Burj Khalifa Tours and Tickets

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Burj Khalifa: History 

The Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building and symbol of architectural prowess, is Dubai's dream of reaching the international stage as a bold and driven city. The tower idea was first pronounced in January 2004 as an attempt to diversify the Emirate's economy from an oil-based one into a tourism and services-centered one by Dubai's government. Burj Khalifa was conceived as the crown building of the new gigantic multi-purpose development called Downtown Dubai.

This mammoth structure was designed by the first architect, Adrian Smith, who was of the firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) at the time. The local desert region's spider lily flower was included in the design of the tower. SOM, the architect of notable skyscrapers like those featured in the world's tallest buildings, was hired to design a tower that was both practical and awe-inspiring. The plan of the building was proposed in the shape of a Y to make the most of the living and working spaces. The vertical axis of the building was designed to lie parallel to the wind direction to avoid high and damaging winds. 

The building of Burj Khalifa was an intercontinental project that required about 12,000 workers who came from about 100 countries scattered around the world. One of the most important factors that differentiates the tallest buildings from the previous ones is the materials used. In this case, the construction firm Samsung Engineering and Construction is from South Korea. It also utilizes advanced construction technology. On January 27, 2009, the building that was the highest at the time, which was 2717 feet, or 828 meters, reached its final height after 1325 days of construction.   

Design and architecture

The Burj Khalifa is a magical architectural highlight that integrates with the culture and the region's rich history. The Y plan of the floor lets in more sunshine, plus it adds to the building's safety and endurance. It takes its inspiration from traditional Islamic architecture as well as those of the Great Mosque of Samarra. The bigger the pattern, the thinner it becomes as it goes up, which, as a result, helps to decrease the speed of wind forces on the building.

There was a perfect mix of international collaboration in both design and construction, with more than a dozen thousand workers working over 22 million person-hours. As its highest concrete grade, the tower employed reinforced concrete with high performance to endure Dubai's heat. The exterior cladding is composed of glazing, reflective panes, and prefabricated panels. The material is also resistant to extreme temperatures in Dubai.

Inside the Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa isn’t about its high-tech and amazing exterior design. Inside, it contains the apartment complex, corporate offices, the Armani Hotel, and many observation decks. The inside, where Art Deco style is seen a lot, has silver travertine flooring, Venetian stucco walls, handmade rugs, and stone flooring. 

On the 148th floor, an observatory deck, the highest in the world, is situated. It leads to a feeling of suspended animation as the gaze sinks into the merging jumble of skyscrapers and beyond.

The Burj Khalifa is not the only tall skyscraper that people visit. But it also offers a bunch of amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, and lounges. The sky lounges on the 43rd, 76th, and 123rd floors are created for residents who are tired and want to see the beautiful city in detail.

Best Time to Visit Burj Khalifa 

The Burj Khalifa is very exciting to visit, and knowing the times you can go there would help you arrange your journey. Burj Khalifa is open seven days a week and allows visitors to visit its two observation decks at the top. They sit on the 124th and 125th floors and at the top of Sky on the 148th floor. You can add this to your Dubai couple packages or group trips to Dubai.

The observation decks are open from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day. It is built to stay open long enough to show the city not only during the daytime but at night as well, as the beautiful city lights appear. Moreover, connect with Nitsa Holidays, and they will arrange everything. Your Dubai couple packages or group trips to Dubai cover every booking. The best part is that you can customize the Dubai couple packages and group trips to Dubai.

Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons or at sunset. It is a very high demand time which allows one to enjoy remarkable views from high grounds. Tickets can be booked from the official Burj Khalifa website or other ticket platforms. However, if you co-book Dubai couple packages, group trips to Dubai, or Dubai package holidays with Nitsa Holidays, they will take care of everything.

Things to do at Burj Khalifa

Visit the Observation Decks: The Burj Khalifa features two observation decks, "At the Top" on the 124th floor and "At the Top Sky" on the 148th floor, whose altitude is considered the world's highest observation deck. Both take you for a breathtaking bird's-eye view of the city of Dubai, its coastline, and beyond. It all starts as you enter one of the fastest lifts in the world and learn about the buildings and for technologies shaping this architectural masterpiece.

Dine Above the Clouds: The dinner experience up in the air will be helped by the fact that we are one of the top restaurants in the world. The atmosphere is designed to shock and awe as well by combining bold, gourmet cuisine with a view that spans for miles more than the Gulf and in the Dubai distance. It's a perfect place for a romantic dinner or a special celebration if I'm planning for such occasions.

Enjoy a Multimedia Presentation: While you are at the observation deck, do not fail to attend the multimedia presentation on Dubai's history and the Burj Khalifa as well. This kind of briefing supplements the sensory experience of visiting an exhibition from such a considerable height.

Step Outside in the Open-Air Terrace: Up on the 124th floor, get to the open-air roof to enjoy the breeze and experience how it feels to be next to the sky in the city below you. It's great for amateurs and professional photographers who like to take urban Dubai panoramas from a bird's-eye view.

Luxury Shopping and Dining at The Dubai Mall: The Burj Khalifa is linked to, or arcs, The Dubai Mall. It is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. The place where you can find high-end shopping malls and fine dining restaurants and admire the wonders of the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Attend a Performance at the Dubai Opera: It is only a stone's throw away from the Burj Khalifa to find the Dubai Opera. This venue is a modern one that is vibrant with culture. If you have the time, do check the schedule so you will get all the good performances, like a world-class musical, ballet, opera, or theater.

Explore Burj Khalifa Park: Landscape architects group SWA designed the park surrounding Burj Khalifa. It is also referring to the core design concepts of the tower itself. It has water features, green zones, and pedestrian walkways—an ideal place for relaxation after the height of Burj Khalifa.

Light Shows on the Burj Khalifa: The Burj Khalifa not only appears as the world’s tallest building but also as an artist’s palette for immense light shows. Through the tower’s LED lighting system, spectacular light and laser shows are exhibited on the facade, especially during celebrations like New Year’s Eve, National Day, or special events.

Experience Armani Hotel Dubai: Placed within the Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel Dubai, designed by the fashion guru Giorgio Armani, exudes class, given its elegant architectural style and world-class service. Take that online reservation or have a high tea with a view of modern Dubai.

Fitness and Wellness at The Burj Club: The Burj Club is a four-story fitness and wellness center where you can workout overlooking the dancing water fountain and the breathtaking scenery of Dubai. It has a gym, rooftop swimming, a spa, and fitness classes with different offers as well. It’s a cozy detour to healthy living combined with the comforts of the prestigious landmark.

Tips for Visiting Burj Khalifa

Book Tickets in Advance: You must book tickets beforehand, especially if you want to take a ride up to the observation decks on the 124th, 125th, and 148th floors. You can book them online or buy tickets at the stands, and you should buy tickets online to avoid long lines.

Choose the Right Time to Visit: The best viewing time depends on how early you want to watch, so consider it right before sunset. It makes you have the city both day and night in your face. The transition from day to night, which is accompanied by the lights-up city, is spectacular. 

Access Points: The main entrance point to Burj Khalifa is by the Dubai Mall. Follow the specified signs down to the underground floor next to the food court, where, at the top, Burj Khalifa reception is situated.

Stay Hydrated: The weather in Dubai can sometimes be scorching, much more so if traveling in the summertime. Ensure that you drink enough water before and after your visit.

Dress Appropriately: Although Dubai is a modern city, it is good to dress in a way that respects local culture. Flat shoes are crucial because a lot of walking may be required, be it in the surrounding areas of the Dubai Mall or the Dubai Fountain.

Photography: The views from the observation glass houses are fantastic, which becomes a golden idea for shooting on the spot. If you have a camera, make sure you have an appropriate lens with wide-angle features and the ability to zoom in on details. Shooters of shots with smartphone panoramas may get long and beautiful scenery from such heights.

Avoid Rush Hours: If possible, do not choose the days Dubai has off, which are Friday or Saturday, for visiting the Burj Khalifa, as this is the time when it is the busiest.

Consider Dining Options: Restaurants are available within the height of the Burj Khalifa building. Mosphere is on the 122nd level, presenting a fine dining experience while you sit and watch. Reservations are good and can be a pretty good way to explore the building without the hustle and bustle of the tourist spots.

Weather Considerations: Keep in mind that visibility can be hindered by inclement weather. Sandstorms or fog can block the view, so before booking your ticket, check the weather forecast to see if the view is a top priority for you.

Ending Note

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