibly everyone is a fan of. One can only imagine how wonderful the country is going to be that has given us these amazing delicacies. We are talking about none other than Italy. Italy is probably a dream destination for a lot of people, especially for couples. Italy packs so much beauty and so many stories within itself that it is literally a dream-like adventure for most people. It’s time everybody stopped getting a taste of pasta and pizzas from the restaurants in their hometown and headed to the actual place of origin.

With the endless list of things to do and see in Italy, It usually gets a little overwhelming. How many days should you spend there? How much budget do you require to go to Italy? What is the best time to go to Italy and how should you plan your itinerary? This is where Nitsa Holidays can be your best partner. Based out of Delhi, Nitsa Holidays is a travel and tour agency that works towards making dreams come true. We have served multiple customers by taking them on domestic and international trips and we have expertise in providing the most amazing journeys to everyone. You will find a wide range of packages that are suitable for families, groups, and couples and if you have made up your mind to go to Italy, you can choose from our Italy group to a package from India, Italy family tour package from India and Italy Couples tour package from India. We can guarantee you that your package will be suited to all your preferences and you will be full of joy and smiles from the beginning to the end.

Where is Italy?

Italy is a mesmerizing and magnificent country located in Europe that is surrounded by mountains in the north and a gorgeous sea around the southside.

How should you go to Italy?

From most of the major cities of India, you can fly to the major cities of Italy. There are tons of flights that can take you to Italy and will cost you close to INR. 40,000/- to INR. 60,000/- per ticket.

When should you go to Italy?

Italy is one of those countries that you can choose to visit any time of the year. The summers are warm and humid but not to the extent that will ruin your day and clothes. and the winters actually come with mild snowfall around the northern part and a subtle cool breeze in the Southern part of the country. The peak season when tourists come to Italy is between the months of May to October, which is the springtime and the weather is perfect for exploring the best of the country.

How should you travel around in Italy?

Italy has an amazing public transportation system and you can use the trains or buses for short distances. You can choose to rent two-wheelers or just take a casual stroll around the scenic cities.

How much time do you need for a vacation in Italy?

If we were honest, we would say that even a year is insufficient to capture everything that Italy has to offer. However, we understand that people are bound by time, and a seven-day or a ten-day tour to Italy is perfect to enjoy the best of it.

What should be your budget to go to Italy?

Italy is a quite highly-priced tourist destination compared to other places and as the Indian currency goes, you would need anywhere from one lakh to two lakhs per person for a seven-day trip in Italy.

Where should you stay in Italy?

The accommodations in Italy can be priced fairly high just like the rest of the country. However, if you need some budget-friendly accommodations, Nitsa Holidays has a list of some wonderful options to choose from. However, if you have been blessed with a deep pocket, the luxury resorts and hotels of Italy are incomparable such as the Como Castel De Niro Hotel in Florence, the Park Hyatt Milan, and the Caesar Augustus in Naples.

Which places should you cover on a seven-day trip to Italy and what should you do there?

Rome- the largest and the capital city of Italy is Rome and it is one location that is unmissable in any tour package of Italy. Rome can also be called the cultural hub of the country and it houses so many monuments and masterpieces that it is impossible to cover all of them. Rome is the place where the amazing architecture of domes and arches was born and it is also the place where Latin literature took birth. The churches of Rome, the monuments of Rome, and basically every nook and corner of Rome tell you a story of its beautiful past. There are some iconic landmarks that you cannot miss when you are in Rome, such as the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forum. As soon as you step into Rome, your eyes will be able to witness the most ethereal sites, learn about the most rich history in the world, and capture images that you will never cease to forget. A day in Rome is like getting a tour of heaven, and you will be enchanted and amazed by all of it.

Florence- from Rome, you can take a train ride for three hours and reach another magical destination named Florence. Florence also welcomes you with open arms and shows of some of the most magnificent sites in the entire world. Italy is known for its Roman artwork and paintings and you can head to the museum to see the iconic painting of Michelangelo named David here. The churches of Florence reflect a Renaissance flair, and you can catch some amazing ballet shows, a beautiful dance form believed to have originated in the country, in the city of Florence. You can find amazing restaurants and eateries, serving some of the best cuisines and cocktails and the ambiance and location of all of these places bring you a slice of heaven.

Verona- almost everybody has heard of Verona, thanks to Shakespeare’s greatest creation, Romeo and Juliet. Can you believe that you can actually stand on the balcony, where Juliet supposedly stood looking down at Romeo? Apart from this magical experience, you can also soak in a lot of history and beauty when you are in Verona. Unlike the other places in Italy, Verona can be a more relaxed and calm place to freshen up your mind during the trip.

Venice- if you are single, you will start planning your wedding as you set foot in Venice. If you are married, you would want to come to this location for a romantic tour with your partner. Venice is one of the most popular places not just in Italy but in the entire Europe, it is one of the most scenic and picturesque locations and is surrounded by crystal clear waters. The streets are narrow, so you would have to walk around it. However, the sites that you get to see, will totally make up for the physical work that you have put in. You get to see the breathtaking bridges, waterways, magical palaces, cultural shows, magnificent monuments, and tons and tons of tourists trying to capture the best of Italy just like you are doing. A brilliant experience to include in your day exploring Venice is to fuel up with the iconic ciccanti which are Italian-style bar snacks that will make you lick your fingers to the bone. Accompanying these delicacies with the world-famous wines of Italy will take your experience to a whole new level.

Naples- for foodies, Naples is a gift. This is the place where one of the most popular foods in the entire world, the pizza, originated. There are multiple eateries where you can go and try this magnificent creation by man and you would never want to leave Italy after that. Apart from the lip-smacking pizza, Naples is also an edgy and magnificent location to see some of the most amazing lakes, fountains, churches, monuments, streets, art, and cultural brilliance of Italy. The castles and palaces of Naples will make you feel like it is straight out of a fiction novel because the beauty of it feels unreal. 

Now, Italy certainly has a lot more places and adventures that you can include. However, we have listed out some of the most unmissable spots and landmarks that you must see on your trip to Italy. Suppose it feels like a big task to plan your days around the magical country of Italy. You should leave it to Nitsa holidays since we can prepare the most perfect itinerary that suits your needs and preferences to the best. We will cater to your exact requirements and bring to you the most ethereal journey of your life. However, one request that we have is for you to try the wonderful gelato, the iconic pizza and pasta, and the world-renowned wine of Italy.