Houseboats of Srinagar: Living on Dal Lake

A moment with houseboats in Srinagar gives you the view of flying high in the hills. But, if you are a highlight who stays in the Srinagar houseboat because of your experience at the other houseboat. Then you are mistaken! They are not coming under comparison.

Srinagar’s houseboats are not only deluxe but also attached to a nice lake by big mountains. The little cozy cabin keeps you warm for the whole night. You can savor the wonderful views all day long as the sun starts to rise. This experience will be out of this world. ou won’t even miss a Srinagar trip if it is on your checklist.

Cost Of Houseboat Stay In Srinagar

The houseboat in Srinagar falls into five main categories: Deluxe, A grade/class, and D grade/class. The Deluxe houseboat is the most luxurious one. Treatment comforts decrease with class/grade shade advances as far as D grade/class. An annual seasonal rental houseboat will cost you from around INR 8,000 to 15,000. The highest range remains INR 2,00,000 per night for the most expensive ones. Moreover, you can add a houseboat stay to your Sri Nagar tour packages.

But, the most popular are economy or budget houseboats. They are available for around INR 3,000–14,000 per night. Additional duties will depend on the sort of facilities or meal plan you prefer to include in the bundle.

The per-night prices for renting houseboats in Srinagar show an amazing seasonal variation from year to year. The ones at the top are calculated as seasonal rates. In the idle season, the audience level can fall to 50% at any time. So, plan your Srinagar trip accordingly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Houseboat

Here are some factors you can keep in mind while booking a houseboat in Jammu Kashmir travel package:

Location: A houseboat located at Dal Lake, with the city's famous Mughal Gardens and the floating markets as the closest attractions. It is the ideal choice.

Size and Amenities: Make sure that there are enough bedrooms, bathroom facilities, and other services. It includes onboard dining and Shilkara rides. They are included to fit your needs.

Reputation and Hospitality: Explore the reputation of a boat operator and choose a family-run houseboat. It is known for its excellent services and hospitality.

Budget: Compare the costs of different boat houses with the provision of the features and services offered. Note that higher prices may reflect better accommodations and services.

Some Famous Houseboats in Kashmir

Goona Palace Group of Houseboats

It is one of the famous houseboats near Dal Lake that has a fully-fledged restaurant. They also have a bar serving drinks on viewing decks and serene views of Nehru Park. Enjoy the luxury of the rooms that have study tables and living and dining halls with retro designs. A range of amenities that suit both executives and leisure travelers. They also have an on-campus garden with a children's parking lot.

Address: Goona Land, Opposite Hotel Boulevard, Gate No: 12, Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001

Chicago Group of Houseboats

Maintaining the title of best houseboat in Kashmir. These lodgings are surrounded by splashing streams, snowy mountains, and colorful gardens. Luxury houses lie in the form of decorative antique furniture, big couch sets, and fast data transmission. The high trees of Chinar add some color to the surrounding nature of the lakeside restaurant by the property. The vegetarian restaurant has Indian, continental, and Moghul cuisine.

Address: Ghat No 9, Boulevard Road Road Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190001

Mascot Houseboats

It is located on the crystalline Nagin Lake, and cafes and restaurants are nearby. Mascot Houseboats has been a pioneer hospitality brand since the 1880s. A separate library with lake views is juxtaposed to the deck.

Address: Opposite Nigeen Club, Nigeen Lake, West Side, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190006

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