Phi Phi Islands: Diving, Snorkeling, and Beach Parties in the Andaman Sea

Thailand is every traveler’s paradise. You hear the word Thailand and you automatically picture the liveliest parties, the most breathtaking beaches, the ethereal temples, and the scrumptious food. Renowned for being one of the most affordable countries in the world, Thailand is attracting millions of tourists every year.

There’s no dull moment in Thailand, the streets are always crowded with people shopping their hearts out, hawkers selling delectable foods and masseuses calling out your names. 

When you want to escape from the hustle of the street, you can take a trip to the infamous islands of the country. Just a 90-minute speedboat ride away is Phi Phi Island, the most famous and gorgeous place in the country. It is so gorgeous that even Leonardo Di Caprio shot a movie there! What’s stopping you then? Let Nitsa Holidays find you the best Thailand Tour Package for this memorable island vacation.


Located between Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand is the gorgeous Phi Phi Islands, a group of 6 different islands. Housing beautiful corals, sandy white beaches, caves, and limestone cliffs, this Island is easily accessible through ferries, speedboats, or long-tail boats. 


The temperature ranges from 24-32 degrees Celsius all year round with April-October being rainy and bringing rough seas whereas the months of November-March are dried with calmer water making them ideal for Thailand Travel Packages.

Attraction Sites

Koh Phi Phi Leh

Welcoming you with enormous limestone cliffs, surrounded by dense forest and floating on crystal clear water is the magnificent Maya Bay. The silk-like white beaches, the gorgeous corals, and the stunning ocean backdrop will make every picture worth watching. 

A privately chartered speedboat is the best option for a Thailand package for couples to avoid the crowds and enjoy the scenic sights. 

Phi Leh Lagoon

East of Maya Bay is the luscious green island of Phi Leh Lagoon. The sun's rays brush the island with the most wonderful colors whilst the sights of the white-bellied sea eagles are just enchanting.

The Viking Cave

Home to pirates and gypsies once, this cave is located north of the Phi Leh Lagoon. Housing hundreds of swiftlets and their nests, a magical ingredient for the most expensive dish in the world, the Chinese bird’s nest soup, this spot is a history lesson too! 

Koh Mai Pai

A heart-shaped heaven straight out of the movie Nemo is the best spot for a Thailand Package for Couples. Stroll amongst the gorgeous green trees, spot some monitor lizards, and click the best pictures. 

Koh Phi Phi Don

Meet the mischievous monkeys at the Monkey Bay however, do not try to befriend them. 





Scuba Diving

Cliff Jumping

Rock Climbing 

Nightlife and Beach Parties

The calm and peaceful beaches turn into wild and amazing spots as the sun sets. The infamous Thai kickboxing matches, fire shows, and pool parties will be another layer of thrill and fun. 

Food and Accommodations

Visitors can choose to stay at luxurious hotels at Ko Phi Phi Don and indulge in the best local cuisines. Do not miss Coconut Ice creams from hawkers!