Plan Your Sri Lanka Trip under Budget: The Perfect Guide

If you are a person who likes to travel or you wish to travel any time soon and budget is something that has been restricting you, worry not. You must be thinking that an international trip on a budget is extremely impossible. However, Nitsa Holidays can assure you that it is very much possible. There are a few names that Indians can think of when they wonder about international locations that they can choose to go on a budget trip. The first few names that come to mind are Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. However, we have often been skipping out on one of the most wonderful places in the entire world that one can choose to go to on a budget trip.

Sri Lanka is an extremely beautiful country that is small in size but houses some of the most amazing views and adventures. It is located in Asia in the middle of the Indian Ocean and it is an island that is surrounded by the most crystal clear turquoise blue waters. Sri Lanka has done a wonderful job in providing both luxurious and budget-friendly experiences to its tourists and that is the reason a lot of travelers have lately been trying to get into this country. Now good news for Indians, getting a visa is fairly easy and is also made free quite a few times during the year so there is technically nothing stopping you right now from heading to your Sri Lanka tour package. Speak to your boss, convince them for a vacation, and start planning for your trip right away.

When it comes to finding the right tour guide, that can assure you that you will not be overcharged or overpriced is fairly easy. Nitsa holidays have come knocking at your doorstep and we are offering you some of the most amazing packages you can think of. We have some of the most exciting adventures packed in our Sri Lanka Group tour packages from India, Sri Lanka family tour packages from India, and Sri Lanka Couple tour packages from India. We can assure you that you can go on a budget-friendly tour that will still encapsulate the best Sri Lanka has to offer.

Now let’s see some of the things you have to consider while planning a trip to Sri Lanka.

How to reach Sri Lanka on a budget Tour

One of the best things that you can do when you are planning for a budget trip is to book the tickets months ahead of time. You can go to Sri Lanka via flights, buses, trains, or even personal cars. If you are booking tickets for flights, buses, and trains, we recommend that you do it quite a few months prior to your vacation since you will be able to find the best deals. Flight tickets will comparatively cost you slightly more. However, buses, trains, and car rides can take you a longer time so be mindful and plan accordingly.

When should you go to Sri Lanka on a budget Tour?

Sri Lanka’s off seasons are between the months of May and October when the weather is mostly wet. If you are flexible enough to ignore the weather, you can plan your trip between these months since the flight fares, hotel rates, and almost everything is priced much lower compared to the peak seasons. May can be the most ideal month for a budget traveler since the weather is not as harsh as the rest of the monsoon months or as hot as the peak summer months.

How to travel to Sri Lanka on a budget trip?

The good news is, that traveling around Sri Lanka on a budget is very easy since the public transportation system is extremely reliable and affordable. You can choose tuk-tuk rides for shorter distances but remember to bargain; you can choose buses and taxis for a long-distance road journey or you can also choose the scenic and infamous train rides of Sri Lanka which do offer you some of the best views but they are also priced fairly low.

How to dine in Sri Lanka on a budget tour?

Sri Lanka’s food scene is very diverse and it has some of the most amazing high-end restaurants and cafes. However, we recommend that you avoid these cute quirky, Instagrammable cafes and these posh luxurious restaurants for some local eateries where the locals also tend to dine since these are not just budget-friendly but they also serve you some of the most delectable food you can find anywhere in the country.

Which places can you cover on a budget trip to Sri Lanka?

• Of course, when you land in Sri Lanka, you will first be in its capital city of Colombo. Colombo is an advanced and modern destination where the prices are quite high for almost everything. So we recommend that the first place that you go to is Mirissa. By merely spending INR 300/- per person on a train ticket from Colombo to Marissa, you can reach this scenic Beach location. You can go to Mirissa Beach, Parrot Rock, or the secret beach and choose to just swim or dive in the waters or relax on the white beaches and savor the views around you. Going to the beach, enjoying the views, and playing in the waters will cost you nothing and you will still have the most amazing time and savor the best of Sri Lanka which is its beaches.

• From Mirissa, you can go to the historic and ancient city of Galle by spending only INR 200/- on a taxi, you will experience and learn about the history of Sri Lanka and you will see some beautiful sites such as the iconic lighthouse, the Galle Fort, the old Dutch market and many more. Spending a day or two in Galle is a wonderful addition in your itinerary that will barely cost you anything. You can also choose to buy souvenirs in the old Dutch market where the prices are extremely budget friendly.

• You can also choose to go to Kandy which is the most sacred and religious location in Sri Lanka. To go to Kandy, you can take the infamous train ride from Colombo which will only cost you INR 65/- per person and show you some of the most amazing scenes on the journey. In Kandy, you can see the most sacred religious spots, such as the sacred tooth relic Temple which is believed to house the real tooth of Buddha. For some scenic adventures, you can also explore the tea gardens and the spice plantations in Kandy for absolutely no price at all.

• Of course, the train ride from Colombo to Kandy will be amazing but nothing compares when it comes to the train ride from Kandy to Ella. The scenes that you will come across will remind you of many movie scenes that have been captured here. It is one of the most amazing additions to your itinerary as you will be able to witness the lush green mountains of Sri Lanka, the hills, the peaks, the waterfalls, the tea gardens, the coffee estates, the paddy fields, and the valleys. It is one of the most magical adventures in all of Sri Lanka that we highly recommend you add to your trip. The journey takes around 5 to 6 hours and it will cost you only INR 300/- per person.

• You can come back from Ella to Colombo by road on a bus ride or a taxi ride. You can stop in the coastal towns in the middle where you will find an endless line of beaches where you can try some delicious seafood or just laze around on the sands. Colombo mostly has some pricey and luxurious locations. However, you can spend 100 to 200 bucks and go to the National Museum or the temples of Columbo before heading back home.

Where to stay in Sri Lanka on a budget trip?

Just like traveling in Sri Lanka is not extremely expensive, accommodations in Sri Lanka have also ensured to provide a comfortable and relaxing stay to the visitors that is not very heavy on their pockets. Here are some of the most ideal accommodations that you can pick from on your trip to Sri Lanka.

• Backpack hostel 44, Colombo- starting from INR 600/- per night

• Haven Fort Hotel, Colombo- starting from INR 700/- per night

• Vacation home Hill front, Kandy- starting from INR 300/- per night

• Blue Mountain View Villa, Kandy- starting from INR 350/- per night

• Campground Jungle Paradise, Galle- starting from INR 300/- per night

• Hotel Lala’s Palace, Galle- starting from INR 400/- per night

• Birdhouse, Mirissa starting- from INR 350/- per night

By now we must have cleared all your doubts whether a budget trip from India to Sri Lanka is possible or not. The accommodations in Sri Lanka are extremely cheap and they come with the best hospitality. The eateries in Sri Lanka are also very affordable and they serve you the most delectable cuisine. The transportation in Sri Lanka is very, very light on the pocket yet they provide you with some of the most scenic views and memories. The beaches of Sri Lanka are world famous However, it will cost you nothing to go there and experience the best of Sri Lanka’s waters. No matter where you go in Sri Lanka, you will be able to feel your best and see the best at the lowest possible prices. So come plan your next trip to Sri Lanka with Nitsa holidays right away and have the best time of your life!