Explore top beaches of Kerala

Unlike the crowded, club-studded beaches of the rest of the country, Kerala’s beaches are quiet and serene. A clean sandy delight with a gorgeous landscape and magnificent waves from the Arabian Sea is the perfect spot for a getaway. 

Planning a trip to Kerala with your family and children? Its beaches are a worthy choice. 

Picking spots with your partner for a romantic escape on your Kerala tour plan? The beaches are just ideal. 

Are you a photographer looking for your shots to capture the utmost beauty? Kerala is your answer.

No matter your age or your preference, Kerala has everything to offer for everyone! Come check out the best beaches in Kerala according to Nitsa Holidays and create the best Kerala trip package

Kovalam Beach

If you want to experience a fun and happening beach in Kerala, Kovalam Beach is your answer. Its waves are just perfect for surfing or capturing on your camera. The lighthouse, golden glowing sand, and open-air restaurants are also a major tourist attraction and a part of the reason behind its other name, Action Beach.

Location: Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Samudra Beach

Away from the crowds, surrounded by blue-green waters and gorgeous rock formations is Samudra Beach. Ideal for couples looking to get a dose of privacy, this beach is a heavenly paradise. Click stunning pictures, take a walk over silky sand, or just lie down and relax. 

Location: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Varkala Beach

Ayurveda is synonymous with Kerala and the Varkala beach is known for showcasing some of the best Ayurveda Treatments. The water is famed to have medicinal properties and tourists come in daily to take a dip in it. 

The red cliffs adjacent to the stunning view of the sea are the perfect spot to sit and take in some sunshine. 

Location: Varkala Beach, Kerala, India

Marari Beach

Another spot with amazing ayurveda treatments and yoga sessions, the Marari beach is lined with the infamous coconut groves and houses some beautiful lotus ponds within itself. Visitors can also take a houseboat trip along the backwaters of Kerala and witness a gorgeous landscape. 

Location: Mararikulam South P.O., Cherthala, Kerala

Kannur Beach

Popular for hosting Theyyam, an event demonstrating rituals of Kerala such as spirit possession, extraordinary dances, and worship ways, this beach is a unique one. Its seclusion from the city life and displays of the traditions is a great sight to witness. 

Location: Kannur, Kerala, India

Muzhappilangad Beach

The only beach in Kerala where one can drive or cycle is the Muzhappilangad Beach of Kannur. Hosting an adrenaline-pumping event full of vehicular stunts annually, this is a must-visit spot. 

Visitors can also try paragliding and parasailing over the stunning sea.

Location: Muzhappilangad Beach Road, Kerala

Cherai Beach

One of the most secluded beaches in Kerala, this is truly a heaven for silence seekers. With time, the beach has been modified but the essence of seclusion remains. Couples find this spot perfect to walk hand in hand with their partners whilst savoring the breathtaking views of the sea. 

Location: Cherai Beach, Vypin, Kochi, Kerala

Best Time to Visit the Beaches of Kerala

September to March marks the best time to enjoy the beaches of Kerala in all its glory!