Trekking Adventures in Sapa: Discovering Vietnam's Northern Highlands

Sapa is a city in Vietnam that is famous for its lush green landscapes, and rich cultural heritage with a chance to head on adventures. While looking for one’s Vietnam tour package, one should consider having a short time in Sapa. 

Nitsa Holidays is a platform that offers tourists the best locations to explore in Vietnam with their Vietnam travel package. People do not have to worry about missing out on any kind of opportunity while traveling to Vietnam. 

Discovering this area of Vietnam can make you have a trek in the Fansipan Mountains in Sapa. Northern Vietnam offers lush hills with rice paddy fields populated with rich diversity around the area. 

Best Trekking Spots in Sapa 

There are several different spots in the area of Vietnam where people can trek, especially the Fansipan Mountains which is the highest peak of Vietnam. There are several spots where people can trek in their Vietnam trip package.

1. Fansipan Mountains 

This is the must-visit location to go for while deciding to go for a trek in Vietnam. This is a perfect destination if one is deciding to go for a literal trekking adventure which is at its peak for 3143 metres at Indochina.

The best time to visit the location is from March to May and September to November. The weather currently is mild, cool, and dry and you should remember to avoid the rainy seasons since it gets difficult to trek with such conditions.

2. Ta Phin Village 

This village is a must-visit for people wanting to discover the true culture and spot different ethnicities within the Vietnamese communities. People can discover traditional ways of Vietnam where one can observe rice fields with scenery all around. 

3. Hoang Lien Son National Park 

This National Park is considered the biggest one in Vietnam and comes as a place with different locations for trekking around the place. People can spot some different species of animals in the wild.

The best time to visit this location while on a package trip to Vietnam is between March to May and between September to November. People can keep a budget of 5000-10,000 INR for a perfect trek while capturing the essence of Vietnam. 

4. Silver Waterfalls 

Another location to aim for a beautiful trek is the Silver Waterfalls located near the Hoang Lien Son National Park. There is a relaxing pool created at the bottom of the waterfalls and people can find a perfect spot to get some memorable pictures clicked together. 

People should remember to visit such locations during their Vietnam trip package, particularly during the dry seasons. Although, one can trust Nitsa Holidays as your guide towards a perfect holiday. 


Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places throughout the world to be visited and explored by people who love trekking. The place has some of the best locations that can offer you a worthy trek and has the capacity to satisfy the adventurer inside your heart.