Seasonal Splendor: Exploring the Best Time to Visit Jammu and Kashmir

Time is a very important factor and detail that we don’t pay as much heed to as we should. From the time you wake up to the time you eat your food to the time you go to sleep, it affects your life a lot. Time is not something that only influences your day-to-day life, it is one factor that also affects your travel itinerary. Imagine if you were traveling to Rajasthan and you picked the wrong time and season such as the extreme summer season. Due to the heat and sweat, you will not be able to see any of its wonders. Now let’s say you were to visit Chennai to see the beautiful beaches and you choose the monsoon season, due to the harsh rains, you will not be able to spend a single day enjoying the beach and the landscapes. When it comes to Jammu and Kashmir, the time and the season also matter a lot. Jammu and Kashmir is a place that has some of the most beautiful valleys and gardens which are laden with the most colorful flowers, the most exotic wildlife, and lush green scenery. It is a place that has some of the most beautiful mountains and hills in the entire country that are covered with a beautiful blanket of snow, it has some amazing activities and adventures for you to try such as trekking, skiing, camping, et cetera. Jammu and Kashmir has so much to do and so much to offer to visitors that it has been one of the most popular travel destinations in India for a long time.

Have you had the beautiful opportunity of going to Kashmir? If you did and you chose the winter seasons, you must have come across the entire land covered with daunting and bone-chilling temperatures which made it hard for you to even leave your hotel rooms, which covered the roads with snow, making it risky for travel and it was just a barren land all throughout, right? So the time and season you pick to go to Jammu and Kashmir matters a lot. Nitsa Holidays has done its research and we can help you get over the wintery and unenjoyable trip that you have had and we can plan the most wonderful trip for you this time! If you have never had the chance to go to Jammu and Kashmir also then you should let Nitsa Holidays plan this first trip of yours to Jammu and Kashmir. We are a tour and travel agency that is based out of Delhi and we have been planning multiple tours and trips for travelers all around the country, time and again. All of our customers have come back with some of the best memories of their life and they choose us again and again for their travels. Our motto is to provide the best journeys and to help travelers explore the best places in any destination and cover the gems that it has to offer. The packages that we have are highly customisable, very reasonably priced and they ensure that you have a comfortable and safe journey all throughout. We also provide you with the best accommodations, dining options, and a tour guide that will help you throughout your journey to learn and know about the history and details of the place. It is our guarantee that choosing us for your next trip will be the right decision you take and you will come back with your heart fully content. For Jammu and Kashmir, our packages are Jammu and Kashmir group tour packages from Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir family travel packages from Delhi, and Jammu and Kashmir couples tour packages from Delhi.  Whatever your preferences, we will accommodate them onto your itinerary and we will ensure that you are provided with the best of the best. Now let’s uncover a little more about Jammu and Kashmir before you head there.

What is the best way to reach Jammu and Kashmir?

There are many ways for people in India to reach Jammu and Kashmir. Thanks to the travel department. You can take a flight to the Srinagar International Airport from Delhi which will only take you two hours and from Srinagar. You can choose the roads or the train to reach the other destinations, you can also take buses and taxis all the way from Delhi and you can also choose a train from Delhi to Jammu and then the roads

What is the best time and season to go to Jammu and Kashmir?

Like we said, the time and the season that you choose for any place is very important and it is the same when it comes to Jammu and Kashmir. No doubt that Kashmir is famous for its hills and mountains and it is known as the winter wonderland. However, that does not mean that the extreme winter seasons are right for travel. During the months of December and January, the temperatures drop down to -10°, and it becomes impossible for travelers to leave their hotel rooms or safely travel on the roads. The entire place is covered with snow and only snow and even storms sometimes which makes it very hard for you to explore anything in Kashmir. You will not be able to see any of its beautiful valleys, try any of its adventures, or enjoy your time during these months. So we suggest that you go to Jammu and Kashmir during the months of May to August which is the spring season in Jammu and Kashmir. During this season, the temperature only goes up to 15°C and it is just pleasant enough for you to explore all of its beauty!

What are some points to note down before going to Jammu and Kashmir?

Even if you pick the spring season to go to Jammu and Kashmir, you still have to pack warm winter clothes because Jammu and Kashmir is never not cool. You will always require a few warm layers to protect you from the cold.

We urge you to be very careful in touristy areas because there are people who would try to sell you duplicate saffron, overpriced goods, and duplicate Pashmina. So be careful and get help from your tour guides to go to authorized stores and authorized centers only.

If you are to visit any religious sites on your trip to Jammu and Kashmir remember to dress modestly and to respect everybody around you.

We also recommend that if you are choosing to travel by road, you should take note of the weather conditions beforehand. If you choose local taxis, they can charge you much higher so you should be well aware and book these taxis beforehand.

The local markets are wonderful places for you to do some souvenir shopping as you can find budget-friendly items and high-quality products at much lower prices. You can also choose to bargain and get help from locals in these areas.

What are the activities that you will get to try in Jammu and Kashmir if you go during the right season?

Shikara Ride- The Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire country and it is an unmissable spot in any Jammu and Kashmir tour package. If you visit Srinagar during the winter, there are high chance that the lake will be frozen and you will miss out on this amazing opportunity. Going during the spring season will ensure that you will be able to enjoy this mesmerizing and peaceful ride, that will clear your mind and show you some of the most beautiful views. You can start your day in Srinagar by going on the Shikara ride early in the morning where you will also find locals selling some of the most wonderful local products such as fruits, handmade items et cetera.

House Boat Ride- The Shikara ride is not the only floating adventure you can have in Jammu and Kashmir. You can choose to spend a night on the waters in the amazing houseboats of Srinagar. These houseboats will be slightly pricier than the Shikara ride, however, they will be extremely wonderful as well. It is one of the best options to choose on a couple tour package of Jammu and Kashmir, as it is one of the most intimate, romantic, and beautiful experiences you can think of!

The Gardens and Valleys of Srinagar- When you go to Srinagar during the spring seasons, you will see the state blooming in the most wonderful manner. The Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden is one of the most colorful and scenic locations in the entire country. Not just the flowers but the valleys, the lush green forest, and the enchanting views will mesmerize you to the core. You will undoubtedly be able to click some of the most ethereal pictures that you will cherish for your entire life.

Trekking and Camping- There are a lot of places in Jammu and Kashmir where you can go on adventures and activities, see some magical views, and experience some thrill. In the winter season, it becomes very risky however, during the spring season, it is perfect for you to hike along the adventurous, yet beautiful trails of the place. When you get to the top of the hills after the trek, you can also choose to camp there. These camping locations are some of the most peaceful and serene getaways you can find anywhere in the world.

Snow Adventures- The places of Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg are beautifully covered in snow even during the spring seasons. You can create snow angels and snowmen with your children, you can go skiing down the slopes, and you can choose the iconic gondola “cable ride” or the chair lifts which will show you the magnificent views of the snow and mountains around you.

As we told you, choosing the right time and the right season plays a very important role when you go to any place in the world and when it comes to Kashmir, it is during the spring season. The months of May to August will bring you the most enjoyable and joyous experiences in Jammu and Kashmir and choosing Nitsa holidays to take you on this journey will be the icing on the cake.