Visiting Sheki: Exploring the Rich History and Architecture of Azerbaijan's Gem

Azerbaijan feels like a movie set of a fantasy fiction series. The beautiful emerald colors, ethereal architecture, and delicate details are all the highlights of any Azerbaijan Vacation Package. It would be a horrible mistake to plan an Azerbaijan Tour Package and not include a visit to the most marvelous city in the country, Sheki

If you can picture a small town that screams surreal views, magical vibes, and historical imagery, Sheki is all that and more! You will find yourself enchanted with sights, sounds, and smells every second you spend in this place. 

Take this opportunity to experience and explore the best  Azerbaijan Holiday Package with Nitsa Holidays and let us take you through some wonders that you will be able to witness. 

Location and Climate

Located in the northwest of Azerbaijan, surrounded by the Greater Caucasus is the town of Sheki. The weather remains humid mostly but it also experiences some windy cyclones. 


Sheki proudly boasts the history and culture of Azerbaijan every step of the way. The food, the houses, the streets, the theaters, and even the cinema are all loudspeakers for representing the Shaki heritage.


The city of Sheki is grounded in some iconic buildings, museums, and mosques which are all filled with artifacts, structures, and paintings that take you on a tour of the past when Sheki was a market center that played a vital role in creating the city’s culture. 

Places To Visit

The Palace of Shaki Khans- Decorated with mosaic windows, breathtaking patterns, and sophisticated glass art is the Palace of Shaki Khans. This place reflects a Persian influence and gives visitors a glimpse of the beautiful history of the country. 

The Winter Palace- Visit the Winter Palace around sunset to experience the best view of sunlight passing through the mosaic windows and creating gorgeous patterns on the floor. This place will have a much smaller crowd but so much more to see. 

Sheki Fortress- A walking tour of the Sheki Fortress encompasses many mind-blowing experiences. You can see gorgeous artwork, and stunning architecture and even shop for souvenirs. 

Old Town- The red-bricked walls, the old buildings, and the crisscrossing streets all show a beautiful influence of Russian and Persian heritage and boggle the hearts and minds of the visitors. 

Where To Stay in Sheki?

There’s a wide range of accommodations available and suitable for all. Here are some of our top recommendations:

  1. Marxal Resort and Spa
  2. Sheki Palace Hotel
  3. Karvansaray
  4. Elgar's Hostel

Where to Eat? 

The local cuisine of Sheki is extremely diverse and delightful. The taste suits every palate and the two best dishes to try on your Azerbaijan Travel Package are the infamous Baklava and the Piti and here’s where you can find them.

  1. Sheki Palace Hotel
  2. Restoran Qaqarin
  3. Gagarin
  4. Buta Restaurant 

Best Time to Visit

Surrounded by snowy mountains, Sheki, thankfully, has one of the most pleasant climates in the entire country. The best time to visit Sheki is between June to August when the temperature ranges between 20-25 degrees C. 

How To Travel in Sheki

Most of the iconic attractions of the town are located within walking distance from each other and easy to reach but visitors can also opt for a minivan called marshrutka. 


The town of Sheki is undoubtedly an unmissable spot in any Azerbaijan Travel Package. The locals are extremely friendly so the town is pretty safe for tourists. The food is great and the rates are very affordable. Sheki is a traveler's escape from the fast-paced cities and a dive into the historical and cultural landscape. Come give it a try with Nitsa Holidays!