Mughal Gardens of Srinagar: A Botanical Paradise

The beautiful Mughal gardens of Srinagar trip have attracted nature lovers from around the globe. If you are on a Srinagar travel, don't miss out on visiting your favorite one of these excellent gardens. The city of Srinagar has several gardens that belong to the Mughal era. Most park funds go to undisputed greenery colored with stylish flowers that will pinch your senses. These spectacular gardens are an integral part of Srinagar. It is a must-visit for all garden-loving tourists. Here is the list of Srinagar's most compelling and pretty Mughal gardens.

Shalimar Bagh 

It is one of the most famous Mughal gardens, which was built on the Dal Lake banks in Srinagar. The Emperor built the garden of Jahangir’s wife as a symbol of Mughal design and architecture. The garden introduces you to terraces, fountains, and lawns while embracing you. The garden includes flowers of different colors, green shrubs, and tall Chinar trees. A walk through the flowerbed will sweeten your senses with the beautiful smell of roses, tulips, and other thrilling flowers. The garden overlooks the beautiful Dal Lake view. Make sure to add this garden to your Jammu Kashmir holiday package.

Nishat Bagh

It is another splendid garden that you have to see in Srinagar. It was built in 1633 and is spread on several terraces. It offers a picturesque glimpse of the garden and Dal Lake from each terrace. The garden is well-known for its lush flower beds, enchanted fountains, and ancient Chinese trees. While you tour the garden, you will encounter small pavilions and arched gateways, greatly enhancing its architectural beauty. The peace of Nishat Bagh and amazing views create a great place for photographers and nature lovers.

Chashme Shahi

Chashme Shahi is a magical place that combines natural beauty with historical significance. It is reputed for its natural spring, which is said to have curative powers. The transparent water spring divides into several fountains. They fall across terraces, generating a relaxing atmosphere. The garden consists of scented flowers, healing plants, and maintained passages.

Botanical Garden

It is located on the outskirts of Srinagar. Botanical Garden Pampore is a haven for plant lovers. The botanical garden occupies an extensive spot on the territory. You will come across various flowering plants, shrubs, trees, and medicinal and aromatic plants. The garden also does research and conservation activities. These things make it a perfect place for those who love botany and horticulture to learn about them. The calm and serene environment makes it the ideal location for a tranquil walk.

Naseem Bagh

Naseem Bagh is located on the bank of Dal Lake. It is famed for its Chinar grove. It is the first place for Chinar plants in the Kashmir Valley. The Chinese leaves turn red in hue in autumn and create great awe as they inspire people. The garden gives a spectacular view of Dal Lake and the surrounding mountains. The sights and sounds of Naseem Bagh during the fall season are something you have to experience.

A trip to the botanical gardens in the glittering city of Srinagar. The Jammu and Kashmir trip is a magical exploration that enables you to bond with nature. You will also appreciate the amazing scenery in the area. Thus, when going to Srinagar, be sure to add these botanical gardens to your Sri Nagar tour packages with Nitsa Holidays.