Edinburgh: Exploring Scotland's Capital - from the Royal Mile to Arthur's Seat

Are you planning to book your Europe couple tour packages or your best Europe group tour packages? Hills dot this beautiful capital with iconic architecture and are known in a fairytale way. From the historic Royal Mile between the dominating Edinburgh Castle and an ancient volcano, plenty can charm any visitor.

In this blog, we will take you on a walk through the streets of Edinburgh, uncovering hidden charms and narrating the stories of its colorful past. Whether you are a history buff, ready to disappear into ancient ruins and drafty graveyards, or a culture lover, Edinburgh will have something unique. Get prepared to fall in love with this one-of-a-kind city, where each corner speaks. Come with us while we explore Edinburgh, Scotland’s lofty and elegant capital, at its finest.

Best Time to Visit

The best time of the year to explore Edinburgh is May. During this month, the days are long and well-springing, and the temperature is suitable, about 10°C to 15°C. This month is best if you plan to book your Europe family trip package, Europe couple tour packages or best Europe friends tour packages.So you can plan your trip to Europe. Moreover, it is the driest month, and there are no chances for rain. The beginning of September, the first weeks, can be the second-best time to visit Edinburgh.

The weather is warm, and the season is the cheapest this month. Fewer people are along the line, and the flights are also few. The busiest months for tourists in Edinburgh are July and August. Moreover, plan your trip to Europe by checking all the seasons and then book your Europe couple tour packages or best Europe friends tour packages.

These months bring temperatures as high as 19°C. The days are clear and quite rainy at times, too. This is also the season of the most celebrated summer events, such as carnivals. These seasonal dates are mentioned as May, June, September, and October, all about fresh air, beautiful blooms of locales, and a mild climate.

Visitors in the shoulder months are fewer. The off-season is the ideal time to discover the places. The winter in Edinburgh is cold, but the day is gray, short, and uncomfortable. The temperature can decrease to 0°C during the winter months of November–February, which is called off-season in Edinburgh. So, plan your trip to Europe, and you can also connect with the Nitsa Holidays. You can customize your Europe couple tour packages or best Europe friends tour packages.

Top Places to Visit in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

It is situated at the heart of the city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle dominates the skyline as it is perched on Castle Rock. Take it on your trip to Europe. This gem of Edinburgh Castle is a stop-over for all who travel to Scotland's capital. Edinburgh Castle combines history, extraordinary architecture, and unbelievable views into one fascinating trip in time. Look at the amazing royal past, admire the dazzling Crown Jewels, and enjoy the spectacular Great Hall. Edinburgh Castle will feed your interests as it bears the stories of Scotland If you're a history fan, a photography geek, or a traveler who loves a good tale. Make sure to add this to your Europe travel packages. 

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile is the lively center point of the Renaissance-era Old Town. This renowned street has deep roots and offers a fascinating mix of medieval architecture, cozy shops, historic pubs, and cultural monuments. Walk through the stone alleyways as the busy streets come to life. Ask Nitsa Holidays to add this destination to your Europe travel packages. Dive into the kaleidoscope of Scottish culture, taste the area's cuisine, and delight in bustling street shows. The Royal Mile is a 'not to miss' attraction for any history or present-day enthusiast during your trip to Europe. You can seek to grasp this charismatic city's true heart from the inside.

Arthur's Seat

It is surrounded by historic Edinburgh. Arthur’s Seat is a former volcano that is dormant, and certain practices have some beauty and natural outdoor experiences. At a height of 823 feet, this ancient landmark has an elevation that offers a spectacular view of the city and its environment. Get lost in the woods while walking along the curving trails, flourishing grasslands, and rocky ridges. Don't miss your camera because the vistas from Arthur's Seat are awe-inspiring and are the best for capturing lifetime memories. You will collect amazing memories with your Europe family tour packages. In case you are on your honeymoon then also you get so much in your Europe couple trip package.

The Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia delivers a glimpse into the rich art of royalty that is appealing and instructive. It was Her Majesty the Queen's royal yacht, having sailed over one million miles and thus being a majestic floating house. It has hosted many state visits and royal receptions. You can enjoy yourself with your family, couple, or friends on your Europe trip package. It also depicts the yacht's remarkable legacy and touching memories. Explore the mystique of a maritime adventure and feel the enthrallment of being a seafarer in ancient times.

National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is an appealing place with the country's history, culture, and marvels of nature. Pass through these buildings's gates and embark on a trip through time that will take you from the ancient past to the present day. If you plan to take a trip to Europe with your family, you can connect with Nitsa Holidays. You can book your Europe family trip package, Europe couple tour packages, or best Europe friends tour packages.

Best places to eat in Edinburgh

Here are some of the best restaurants and eateries in Edinburgh:

Scran and Scallie, Edinburgh

The Scran & Scallie is a familiar and well-liked gastropub in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is famous for its excellent Scottish dishes, cozy ambiance, and friendly environment. Two well-known chefs run the restaurant. Tom Kitchin and Dominic Jack are recognized in the culinary business. Make sure you have one meal here during your trip to Europe.

The Holyrood 9A

The Holyrood 9A is famous for its classic pub foods with modern variations incorporating sourced ingredients and fresh produce. You can add this restaurant to your best Europe tour packages. It is a comprehensive roster of craft beers, ales, and ciders. They make the bar a cherished place for beer lovers and people who wish to experience diverse drinks.


Civerinos is one of the most famous street food and pizza restaurants in Edinburgh, and it is situated in the city. It became trendy for its bright and contemporary environment, awesome Italian-style food, and mega menu. Moreover, you can add this place to your Europe family trip package, Europe couple tour packages, or best Europe friends tour packages. It was very diverse and suitable for everyone. Civerinos is a terrific place to hit up for a snack or as a takeout to enjoy during the sunset with the locals in the Meadows. You can enjoy the meal here during your trip to Europe.


Chef Stuart Ralston and front-of-house supremo Krystal Goff opened Aizle in 2014. It is pursuing the concept of ‘bistronomy’: local produce and homely surroundings. But at the prices and serving style, you’d find it at a much fancier restaurant. The team has transitioned to the Snug Room at Kimpton Charlotte Square. However, the reliable Ramson challenge never changes. It also lists the ingredients Ralston will cook with a rating for your mouth-watering 

six-course meal.

Ending Note

At last, Edinburgh left you with its charm of history and live culture. Whatever type of trip you are making, a Europe tour with family, friends, or lovers, Nista Tours has the right tour package for you.

Book your Europe family trip package, Europe couple tour package, or best Europe friends tour packages today. It is best to take the opportunity to experience amazing landscapes, a great history, and awesome memories. Make your dream trip to Europe come true with the help of Nista Holidays. Adventure awaits!