Swiss Gardens and Botanical Parks: Exploring Floral Beauty and Landscaped Designs

Switzerland’s beauty is undeniably stunning. When you get the wonderful opportunity of planning a trip to Switzerland, you can expect a rollercoaster ride of emotions, adventures, and fun. The historical monuments, the snowy ski trails, the divine artistry, and the pounds of chocolates one ends up eating and buying are just the tip of the iceberg, Switzerland has an ocean full of treasures preserved to show off to its visitors. 

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One of the most amazing additions to Nitsa Holidays’ itinerary of a Switzerland trip package is its landscapes. The parks, the gardens, and the scenery of Switzerland are straight out of a fairy tale. The Switzerland Tourism Department has done a fabulous job in preserving the wildlife, flora and fauna, and visitors from all across the world come to experience and learn about it. Here’s a list of some extraordinary gardens and parks in Switzerland that everyone should see once in their lifetime. 

Gambarogno Botanical Park

If you want to be in a place that lets you take a deep dive into serenity and connect with nature, Gambarogno Botanical Park must be on your list. This massive park houses hundreds of varieties of flowers and some exotic varieties of trees as well. To photography enthusiasts, this park is just a cherry on top of the cake. You can also learn about the history of the park with guides as they take you through the park and show you the beautiful camellias, magnolias, and pine trees. 

Location- San Nazzaro, Switzerland 

Visiting Hours- Every Day [9 AM - 6 PM] 

Entry Fees- INR 800/- per person

San Grato Botanical Park

The San Grato Botanical Park is an information gateway along with a fun little adventure. The park consists of 5 themed trails: Botanical Trail, Fairy Tale Trail, Relaxation Trail, Art Trail, and Panorama Trail. All the trails are very true to their names, the Botanical Trail will guide you regarding the various species, the Fairy Tale Trail is for children to play and enjoy, the Relaxation Trail is a spot to rejuvenate and connect with nature, the Art Trail is full of beautiful artworks and the Panoramic Trail leads you to the most fascinating spots to see stunning sights! 

Location- Lugano, Switzerland 

Visiting Hours- Every Day  [9 AM - 6 PM] 

Entry Fees- Free 

Chinese Garden

Once given as a gift from a Chinese Partner to Switzerland, it now is a gift to the world. The theme of this park is the Three Friends of Winter, a Chinese legend and an art motif made up of pinewood, plum, and bamboo. The park has a magnificent pond at the center and the rest of the garden beautifully surrounds it with luscious flowers, trees, and Chinese-styled accents. 

Location- Zurich, Switzerland 

Visiting Hours- Every Day  [11 AM - 5 PM] 

Entry Fees- Free 

University of Basel Botanical Garden 

Built in the 16th century, the Botanical Garden at the University of Basel is one of the oldest Botanical Gardens in the world. You can see the amazing architectural features of Switzerland in this stunning garden. There are separate themes that display different flowers and gardens. The iconic dome that houses the giant Victoria Lily is another marvel housed in this park. 

Location- Basel, Switzerland 

Visiting Hours- Every Day  [9 AM - 5 PM] 

Entry Fees- Free