Harry Potter Magic: Exploring Filming Locations added in London Tour Packages

We Are pleased to inform you that you have a place at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry… were you also upset as a kid when you did not receive this letter when you turned 11? Well, don’t be! Even if Minerva McGonagle did not personally send a letter to you, here is Nitsa holidays’ letter for you to come as close to Hogwarts as possible.

No matter what your age is right now, everybody grew up with Harry Potter. It has been a part and parcel of the lives of any child all across the globe for the last 20 years. This masterpiece created by J.K. Rowling has ruled the hearts of human beings since time immemorial. It started as some special books which then turned into even better movies. Now some may argue that the books were better and some may say that the movies did a better job. However, nobody can deny that movies do have better ways of connecting with the audience due to the emotions and connections they build visually. The fanbase of Harry Potter, more commonly known as Potterheads, is so widespread and so fanatic that smart businessmen in today’s world have started opening cafes, shops, stores, game centers, and whatnot to attract these fans and give them a glimpse of what being a part of that magical school would have been like. However, did you know that you could get even closer to it? Were you aware that many of the scenes that you saw on your screens are not just made-up sets but the actual locations that you can visit? If you didn’t know, Nitsa Holidays is here to tell you that not all your dreams are beyond reach!

First, let us tell you a little bit more about the Nitsa holidays. Nitsa Holidays is a travel and tour agency that is based out of Delhi and we help travelers go to multiple locations in India as well as many beautiful locations abroad. Our packages are very customizable, and budget-friendly and they ensure that your needs and wants are satisfied. We have been doing this for many years and by now we can guarantee that we have cracked the secret behind providing and creating the right itinerary for the Indian mindset. Our dream is to make other dreams come true and what better way to do it than by taking Potterheads as close to Hogwarts as possible? Even if you did not have the option of picking your favorite houses such as Gryffindor. Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, you can definitely pick your partner that you would want to take to Hogwarts and then also pick the package that suits you. 

By now you must have understood that there lies a magical land on our earth and Nitsa Holidays is planning to take you there, but do you know where it is? Well, we are talking about none other than London! London is the capital city of England and most of us know it for its royal palaces and monuments, its fashion statement, its food, and its rich history. However, not many know that plenty of shots in the Harry Potter movies were shot in London city. Many do not know that a lot of streets that you have seen a lot of times do actually exist in London and this is where we will be taking you! This London tour package will be your version of the Hogwarts welcome letter and unlike the sorting hat, we are giving you the power to choose between our London tour packages such as the London family tour packages, London group tour packages, and London couples tour packages. If you and your friends grew up reading the Harry Potter books together or watching the movies together, if it is a Christmas tradition to binge-watch all the movies with your family, if your children have recently started watching these movies and become tiny, little Potterheads or you wish to make your partners dream come true on your couples tour then London is the best answer. So what is the wait then? Put on your robes and prepare for this mind-blowing journey that lies ahead of you whilst Nitsa Holidays flicks its wand and prepares the most enchanting tour package for you. 

First, let us give you a little glimpse about London so you will know what else you can expect out of this journey

London is a very beautiful and magical place even otherwise. The winter seasons can show you chilly and harsh temperatures dropping down to 2°C and the monsoon seasons can also be pretty daunting. However, the summer seasons are warm and sunny which usually turns out to be the most ideal time when visitors choose to visit this place. It is totally up to you to pick the right season which suits your requirements. For Indians, It is quite easy to reach and explore London for a week because of the familiarity. You can take direct flights from the major cities of India to the London International Airport and to get around in the city of London you can use the local transportation and the public commute such as the double-decker red buses, the subways, or the taxis. There are a wide range of hotels available for visitors ranging from luxury boutique hotels to budget-friendly hostels and aesthetic little B&Bs and there are also a wide range of dining options available. Indians usually do not have an issue eating in London [ since the national dish is literally chicken tikka masala ] and there are multiple other Indian restaurants as well but you should also try your hand at some British and English cuisine when you are in London. If you have time and you want to see other iconic places in London apart from the Harry Potter magic, you must definitely go to Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, Hyde Park, the Sky Garden, and St Paul’s Cathedral. All of these iconic places will not only show you beautiful architecture and design but will also tell you the story of England’s rich past and the culture and tradition of the Englishman. Now let’s dive into the real business.

Harry Potter filming locations in London

Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station- it may have been very easy for you to reach London via a flight however, it wasn’t easy for Harry. All of us remember the iconic scene when Harry was asked to run towards a wall and he misses and trips. All of us remember how little Harry met the Weasleys for the first time and he tried to run across the wall like he was asked to do and he disappeared into thin air. Nobody can forget the amazement Harry and the viewers had on their faces when Hagrid tells him to go to platform 9 ¾. Well, you now have the opportunity to go there as well. The gates open at 5 AM and stay open till 1 AM in the night but we recommend you to wake up early and hurry to this location because crowds gather in high numbers to see the trolley, yes, once you reach the station, you have to look for the trolley in front of platform 9 3/4 that they have arranged in the same way Harry and Ron did it and it will refresh your memories. 

Saint Pancras International Station- what appeared to you as the King’s Cross station in Harry Potter is actually called the Saint Pancras International Station and it is a live and functional train station in London even today. As you step foot outside this massive building you will be amazed and wowed by its beauty. You will remember the scene where Ron and Harry use their invisible flying car and land it on this station to run across to platform 9 3/4. Everybody must have dreamt as a kid to go to this place and even if you cannot cross the wall, it is still amazing to go there and reminisce about some favorite moments from the series.

Leadenhall market- everybody loves shopping and so did the people in the Harry Potter series. None of us can ever forget the first time Harry and Hagrid entered Diagon Alley and found multiple magical shops selling brooms, robes, pets, and whatnot. Now of course you will not find the iconic Olivander’s Wand Shop, but it can be called a more human version of Diagonal Alley. There are still lines of shops, bars, and restaurants where you can head to, but you will have to expect more of human objects and things. Don’t make the mistake of saying the wrong name like Harry did and say diagonally when you are telling your taxi driver to bring you to this iconic market.

Borough market- we all remember how the third Harry Potter installments took a little darker turn as Voldemort returned and Harry grew up. The bright and friendly streets of Diagon Alley also turned darker and the filming locations shifted to the borough market instead of the Leadenhall market. From the movie scenes, you can remember and connect that particular scene where Harry jumps off into a dark alley after his bumpy ride on the knight bus but today you will find a wide range of shops, selling clothes, jewelry, accessories, and multiple pubs and restaurants playing live music and tourists having a good time.

Great Scotland Yard- some of us have harsh feelings about the Ministry of Magic and some of us are just amused by that massive, magical yet daunting place. On your London tour of Harry Potter filming locations, the next step should be going to Great Scotland Yard, famously recognized as the Ministry of Magic by Porterheads. All of the shots that featured the ministry in the movies were filmed here and you can also try your hand and maybe convince everyone, especially the haters, that Porter wasn’t actually guilty!

Millennium Bridge- London has a lot of bridges. We can all remember the famous nursery rhyme we learnt but here’s a funny overlap for you. Remember how the Death Eaters destroyed a bridge in the Half-Blood Prince movie? Well, who knew that London Bridge would fall down? The bridge that you see in that scene is none other than the Millennium Bridge in London. However, good news for you, the bridge wasn’t destroyed. It was just VFC and today, it serves as a very iconic postcard location for visitors.

London Zoo- the first few scenes of the film series showed us tiny little glimpses of how Harry has a magical future ahead of him, and one of the most iconic scenes was the one in which he goes to the zoo with the Dursleys and he unknowingly speaks to a snake. This scene was shot in the London Zoo and even if you do not find the same snake there, you and your families can still have a wonderful time in this place around many animals and birds.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral- you must have heard of St Paul’s Cathedral as one of the oldest and most popular cathedrals in the world. It is a massive and beautiful building that shares a lot of blessings and divinity as soon as you step into it. Another thing that you will notice when you go to this place is the iconic staircase that all of us have seen in the Harry Potter movies until the end. Yes, the revolving staircase can be seen in this cathedral however, they will not move, so they are completely safe to climb on.

Warner Bros. Studios.- Even if most of the scenes were shot on the streets of London, the film was actually produced and brought together in the Warner Bros Studios. If you are a Potterhead, you must definitely go and watch the making of Harry Potter movies. In this lively place, with props, games, costumes, and iconic sets you will be shown how the most favorite movie/book series in the entire world was brought to life and you can also shop for iconic collectibles and souvenirs from this place.