Family-Friendly Activities Included in Singapore Tour Packages

Singapore isn’t your typical vacation spot, it’s a whole cultural, social, and cinematic experience. A step into this country will open you up to new experiences, show you things that your eyes wouldn’t be able to fathom, and teach you stories that you wish never ended. Anyone who has been to Singapore before can definitely claim that it is one place that must be on your bucket list and be checked off as soon as one can! 

As tourism rose in the country, the tourism department of Singapore understood the need to make its activities and experiences more inclusive for families. No doubt Singapore sees hundreds and thousands of tourists coming for business and work purposes but that never restricts the city from opening its arms to families. This beautiful balance reflects the culture and traditions of the country and shows how beautifully they consider everyone’s unique identity and choices. 

For Indian Families, Singapore is the most ideal vacation spot. All the landmarks, the monuments, and the activities are created to cater to families which not only lets them have a fun time but also connect and bond with each other even more. Hence, Nitsa Holidays has curated amazing Singapore Family Travel Packages from Delhi to ensure that all of the needs and requirements are met and guarantee that everyone who chooses to go on a Singapore Family Tour Package from India has the most enjoyable and memorable itinerary. 

A Singapore Family Vacation Package can include so many wonderful spots, so many learning opportunities and so many breathtaking sights to see, how to choose among them? Do not worry, this is where Nitsa Holidays comes into the picture. We not only ensure that your package is specifically tailored to your tastes but we also ensure that it fits right into your budget as well! Now let's cruise through some amazing family-friendly things that you can do and feel on top of the world. 

Sentosa Island 

Who in this world hasn’t heard about the glorious and wonderful Sentosa Island? Sentosa Island houses so much adventure that it is impossible to experience all of them in a day. For children, it is like stepping into a fantasy world where fun never ends, and for adults, it becomes a chance to experience and relive their childhood. Basically, a Singapore Family Vacation Package that includes a visit to Sentosa Island will be a gift for all. 

This man-made island has everything starting from the infamous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and Beaches to Water parks and aquariums. Sentosa Island is a whole nother world in itself. Everything you can dream of, you will find it here. 

Universal Studios

As you set foot in Universal Studios of Singapore, you will forget all your worries and stresses. Quite possibly the most important addition to your Singapore Family Travel Package from India, Universal Studios is literally the most amazing and exciting destination. It is miles away from any other theme park or adventure park you have ever seen in your life. Fun is instilled into every single corner of this place. From Hollywood references to magical castles, from ancient Egyptian shows to thrilling Jurassic Park rides, you will find it all. 

Walking around this beautiful and breathtaking place with your family, buying memorable souvenirs, and holding hands tightly during rides is an experience worth living. 

Singapore Flyer

Everybody wants to be at the top of the world, right? Especially your children, well Singapore makes all your dreams come true. Who would’ve thought that one could see three different countries at a time? Nitsa Holidays told you at the beginning of this that Singapore opens you up to new and rare opportunities and the Singapore Flyer is one of them. This 500-foot Ferris wheel ride not only gives you a spectacular and panoramic view of Singapore but also lets you spot Indonesia and Malaysia from the top! As it goes up high in the sky, you are exposed to new levels of joy and excitement. The ride lasts for thirty minutes but the memories of it last forever. 

• Wings of Time

The cinematic universe of Singapore must be explored by everyone on their Singapore Family Tour Package. Wings of Time is a jaw-dropping sight and the most unique way of storytelling that Singapore has created. The spectacular fireworks, beautiful waterworks, and captivating laser lights take you through the story of two friends who travel through time in an adventurous and exciting way. Both children and adults enjoy an ethereal and mystical atmosphere in this show that liven up their minds and hearts. Families must definitely brighten up their nights in Singapore by watching this show. 

Gardens by the Bay

Your children and you must’ve watched the Avatar movie and wondered whether that magical land would ever be open to human beings. Well, Singapore makes the unbelievable turn into believable. The world knows of Singapore as the urban jungle and it demonstrates this all across the country. How magnificently it has blended modernity with nature is amazing to see. The multiple layers that this futuristic design and concept demonstrates show viewers that a place can be beautiful, serve the purpose of nature, preserve wildlife, and create an additional layer to the skyline. You can find exotic species and plants, greenhouses, and modernistic spaces in this garden of wonders. 

Singapore Zoo

Zoo is a place that people of all ages equally enjoy and Singapore Zoo is a beautiful example of it. Housing hundreds of species of birds, mammals, and reptiles in this area, children have a wonderful time watching them living in their habitat and playfully enjoying with each other. Known as one of the best zoos on the planet, the futuristic and creative architecture of the place amazes the viewers! 

SEA Aquarium

Your kids can step into the sets of Nemo and meet all of his friends at the Seaquarium of Singapore is the best place. Dive with your family into this magical water world and greet octopuses, rays, dolphins, and sharks. One of the most surreal experiences in any Singapore Family Travel Package, the sea aquarium will be a gateway to marine information, beautiful sights, and exciting experiences. 

Wild Wild Wet Waterpark

Children cannot deny the opportunity to play around, jumping and splashing in water, and with the warm weather or Singapore, a waterpark is an ideal place to cool off during a Singapore Family Vacation Package. The Wild Wild Wet Water Park boasts some of the best water rides and slides in the entirety of Asia and visitors have always come out with the biggest smile on their faces. You also must let your kids chill and relax while having the utmost fun and taking part in adventurous activities. 

Trick Eye Museum 

Usually, people do not enjoy being tricked, however, when you are in Singapore, it is our word that you will want to be tricked and fooled over and over again. The modernistic and futuristic world of Singapore has shaken hands with creativity and fun in the Trick Eye Museum. With 3D and 4D adventure, AI and AR games, dragons, and war exhibits where one can enter a new dimension, this place turns out to be a learning experience that is also filled with tons and tons of fun! 

• Garden Rhapsody Sound and Light Show

Young ones are always amazed by colorful lights and shiny objects and the Garden Rhapsody Sound and Light Show is like a paradise for them. The glowing supertree groves are not just magnificent to look at, they also are considerate to the environment by being entirely solar-powered. You can expect to click on the most amazing family portrait in this area. Visiting this enchanting world of glimmering and glittering lights is a highlight of Singapore Family Tour Packages and it is surely going to be a night to remember. 


To open up your children and family to new cultures and experiences, head to Chinatown in Singapore. Try the extremely delicious and lip-smacking Chinese delights on the streets, shop souvenirs from the cheap and fun shops selling beautiful handcrafted goods, enjoy the red and golden decor spread all around, or just learn about the traditions and customs of the friendly and loving locals. 

Little India

To experience some sense of familiarity, go and visit the Little India of Singapore and see how similar yet different it is in comparison to your hometown. Understand how cultures and traditions change with time and space. If you’re missing a taste of home, head over to the restaurants and enjoy the beautiful and colorful walls of the surroundings. 

Singapore Night Safari

This is the best adventure to add to your Singapore Travel Package itinerary and it is an experience you cannot miss in this country. Your kids will definitely have the most amazing time of their lives but do ensure that they stay quiet, you do not want tigers chasing them, right? The Singapore Night Safari is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that takes you on a man-made forest adventure where you can see the most magnificent and spectacular creatures in unbelievably close proximity. There are traditional dance and music performances that enchant the viewers and are a cherry on the cake. 

Marina Bay

One of the most renowned spots in Singapore is the Marina Bay area. You can never experience Singapore without going to Marina Bay on your Singapore Family trip Package. A beautiful addition to the skyline of the country are the three tall towers that are not only amazing to look at but are also the most wonderful places to capture some family pictures. The Merlion Park, a mythical creature that is also the symbol of Singapore, is also located in this area and is always stuffed with tourists. You can also take your children to the ArtScience Museum which is a beautiful demonstration of futuristic ideas and shows off the imaginative minds of the Singaporeans! 

KidZania Singapore

Children are always fond of role-playing characters that they idolize and KidZania Singapore lets them do that without any boundaries. Filled with leaps and bounds of fun and excitement, children can step into the shoes of adults in a city that is run by kids for kids. With its own currency and banking systems, children can roleplay characters such as teachers, chefs, bankers, doctors, etc, and try to enact their lifestyles. This experience gives them a glimpse of what they can expect from the future whilst also having a wonderful time. 

MINT Museum of Toys

Go back to your days as a child and try to remember what excited you the most, Toys, right? What if you were given a chance to be surrounded by limitless toys and games at that age? Well, if you couldn’t, do it for your children and vicariously live your fantasies too with the vintage collection at The Mint Toys Museums that boasts over 50,000 toys and playful things. It is an activity that your child will always thank you for and remember. 

With the amazing list of activities and adventures that we have covered so far, you must’ve understood that Singapore is a fan favorite amongst families. What are you waiting for then? Let Nitsa Holidays take charge as you gear up for the most amazing Singapore Family Trip Package. Singapore awaits to welcome you with open arms and the widest smiles!